Monday, 13 June 2016

09:54 – We made dinner from long-term storage last night. Chicken Tetrazzini from Jan Jackson’s 100-day Pantry: 100 Quick and Easy Gourmet Meals. The recipe claims to serve eight. As a side dish, perhaps. Not as a main/only course.

So we doubled the recipe. There was enough for the two of us and enough left over for two more meals for the two of us, so I’d say the original recipe realistically serves three. The only ingredient we used that doesn’t realistically qualify as LTS was grated Parmesan cheese, and even it has a reasonable shelf life in the original container.

With the exception of the canned chicken, which had a best-by date in November of this year, everything we used was well past the best-by date. The condensed milk was labeled best-by September of 2014. I had Barbara sniff it, and she remarked that it just smelled like condensed milk. If it had been even slightly rancid, her nose would have detected it. My guess (based on past experience) is that it would have been just as good five or ten years past the best-by date.

I wondered about the Cheez-Whiz, but it was also fine, although it was well past the best-by date. Not that that matters. We could easily substitute cheese sauce reconstituted from Augason Farms Cheese Blend Power, which we keep in our LTS pantry.