Day: November 26, 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

08:35 – Colin still had the squirties yesterday, so Barbara called our vet. We hauled him out there for a checkup late yesterday afternoon. She put him on metronidazole BID for five days and recommended (as Jenny had earlier in the comments) giving him two tablespoons of canned pumpkin twice a day for soluble fiber. We stopped at Lowe’s on the way home and Barbara grabbed several cans of 100% pumpkin. As it turns out, Colin loves the stuff, so we’ll keep it in stock. Barbara is going to start using it instead of lunch meat to give him his pills every morning.

The movers came yesterday to give us an estimate for the move. It’s based on weight and distance. Up to about 11,000 pounds, it’s $22.50 per hundred pounds, which’d run us about $2,000 for the weight he estimated. The price per hundred pounds drops after 11,000 pounds, so it might go up to about $3,000 maximum if we have them haul a lot of our extra heavy stuff like canned food. I can haul 1,000 pounds at a time in the Trooper, or about $225 worth per trip, and Al can haul 1,600 pounds at a time in his pickup, or $360 worth, so we’ll haul a lot of the stuff that’s heavy but easy to fit in one of vehicles. In other words, we’ll have them haul up furniture and light but bulky stuff, while we’ll haul stuff like LTS food and water bottles. It doesn’t make sense to have them haul, say, cases of bottled water. They cost only about $3.50 per 50-pound case, and they’d charge $11.25 in haulage fees.

We close on the house this coming Monday, the 30th, for which we have a house-sitter lined up to stay at the old house. Moving day is Friday of next week, so as of Friday 12/4 we’ll officially be living in Sparta. We’ll still be down to Winston-Salem frequently, both to get the house ready to go on the market and to haul up stuff that we don’t have the movers haul for us. I’m not too worried about security at the old house. After 12/4, the only stuff left here will be low-value items that aren’t worth stealing.

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