Day: November 14, 2015

Saturday, 14 November 2015

08:13 – Paris just found out the price one pays and will continue to pay for allowing moslem scum to live among decent people. Naturally, news reports have focused on the shootings and bombings and the death toll among civilized people while carefully avoiding any mention of the open borders that allowed these muslim scum to invade a civilized country and commit these outrages. No calls yet for retribution. Perhaps France and the rest of the civilized world will now focus on eradicating the plague that is islam, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Governments refuse to recognize and admit that the problem is not “radical muslims” or “muslim terrorists” but islam itself. Civilization is at war with islam, and has been for a thousand years. It’s long past time to stamp it out.

When we were up in Sparta the other day, we stopped by the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op to sign up for service, giving them our closing date. A lady from the Co-Op called yesterday to say that the current owners had notified them that they wanted to terminate service several days before the closing date and asked if we wanted to continue that service on our nickel as of that earlier date even though we wouldn’t yet own the home. We told her yes, since the last thing we want is for the pipes to freeze. The good news is that that obviously means that the current owners intend to vacate the home prior to the closing date. I told our realtor about the call and that we’d told the Co-Op to continue service uninterrupted. She and the listing agent are going to keep an eye on things in the interim. As Barbara said, the current owners don’t know that we know, which is a good thing.

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