Thursday, 16 June 2016

10:21 – We got 1.00″ of rain late yesterday, if we’re to believe the electronic rain gauge, whose sensor is on the back deck. Barbara put out an old fashioned tube rain gauge out front just before the rain started. It said we got about 1.2″. I trust the manual one, which means the 18.98″ of rain year to date indicated on the electronic one is actually probably more like 22″ plus.

Some of the stuff we planted in the test garden has started to sprout. The summer squash made its appearance a few days ago, and is now thriving. Literally overnight, the Blue Lake bush beans went from almost invisible tiny little green dots in the soil yesterday afternoon to distinct plants about 1.5″ tall, with leaves the size of a thumb as of this morning. There are also tiny little green things in the soil that should soon reveal themselves as Siberian tomatoes, Waltham broccoli, Chantenay Red Cored carrots, and Ruby Red onions. We also have ten pots going on the back deck, with a bunch of different herbs as well as California Wonder bell peppers. Assuming the deer and bugs don’t eat everything, it looks like we’ll get a reasonable crop, particularly since we planted only 0.007 acres.