Friday, 27 May 2016

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10:45 – Barbara has been gone for five days, and is due back sometime tomorrow afternoon. Colin and I both miss her terribly. Last night we started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix streaming. It’s been probably a dozen years since I watched it, and it holds up pretty well. I did cut my Netflix rating from 5 to 4 stars some time ago. Buffy is still good, but it’s not quite top drawer any more. My favorite thing about Buffy, then and now, is that the vampires are actually thinly-disguised stand-ins for progressives. What could be more appropriate? Progs ARE vampires, sucking the life out of American society. I like Buffy’s sarcastic PC term for progs: Undead-Americans. Buffy does to them what I’d like to do, if only I had super powers and a Mr. Pointy. Kill them all. Let Satan sort them out.

With Barbara gone all week, I didn’t have time to do any prepping other than working on some lists of stuff I want to learn/do/acquire if, as, and when.

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  1. DadCooks says:

    Robert, did you do the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and general house cleaning? Just sayin’…

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I live in filth and squalor when Barbara’s not here. Well, I do do laundry and dishes, but I do that normally anyway.

  3. OFD says:

    Thanks for the boffo laffs this morning, gents.

    Now out to the back yard to try and cut back the jungle that suddenly appeared there…

  4. MrAtoz says:

    My Twins and I binge watched Buffy then Angel starting over the holidays.

  5. OFD says:

    I can’t do that binge-watch thang; I’ll even pause the one movie or episode from a series to watch the rest of it the next day or whenever. And I can count on one hand the movies I’ll watch every year; nothing else.

    Wife and I decided we’re sick and Beyond the Pale. We read like other peeps breathe; she even joneses if she doesn’t have a new book handy to read. Mine is 90% nonfiction, hers is the opposite. And I’ll also read a lotta poetry, which does not float her boat.

    Just mowed the entire lawn, weed-whacked all over the place, and that’s it for ol’ OFD today. Supposed to hit 90 tomorrow and I might chain-saw some branches for kindling and then fire up the burn pit for a pile of other flotsam and jetsam, really heat up the ‘hood here, unless it’s too breezy again. I wanna clean up the rear perimeter next and put together the fencing, more solar motion-detector floods, the webcams, and the trip wire and mines.

    Wife’s plan is to get bigger windows in her shed/studio and we gotta replace the railing on the back stairs. I also lobbied for some additional fencing up by our back door and porch and will be lobbying again for getting the front and back doors either replaced or heavily reinforced with new locks and strike plates, and getting an electrician in here. Surprisingly I have more influence with the lobbying efforts if I’m also hauling in some revenue, so gotta work on that some more, too.

    To which end I had an email exchange with our town zoning official which went well; next steps are the state AG’s office and the ATF in Boston.

    Possible t-storms floating around out there, but tomorrow is gonna be hotter and more humid, the weather liars claim; wife noticed that just a 1/4 mile up the road it’s a steam bath, but we’re getting the wind off the bay, praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

  6. SteveF says:

    Just mowed the entire lawn

    I did ours this morning, more because of the expected rain this afternoon than to avoid the heat of the afternoon. About half an acre of lawn; takes a bit under an hour. I don’t do the weed whacking. My wife and her mother put all the crap up which gets in the way of mowing, so they can do the weed whacking or just let it grow. (Shockingly, the weed whacking has not been done, and the grass has gotten pretty long around the swingset and the edging stones and the sacks of manure which have been sitting haphazardly in the middle of the lawn for weeks.)

    And, having mowed, I’ve been about useless the rest of the day. Allergies + benedryl = duh. I did manage to keep Princess Lazybutt more or less on task for a semester-long project that she’s fallen behind on, but that’s about it.

  7. MrAtoz says:

    My gardener came by yesterday and raked the doxie and chihuahua turds into the rocks. I took the trash out today. Just the rolling bin. I left any other stuff for the kids.

  8. OFD says:

    The weed-whacking bit did more chit to my back then the mowing had done did. So I’m toast for the night and will hopefully re-kuvvah by tomorrow so I can hit the rear perimeter stuff.

    Our Princess is gonna be off to Ireland, England and Brittany for the summuh, to do Celtic harp stuff, which her grandma is paying for. So much for working it. I think she’s worked three or four part-time jobs over the many summers between the many years of college so fah. In between the European tours, natch. Paid for by somebody else.

    Next younger brother’s two princesses: one just graduated from a MA state college in special ed for kids and has worked her butt off throughout. The other said fuck going off to college and is doing a digital design degree entirely online via Southern NH University, pretty demanding stuff, I gather; and she violently HATES the SJWs and progs.

    Youngest brother’s two princesses: one graduated Santa Clara U, having had a quarter-mil spent on her CPA degree. She lined up a gig at Price, Waterhouse, Cooper out there in SF and then quit because more senior drones had her getting the coffee. Now she’s at some other net company but not making any money and wants Daddy to pay for her apartment and a car because she doesn’t like riding the BART. Second girl is at some college in southern CA and no idea WTF she’s doing; I’ll have to query youngest brother on that.

    So essentially my most “right-wing” sibling has two fairly “right-wing” daughters and all the others are basically Left-indoctrinated Murkan derpettes who feel the world owes them everything.

  9. nick says:

    We got slammed with another storm front today. No grass cutting for me. Besides, it’s the guys’ week to mow. I let the service mow, blow, edge, and clean up on every other week. I just mow, as quickly as possible.

    3.44 inches of rain today. Some areas got a whole lot more. One estate sale with ham gear, that I was definitely driving out to, got hammered with 9+ inches last night. They cancelled the sale. My auction house cancelled pickups too, so I’m gonna have a busy week picking up stuff next week.

    Addicks Reservoir is up almost 2 inches in 2 days. That’s tens of thousands of acre feet of water.

    tomorrow is supposed to be nice….


  10. nick says:

    I was hoping there was more to this story than was reported, but it appears not.

    Not like us (today’s youth edition)

    Man drives into high water. Car floods. Water is up over the windows and he SENDS A TEXT MESSAGE AND PICTURE.

    Then, presumably drowns.

    Shaking my head….


  11. nick says:

    Oh, update to my earlier comment. I did the math wrong. Addicks reservoir is up over a FOOT and threatens to close the 2 roads thru it again.


  12. Ray Thompson says:

    Man drives into high water. Car floods

    When I lived in San Antonio this sort of thing happened many times a year when torrential rains arrived. There were known spots, spots news crews set up, where high water was a problem. There would be video of someone driving around a barricade, car stalling, and a rescue from the roof. These people had lived in SA for many years and were still clueless about these spots. Probably illegals, didn’t speak English (or read same), getting welfare checks, perhaps driving a stolen vehicle. (Yeh, I checked my privilege and I approve this message).

  13. OFD says:

    It ain’t just illegals up this way; we have more than our share, and then some, among local yokels and bumpkins and smartypants asswipes who try to beat trains, beat rising flood wotta, drive pickups onto the lake ice, etc., etc. Improves the gene pool and good riddance.

    Every friggin’ year somebody goes through the ice (which I can personally attest is a monstrously uncomfortable experience), somebody else is trapped by rushing flood waters, and we have the usual cretins who think because they have 4wd that they can still go 100 MPH on ice and snow covering the interstate.

  14. SteveF says:

    they can still go 100 MPH on ice and snow covering the interstate

    And they can! They can do 100MPH. Turning and stopping is kind of an issue, but they can get up to 100. And it’s their right to do so because they bought an SUV on credit.

  15. OFD says:

    Their “right” to do so stops when it endangers everyone else on the road and I have long thought about taking pre-emptive steps accordingly. If no one’s looking, that is. Self-preservation.

  16. SteveF says:

    I think I’ve previously mentioned the woman in her early 20s who candidly stated that Daddy bought her the biggest SUV available because she kept getting into accidents and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t hurt. I’d have killed her on the spot in preemptive self-defense, but there were too many witnesses.

  17. Ray Thompson says:

    he wanted to make sure she wasn’t hurt

    Yeh, to hell with other people who are merely road kill for the their precious youngen’ that can do no wrong. I have heard that here. A kid in the local school got a brand new Mustang as a sweet 16 present. Two months later totaled it and injured a couple of others in the other vehicle. She then brags that her daddy is buying her an Excursion so she will be safer. Six months later she rolls it, single vehicle accident. No seat belt , tossed from the behemoth, and crushed. Died. Justice served.

    But the school had to make a big deal out of the incident. Honor her at the basketball game, initials on all the jerseys, grief counselors brought in to make certain that everyone was in grief. Those that were not in grief were counseled to make certain they were brought back in line.

    Of course everyone was now saying what a wonderful girl she was, a friend to everybody, made everyone smile, such a great loss. Bullshit. She was a spoiled brat who wouldn’t give the puss from a zit to a dying friend. Changed friends daily depending on what she could get out of the person. Wife knew her from subbing and sent her to the office multiple times because she was such a self centered snotty ass bitch.

  18. SteveF says:

    crushed. Died.

    -sniff- I love a story with a happy ending.

  19. Ray Thompson says:

    I love a story with a happy ending

    Yep, really chokes one up when karma comes a calling, and wins.

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