Wednesday, 1 June 2016

09:05 – I just closed out the books for May, which was up about 25% over May of last year. Year-to-date, we’re down about 11% in science kit revenues from last year, all attributable to a much slower January this year. I don’t worry too much about small percentage ups and downs, particularly during the slow first half of the year. They tend to level out over the course of a year, and it’s the July through October numbers that really matter.

More work today on science kits. Over the weekend, we got one of the Costco LED shop lights installed in the unfinished area downstairs. It draws only 42W, but puts out about as much light as 250W of incandescent bulbs. The lights come two to a pack, but I decided not to install the other one. I’ll keep it for use elsewhere. With the existing 400W of incandescent lights already in the unfinished area, one of the LED shop lights provides plenty of light over our work area.