Day: November 10, 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

08:39 – We’re doing science kit stuff today. We’re running low on both biology and forensics kits, so we need to build batches of both. The biology kits are just a matter of boxing up subassemblies we already have in stock, but we need to make up some chemicals and build chemical bags for forensics kits. So that’s what we’ll be doing over the next few days.

Last month was slow for science kit sales, and this month remains slow, averaging maybe one kit per day. Things will start to speed up considerably toward the end of this month and then through January, when we’ll be selling more kits some days than we’re selling now some weeks.

We’ll also be shipping seed kits toward the end of the month. Originally, I intended to ship the individual seed bags in a foil-laminate Mylar bag as an outer container. Talking to Barbara last night, I decided to ship the seed bags in just an outer plastic bag, and include the Mylar bags flat and empty. There’s no point to us sealing the seed bags inside the Mylar bags originally, because we’ll be encouraging kit buyers to plant at least a small initial crop (especially of herb seeds), which’d mean cutting open those bags and then resealing them. This way, people can do an initial small planting and then seal the individual seed bags inside the Mylar bags, simply by using an ordinary clothes iron or curling iron set on high.

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