Sunday, 5 June 2016

09:49 – Since we moved up to the Sparta area, Barbara and I have remarked several times that Alleghany County must have as many cows as people. Last night, I looked it up. It turns out that Alleghany County has just over 11,000 total population, about 47 people per square mile, and more than 23,000 beef and dairy cattle, about 100 per square mile. Forsyth County, where we used to live, has a population density of about 900 people per square mile. According to the most recent USDA numbers, Forsyth County has 3,843 cattle, or just over 9 per square mile. So, Forsyth County has about one cow for every 100 people, while Allegheny County has about two cows per person. I much prefer the latter.

We have a pretty full day planned. Barbara is cleaning house right now. After that, we’ll build kits and get to work on more subassemblies for yet more kits.