Day: November 23, 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015

08:17 – We’re still packing up for the move. There are boxes stacked all over the place, and more yet to be packed. We’ve segregated the items we’ll need to take up to the closing next Monday afternoon so that we can stay at the new house Monday night. Those items are all going into Barbara’s car and my SUV, which makes it hard to use them for anything else in the interim. Fortunately, we don’t have anywhere we need to go between now and then. Last in will be trash bags full of empty 2L and one-gallon PET bottles. I’ll fill those once we get up there to give us an emergency water supply. I want to have at least 30 liters per day stored for Barbara, Colin, and me, which means we’ll need a couple hundred of those bottles for a two-week supply.

I have a NIB TV I got from Costco. It’s a smart TV, which is supposed to be able to get Netflix and Amazon streaming over a Wi-Fi connection without using a Roku or other external adapter. Just in case, I’m packing up our old Roku 2 adapter, which we kept as a spare when we got the Roku 3. I’m also taking along my notebook, which I have to get set up to use for processing kit orders and printing labels, a laser printer and a supply of paper and labels, a NIB Wi-Fi router, and assorted cables. I have another box with a charger for our cell-phones, a Kindle Fire fast charger, and assorted other minor gear. And lots of AA, AAA, C, and 9V alkalines to power various stuff.

Barbara is also clearing the steel shelving unit we use to store our long-term supply of canned and bottled foods. Most of those are already in cardboard or shrink-wrapped cases, so they won’t need further packaging. Some are individual cans, which she’ll transfer to boxes or flats. All the LDS store stuff is in cases of six #10 cans each, so it’s ready to go. We won’t have room in the vehicles to transfer much of it on our first trip up to the closing, but it’s a high priority to get it up to Sparta as soon as possible thereafter. I’ll expand our inventory of long-term dry staples once we’re up there, either by getting more stuff from the LDS HSC or just by repackaging stuff like flour, beans, sugar, and rice from 50-pound bags into gallon Mylar foil-laminate bags. We’re already in pretty good shape in terms of meal extenders like powdered eggs, cheese and butter powder, bouillon, canned meats, and so on, but I want to expand our inventory of bulk dry staples significantly. They’re cheap, compact, last forever, and it makes sense to have a large amount of them on hand.

Back to packing.

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