Sunday, 19 June 2016

09:58 – We made up another batch of the no-knead bread dough this morning, and will bake two more 1-pound (454 g) loaves this afternoon, after it finishes rising two hours at room temperature and then two more hours in the refrigerator. The last time we used this recipe, we didn’t use bread pans. This time, we’re going to try it with our silicone bread pans. We both think this bread is better than commercial bakery bread, let alone supermarket bread.

My desk looks out over the back deck. When I look up, I see the satellite dish installed by the former owners. We’ll never have satellite TV here, and I’ve been thinking about converting that dish and mount to a parabolic solar oven. I’ll leave it where it is for now, but if we ever need it it would be quick and easy to repurpose it, just by covering the surface of the dish with aluminum foil.

Back to work filling and labeling bottles.