Saturday, 14 November 2015

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08:13 – Paris just found out the price one pays and will continue to pay for allowing moslem scum to live among decent people. Naturally, news reports have focused on the shootings and bombings and the death toll among civilized people while carefully avoiding any mention of the open borders that allowed these muslim scum to invade a civilized country and commit these outrages. No calls yet for retribution. Perhaps France and the rest of the civilized world will now focus on eradicating the plague that is islam, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Governments refuse to recognize and admit that the problem is not “radical muslims” or “muslim terrorists” but islam itself. Civilization is at war with islam, and has been for a thousand years. It’s long past time to stamp it out.

When we were up in Sparta the other day, we stopped by the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op to sign up for service, giving them our closing date. A lady from the Co-Op called yesterday to say that the current owners had notified them that they wanted to terminate service several days before the closing date and asked if we wanted to continue that service on our nickel as of that earlier date even though we wouldn’t yet own the home. We told her yes, since the last thing we want is for the pipes to freeze. The good news is that that obviously means that the current owners intend to vacate the home prior to the closing date. I told our realtor about the call and that we’d told the Co-Op to continue service uninterrupted. She and the listing agent are going to keep an eye on things in the interim. As Barbara said, the current owners don’t know that we know, which is a good thing.

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  1. Miles_Teg says:

    Until governments in Europe change I think the best we can hope for is that European militarys will make life very unpleasant for mooslems elsewhere (I don’t care what brand), exasperated Europeans will keep torching invader housing and that a number of mosques might have unfortunate accidents.

    Ten years ago I was horrified by talk of nuking Mecca, Medina and such places. Now I no longer give a rat’s arse for them.

  2. SteveF says:

    You’re coming to wisdom, Miles_Teg. Now if you can just get over this unhealthy fascination with Hillary Bitch Clinton’s thighs you’ll have made another big stride.

    Another thing the Euros might be coming to accept is that a disarmed population is a population of sheep. I doubt the Euros’ masters will ever allow an armed population — they’re safe behind their bodyguards, so the population’s travails won’t matter until the latter-day liberté, égalité, fraternité — but the serfs might start quietly acquiring or making firearms in defiance of their masters’ laws.

  3. OFD says:

    I won’t bore y’all with the links but Salon and the usual lefty and SJW suspects are equating the situation in Paris with “gun violence” here and blaming it on the “right’s hate speech,” which they should “tone down” now.

    Unless there is a mass popular revolt, old-school-style, with torches and pitchforks, and they shit-can the EU ass-hats and commies in Brussels and like Our Man in Oz says, keep burning down invader housing and mosques, they’ll be a mass herd of sheep left to the wolves. Oh, l’horreur!

    Well, our own government had warnings and blew them off and we got the events of 9/11; and they immediately ratcheted up the national security state and have been telling us since they’ve allegedly stopped a bunch of other potential attacks (but they can’t tell us the details ’cause it’s top-secret, ya know, and y’all don’t have the secret decoder spy ring.) They’ve also consistently lied about those events in NYC, Mordor and PA, for some reason.

    We’re on our own, ladies and germs. Start packing heat 7×24, learning how to deal with it all, and prepare for the coming battles. Note also, however, that these ratfuckers don’t light off their ambushes in Languedoc or Normandy or Podunk, Illinois.

  4. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Shit. Barbara is packing up stuff right now, and I can’t find the Ruger AR-556 tactical rifle we bought a month ago. It’s getting pretty bad when I can misplace a black rifle. Oh, well, we’ll find it soon enough, and anyway I can’t shoot it until I clean out all the oil.

    The good news is that Barbara is afraid to touch the AR-15. Good because she’s not afraid that it’ll go off. She’s afraid of breaking it. I told her that’s not gonna happen. I told her that among the first things I want to do once we’re moved is get her to the range and have her run at least 1,000 rounds through each of her primary weapons: a Ruger .357 revolver, a Ruger Mini-14, and a Mossberg Maverick 88 tactical shotgun. She’s also going to learn to clean them. Rather than start her with the heavier stuff, I’ll probably have her run her first 500 rounds each through her Marlin Model 60 .22 rifle and my Ruger 22/45 pistol.

    Another nice thing about Sparta is that no one even notices someone who’s carrying openly, so I may again start putting on my Colt Combat Commander when I put on my pants.

  5. SteveF says:

    I can’t find the Ruger AR-556 tactical rifle we bought a month ago.

    Didn’t you accidentally drop it in the Brazos River? No, wait, wrong butterfingered guy.

  6. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Damn. *That’s* what happened to it. As I get older, I get clumsier and CRS.

  7. DadCooks says:

    ” A lady from the Co-Op called yesterday to say that the current owners had notified them that they wanted to terminate service several days before the closing date…”

    Pessimist me says they want the power off so they can strip all the wires in the house.

    The first moslem to be marched to the sea should be Obola, followed by cluster bombs on the Grand Mosque. All the moslem enclaves (all practicing sharia law, our police will not set foot in) in the USofA need to cleaned out, starting with Dearborn, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The rest too numerous to mention unfortunately.

    Kerry attempting to speak French this morning, we are going to get tough and call for elections in Syria in the next 18-months. I feel so safe (not).

  8. MrAtoz says:

    Even Geraldo “Jerry” Rivers is jumping on the Paris bandwagon. His “Obola must erradicate ISIS” rant is laughable. He’s an open borders libtard. Doesn’t he realize that is exactly why Paris is burning? Germany next. ISIS won’t be irradicated. It’s Mooslims period. Yet, he’s behind Obola importing 10’s of thousands of Mooslims. Geez.

  9. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    “Pessimist me says they want the power off so they can strip all the wires in the house.”

    If they do that, I hope they don’t notice that the power is still on. 😉

  10. MrAtoz says:

    Obola, of course, now wants to “accelerate” letting Mooslim scum in. Terror attacks in France and then Germany may sink Dumbocrat chances at getting the Senate back.

  11. JimL says:

    We don’t have any guns left either. But my 8-year-old is learning gun safety now, and will be going to the range this winter to learn to shoot the 22. It is my hope she’ll never need to know how to use it beyond hunting. But she and her siblings will be competent with rifles by age 10, and with pistols not long after.

  12. OFD says:

    The libturds and SJWs have a major cognitive disconnect going on, whereby they can simultaneously screech for the destruction of ISIS terrorists and also advocate we bring in more hundreds of thousands of them here. Amazing. Truly gob-smacking.

    And they keep trying to sell us on how it’s only a few bad apples in the religion of peace who commit all the atrocities, but with the NRA it’s ALL maniacal white supremacist Nazi gun nuts, and ALL Catholic priests are pedophile molesters and ALL Repubs are Nazis, too, etc., etc.

    Funny, though, how those few bad apples can behead, burn and massacre defenseless civilians, including women and children, and all we hear from the other billion or so of these parasitic scum are crickets.

    We’re reaching a point in Europe and here where we are gonna have to actually get “tough” and seal the borders, pack up millions of peeps on trains and ship them south, and pack up a few hundred-thousand more on cargo planes and transport them back to the Sandbox, or even better, have robot pilots and dump them all in the north Atlantic. When we catch and/or kill hadji terrorists here, we string ’em up and leave ’em up for a while on all the major highways around NYC and Mordor. Then feed ’em to the pigs. If we can ID the source country, we wipe it off the map, lock, stock and barrel, starting with Saudi Arabia.

    Either shit or get off the pot.

  13. Miles_Teg says:

    Okay, I’ve finally been invited to upgrade from W8.1 to Windows 10.

    Any compelling reason to/not to?

  14. DadCooks says:

    @Miles_Teg – be sure you do an image backup first. And being a belt and suspenders guy I made images using the one built into Windows as well as one using Macrium Reflect Free ( and burning copies of all files to a spare external drive.

    In my experience installing Windows 10 it either installs without incident (on 2 desktops and 6 laptops) or it fails and rolls back without incident (2 Acer Aspire 5740-6378 refuse to upgrade and M$ is baffled).

  15. JimL says:

    I have no complaints with Windows 10. Some of the stability improvements are worth it (to me). I know they’re watching me, and don’t do anything I care to keep from “them”.

    On the other hand, the tracking built into W10 is enough to keep some folks away.

    So if you want the most stable Windows (and a reasonable facsimile of the start menu), do it. If you’re wearing a tinfoil hat, don’t.

  16. Rick H says:

    Windows 10 was an improvement on my HP DV7 laptop (about 4 years old). The screens are ‘crisper’ than with Win7. I have had no problems with Win10 on my laptop. SWMBO upgraded to W10 from Win8.1, and no complaints from her either.

    I did set a few privacy settings, but no complaints otherwise. Has been stable on my systems; no crashes.

    All apps work just fine after the upgrade. So recommended by me.

  17. OFD says:

    I don’t have a tinfoil hat but refuse to move to 10 and went the extra step of blowing away their nagging icon and their update folder which contained over 8GB of files. If for no other earthly reason than that they try too hard. I don’t need many more excuses to dump Winblows for good and move to all-Linux all the time here.

  18. OFD says:

    And now the usual imbeciles are whining about Rob Lowe’s tweet, where he says what is patently obvious to anyone with a lick of sense:

    ““Oh, NOW France closes its borders,””

    Exactly. And even now, only to supposedly catch any hadjis trying to escape the country. Certainly not to, God forbid, stop any more from getting in.

  19. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Well, it’s been known for 2006 years now that it’s dangerous to mess with pissed off Germans.

  20. OFD says:

    Just on the wacky crazily impossible chance that anyone missed RBT’s reference:

  21. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Give me back my legions …

  22. OFD says:

    Now that the Romans have been pacified, it’s time to go to work on the Saracens:

    No chit. We wonder when North Murkan derps will “get it.”

    A more stringent view:

  23. Miles_Teg says:

    Ah yes, the first Arminius. Followed 1550 years later by a second Arminius (peace and blessings be upon him) who also didn’t like Romans… 🙂

  24. Miles_Teg says:

    I wonder if the Europeans regret letting in so many invaders:

    “A Syrian passport found on the scene of one of the attacks belonged to refugee who registered in Greece in October”

  25. Marcelo says:

    I have several laptops with Win7 and 8.1 and only 1 upgraded to 10. I dislike automatic updates because you lose control over the process and sometimes may get hit with a few dodgy problematic “fixes”, you risk display driver updates with problems and those can be time wasters in rolling-back. Given that I have capped monthly download limits, with throttled fall-back, automatically updating every system from MS directly is a waste of resources as well. So I take the time to go to each system and check for updates, register all needed fixes, manually download to my NAS all of them and manually apply from there on each system. All my systems are stable and I can go back to the original OS and re-apply any and all fixes if I have to start them from scratch.

    You also lose Media Centre.

    Win 10 now allows for nominated system(s) in your LAN to be fix distribution “servers”. This would go a long way in addressing the capping limitations I have with the ISP but it leaves me the problem of still not being under control with standard settings. I would have to force systems to not update, update the distribution system(s) and then update the rest. Win 10 does not provide you with details of fixes upfront (that I am aware of) so it is more Russian-roulette.

    I also do not care for the flat look of Win 10. I thought 8.1 was flat enough.

    On the other hand, it seems faster to load and faster working.

    With the latest build this week, it should start being quite tested and stable on the vast majority of brand name systems.

    I’ll postpone the updates to early next year but I think I will update them all then. I may even upgrade them all to 64 bit and have a more homogeneous machine environment.

  26. OFD says:

    “… have a more homogeneous machine environment.”

    Same plan here except the machines will all be Linux. I’ve had it with M$.

    And I just saw another series of IT job postings up here; Windows desktop and help desk crap, where you’re constantly on the go fixing prolecube drones’ hodge-podge of machines and printers and net connections; and, of course, Senior this and Senior that for other IT positions, where you need a PhD in CS, an MBA, and seven programming languages and be at guru level in apps I’ve never heard of. They’ll pay the Winblows drone jobs at UNDER $20/hour and the senior gigs go for barely above six figures. NOTHING in between.

  27. MrAtoz says:

    lol! Trump polls at 42%

    Trump 2016! “I’ll build a frickn’ wall and deportation force!”

  28. OFD says:

    I saw that just now on Drudge, lol.

    While Merkel sez we must have tolerance and the BLM cretins are mad the spotlight ain’t on them this week and their lives are being “erased.” No such luck.

    My guy at has it right; the media and political parasites who apologize for and defend the “religion of peace” are equally culpable and ought to face jail, exile or death accordingly.

  29. H. Combs says:

    At our last FBI sit-rep update, the presentation was on the growing number of coordinated attacks on the electric grid and infrastructure. One such attack this summer came one transformer away from taking down several states. When asked who was behind the attacks he hemed and hawed and then said “I am specifically forbidden from mentioning Radical Islam or the Muslim religion. So I didn’t say anything.”

  30. lynn says:

    “Obama under fire for saying that ISIS has been ‘contained’ just hours before Paris attack as he heads to Turkey for G-20 Summit”

    And then Obola called his jihadist masters for some praise.

  31. OFD says:

    “…he hemed and hawed and then said “I am specifically forbidden from mentioning Radical Islam or the Muslim religion. So I didn’t say anything.”

    And thus, of course, revealing the correct answer, or perhaps misleading with a half-answer, who knows? But I’m guessing that was correct; we’re all just idiots out here and don’t know what’s going on. Would also be nice to know which states. We’ve had blackouts in the Northeast several times over the decades that were the result of one tiny little spot on the map each time. But that sort of sabotage can likely be repaired fairly quickly, assuming it’s physical rather than cyber.

    There’s Obola’s relationships, whatever they are, with the moslems, and Cankles and Huma, and the CIA director, etc., etc. but let’s not forget that nice pic of Shrub walking hand in hand with one of the Saudi princes on his ranch right after 9/11 and that a whole bunch of other Saudi royals were immediately whisked right outta the country.

  32. lynn says:

    “Syrian refugees beginning to arrive in New Orleans”

    So how many of these 100,000 “Syrian” “refugees” are ISIS terrorists? 1? 5? 1,000?

    This is crazy. We are actually paying to fly them here. And then we pay to house and feed them, probably the rest of their lives. No wonder the feddies spending is out of control again.

  33. Chuck W. says:

    Except for running the tax software, I have no need whatever of Windows. I DO need it for that, because I have some investment losses caused by all the deceases in the family during the last decade, and I have no idea whatsoever in the least how to even ascertain what is left to deduct on that—except for the tax software I have been using throughout that period.

    Not exactly sure how to cope with that, since 9 year-old Asus dual-core Bianca died last month, but I’m leaning towards a virtual machine on the new computer that will replace Bianca. But the question remains—what should I put in the VM? Whether I have Win10 is not important. However, all the non-geeks I know are raving about 10. They all fall for that wording ‘You are eligible for a no-cost upgrade to Windows 10.’ They think they already paid for it somehow, not realizing that anybody with 7 or 8.x can get it for free.

    Meanwhile—except for the tax software,—I am 100% happy on Linux, with the exception of what is going on with Flash for Firefox in Linux. Obvious that Adobe’s announced intention to kill Flash completely will eventually make HTML5 the solution, but it is the bridge to getting there that is the problem. It really is a pain to have to go through several Yes dialogs to make Flash run for websites that still have not implemented HTML5. Hopefully getting rid of Flash will also exterminate that stupid, idiotic “Press ESC to exit fullscreen mode” message that Adobe somehow feels is still needed 20 years after they first introduced that unavoidable instruction. Anybody on the planet who does not know how to exit fullscreen by heart now, ought to be in a loony bin and lose their license to operate a computer.

    Meanwhile, I had one of those experiences today that makes me glad I was not carrying, or you might have read about me in the news. Since returning from Germany (almost 5 years now), I have tried several times to use my JCPenny’s card. Each time I tried, I was laughed at, and told that the card was no longer valid at Penny’s, but you could use any credit card, instead.

    A couple weeks ago, I was doing my occasional written inventory of cards and numbers in my wallet, so if it is ever stolen, I can notify everybody of the card theft and get duplicate driver’s license, etc. I finally took out the JCP card and since it was cracked nearly in two, I shredded it.

    To further elaborate, I finally got tired of dealing with ‘sleeping between the sheets’ as we Americans do, and went down to IKEA in Cinci last week to convert to the more German/European solution of ‘sleeping on the sheet’ by having a comforter (duvet as the British call them and as they are beginning to be called over here) inserted into a ‘sheet jacket’ and zipped up. Making the bed then entails only the 3 second task of shaking the duvet out over the bed and fluffing the pillow, instead of all that straightening the sheets, then each of 3 blankets/quilts I have on the bed for winter, then turning the top sheet down over all of them up near the head of the bed and putting yet a bedspread over the whole thing (which I gave up years ago). IKEA carries duvets in the ‘just barely wide enough to cover the bed’ width, whereas American versions are so wide they fall down over the sides of the bed—almost to the floor.

    I needed a new pillow and a new mattress cover as one of the old ones is ripping to shreds, and in my excitement of finding exactly what I wanted at IKEA, I forgot the mattress pad and pillow. So, off to JCP in Muncie today. Penny’s always baffles me, because everything is always at least 50% off. Pillow was regularly $28, on sale for $12. Mattress cover was normally $59, on sale for $19. I’m not kidding about this. No wonder nobody shops at Penny’s anymore and they are in serious financial trouble.

    So, I find what I need, and one of my pet peeves is in action: nobody to take my money. The clerk nearest the bedding was helping somebody else find something in the curtains area, near the cash register. She knows I am waiting, but does not interrupt helping the other person—even if only to say “I’ll be right with you.” I wait a good 3 minutes, then give up and head for the multiple register area near the exit/entrance, which is the common arrangement in all Penny’s stores. 4 cash registers at this circular desk, but only 1 person on duty. The couple being served ahead of me were making multiple separate purchases. They were spending a LOT of time figuring out whether to pay cash or use a charge card for each of the multiple purchases. I did not understand the quandry. I have likely mentioned that I have abandoned cash altogether and completely, after I received some change with a $10 that I did not see at the time was ripped down the center, almost in two pieces and one of the corner $10’s had been torn off. Businesses would not accept that bill (even though one had passed it to me), so I took it to the bank to exchange it—something I had done several times over the years.

    No dice at the bank. The relationship between the Fed and banks has changed, the teller told me, and banks are no longer authorized to exchange ratty bills for new ones. I went across the street to the competing bank. Exact same story.

    My paternal grandfather told me when I was a teenager, that the day would come when our government would refuse to accept its own money in payment, and I guess that day has already come. Since then, I charge EVERYTHING. The only thing I use cash for, is to pay the restaurant industry’s employees, whom they refuse to pay a living wage, but demand that customers pay those wages for them, instead. Just as a matter of information, when we moved to East Germany in 2004, there was no tipping anywhere. Even in the West, tipping was a token amount, caused mainly (in Berlin) by the Americans in the American sector (Zehlendorf). My wife put herself through college by waiting tables in summers, and the son’s in-laws, when seeing what would be a generous tip in the US that she was going to put out, picked up most of it and returned it to her hands, saying that restaurant waiters were paid a good and solid wage in Germany, and generous tipping was not at all necessary.

    Back to Penny’s. I stood behind this couple for a good 5 minutes. When I was young, my dad was once in business with a Jewish fellow, and Dad used to point out to me that in Jewish-run businesses, you never, ever had to spend time waiting to pay. Separating you from your money was a priority part of the selling process, and ever since, I have been amazed at how many businesses (including Walmart) make it SO difficult for people to get rid of their money, that a good number of them will actually put down their purchases and walk out of the store with the purchase money still in their wallet or purse.

    Just as the girl taking care of this couple ahead of me was about to hand them the receipt for the last of their purchases, a girl appeared at another of the registers and beckoned me over. After ringing up the items, what happened? She asked me if I had my Penny’s card. If you do, there will be an additional $3 off. Grrr. %@!#$%^&, and dirty ratsafrass. JCP card and all my frequent flyer cards are history. If I had a firearm, I suspect a few people in that store would have been also.

  34. OFD says:

    “This is crazy. We are actually paying to fly them here. And then we pay to house and feed them, probably the rest of their lives. No wonder the feddies spending is out of control again.”

    And one of the Paris attackers had a refugee ID on him, or what was left of him, according to several reports. How about a couple of these guys show up at Mardi Gras time?

    Yup, us taxpayers pay to fly them here, hand them the life of Reilly, which they spit on, and then we’ll pay in more blood and money later, too. And we sit and take it.

  35. OFD says:

    “…I’m leaning towards a virtual machine on the new computer that will replace Bianca. But the question remains—what should I put in the VM…”

    Would the new vm just be so you can run the tax app? Gee, I’d say whatever copy of a Windoze license you have hanging around. If no legit copy, you can certainly find an .iso on the net, burn it to a DVD and Bob’s yer uncle. Such .iso’s usually have a text file or a link to activate them, if need be. I note that I have Win XP and Win 7 CDs/DVDs here that let me load them anywhere, no tricky activation nags. You can use Virtual Box or one of the Linux vm packages to run the vm.

    “If I had a firearm, I suspect a few people in that store would have been also.”

    You should get one anyway and learn how to use it, going by the descriptions you’ve given concerning your deteriorating ‘hood and town.

  36. dkreck says:

    A couple of months back I had a $1 bill actually tear in half as I peeled it off a wad of bills to pay for some heap tacos. The clerck wouldn’t take it. I had to break a bigger bill so that as I had no more ones. That pissed me off. I put the bill back in my pocket. Couple of days later I just taped the bill together and spent it no problemo. I wonder what if had been a c-note.

  37. nick says:

    There are rules for that sort of thing, ‘course they might have changed.

    Used to be 3/5 or more would get you a whole replacement (with some rules about how many corners could be missing.)

    2/5 got you nothing, 1/2 got you half

    It was a common scam to find $1 bills with the corners replaced by $20s. One corner missing from 4 bills would still get you 4 new $20s and you could pass the $1 as a $20, since most people don’t actually look at their money.

    Cashiers have been trained better, and now there are counterfeit pens, uv lights, etc.

    at the end of the day, they are only money as long as people treat them as such, and the long history of paper money suggests they’ll only be marginally useful as buttwipe sometime in the future.


  38. nick says:

    So the crash came, you’ve made your way to your cabin in the woods.

    You unlock the storage room door, pull aside the curtain, and smile when you see row after row of cans, glistening in the lamp light.

    You grab a can, you can’t wait to taste the peachy goodness, and suddenly, to your horror, realize you don’t have a can opener…..


    You’ve got 5 different ways to make fire. 4 different ways to make light. How many can openers do you have? Think they’ll last the rest of your life??

  39. Chuck W. says:

    The other thing about our currency bills (or notes as the Europeans call them) is how truly shoddy and worn they all look. Returning to the US after 10 years with the Euro was a shock. Never saw a bad-looking note, and I still have what I came back with. Every one is crisp, clean, and colorful. A friend who spent a couple weeks in Canada recently, also confirmed that the notes up there look far better than ours.

  40. dkreck says:

    Wow! That post I did earlier had more typos than I do in a week. Had just started my first cup of coffee. Don’t post early.

  41. nick says:


    There was a really great tv special about our banknotes, vs the rest of the world.

    Two things contribute. No plastic. There is a crumple test where a bill rolled tightly is placed in a cylinder the size of a cigarette and then a rod is pushed in the end, crunching the rolled up bill. If the bill tears, flakes, or is otherwise defaced or destroyed, that construction won’t be used. This rules out holograms too.

    Tradition. It’s a ‘green back’. There is a LOT of emotional inertia in that term, so US money can’t stray far from it. The new bills are quite pretty, with beautiful engraving. They’re not gaudy (remember how disparaging the phrase ‘monopoly money’ is?) They can’t depict living people. Even the small changes they have made look large when you get an old bill. The new bills are almost orange, and the twenty with the “bees” (scattering of golden 20s) still looks wrong to me.

    Changing the look of the money constantly is supposed to make it harder for the counterfeiters to keep up. In the real world, it just makes it harder for the people to know and recognize genuine bills when they see them.


  42. Miles_Teg says:

    I like our polymer banknotes, they’re practically indestructable but if folded hard it’s difficult to get it flat again.

  43. OFD says:

    “How many can openers do you have? Think they’ll last the rest of your life??”

    Just shove a bayonet into that bad boy; open ‘er right up!

    We probably have half a dozen can openers here, plus my little GI openers all over the place.

    “The Wire” had an episode where a suitcase full of dirty U.S. fiat currency was unacceptable to the Greek mobsters, so one of the dope dealers was hired to get it all cleaned up, for a percentage. They didn’t show how it was done but it came back nice and clean and crisp. Probably sent it to Germany where they know how to do that sorta thing.

  44. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Maybe they dry-cleaned it. US currency is fabric rather than paper.

  45. nick says:

    Just put it in the laundry machine.

    Comes out fine.


  46. pcb_duffer says:

    In my former business, I handled enormous amounts of currency. During the Clinton administration, the average quality of US currency, of all denominations, declined noticeably. I suspect, but have no proof, that the Treasury simply kept bad notes in circulation slightly longer than had been the case. This would decrease the number of bills actually printed, and therefore decrease the costs of operating the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Since the introduction of new designs for most denominations, the average quality has gone back up.

  47. nick says:

    @medium wave,

    that video is awesome. I never thought of that, but now, I won’t forget. What a simple and effective idea.


  48. SteveF says:

    Ditto on the evaluation of awesomeness. I’m confident that the several dozen P38 can openers I bought will suffice (even after giving away at least one to every family member for their keyrings) but knowing that trick is useful, too.

  49. nick says:


    I used a church key yesterday to open my can of evap milk for my vietnamese coffee. First time I’ve used one on a can in a LONG time.

    That’s probably what brought it to mind….

    Today I had to use an opener and cut off the top of the can, the milk was too stiff to pour….


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