Sunday, 26 June 2016

11:41 – Frances, Al, and their mutual friend Marcie made a day trip up here yesterday. Colin enjoyed himself immensely, as he always does when we have visitors.

As it turns out, Barbara’s friend Marcie is a prepper, or at least recognizes that it’s prudent to be prepared for whatever happens. She’s very concerned about how things are going in this country. She’s also concerned about the fragility of the power grid and transportation network, increasing civil unrest, and so on.

Marcie brought the subject up herself when the two of us were standing out on the front porch talking. She’s a smart woman, so her first hint was probably when she came into the kitchen and saw a 26-pound pail of Augason Farms brown rice sitting on the island. It was Marcie’s first visit here, so of course Barbara showed her around the house, including one of the downstairs bedrooms that’s full of long-term storage food: cans and bottles from Costco/Sam’s, #10 cans from the LDS Home Storage Center, and stuff we’ve repackaged ourselves into PET bottles. Barbara mentioned this morning that she suspected Marcie would be making a trip over to the LDS HSC near the Greensboro airport to load up her SUV. I’ll get Marcie’s email address from Barbara and offer to advise her if she needs help deciding what to do.