Day: November 6, 2015

Friday, 6 November 2015

08:40 – Another murder/suicide in Winston-Salem. The guy shot and killed his wife and then himself. I think we need a training course for these people. How often do I have to say it? Order is critical. Shoot yourself in the head first. THEN shoot your victim.

Email from Jen. They’ve completed the arrangements for their trial run over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Jen wanted to introduce as much uncertainty as possible, so she’s done something rather clever: using sealed envelopes and random drawings to simulate unexpected events. For example, they plan to simulate an attack on their home at some point during the trial, but Jen wanted both the timing and the outcome of that attack to be unknown to all of them going into the weekend. So she made a series of dated envelopes, one of which they’ll open each evening. She also made a series of folded sheets of paper, all but one of which say “no attack” and one of which says “attack occurs”. She then put them in a hat, drew them out, put each of them in an envelope, and sealed it. They’ll open one each evening, and won’t know about the attack until it’s actually imminent. Same thing for casualties among her group. They won’t find out which of their group are killed or injured until the attack occurs and they open the appropriate envelope. Then they’ll have to deal with one or more of their group being hors de combat and figure out how to deal with that person or those people being unavailable to help. They might, for example, lose their primary medical person (Jen’s husband, a veterinarian) or their primary cook. Presumably, “casualties” will spend the rest of the weekend observing and taking notes but not otherwise contributing to the effort. I did suggest that they not actually bury any of their “casualties”.

Here’s what I did to prep this week:

  • Our relocation finally seems to be on track. Our offer on the house up in Sparta has been accepted. We’re getting inspections and so on scheduled and we have a closing date scheduled.
  • I put in about three full days on the prepping book. It’s starting to shape up.
  • I finished reading John Ross’s Unintended Consequences. It’s huge, and it’s so pro-gun and anti-government that I’m surprised that Ross is still alive and not in federal prison.

So, what precisely did you do to prepare this week? Tell me about it in the comments.

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