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08:33 – We’re almost finished watching the BBC Historical Farm series. We watched them in chronological order rather than broadcast order, starting with Secrets of the Castle and Tudor Monastery Farm and working our way through Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy, Edwardian Farm, and finally Wartime Farm, which we should finish this evening or tomorrow.

All of them feature historian Ruth Goodman, usually with archaeologists Peter Ginn and Alex Langlands, living and working in an historical dwelling as ordinary people of the time would have done. They’re all well worth watching, but they aren’t available streaming or on DVD. If you want to watch them, you’ll have to grab torrents of the episodes and burn them to DVD or watch them on your computer.

One of the Wartime Farm episodes we watched last night showed one means of dealing with the fuel shortages during WWII. Ruth made a hay box, which is simply an insulated wooden box that can hold a hot pot of food, allowing it to continue cooking for hours without using fuel to keep the food simmering the whole time. The modern equivalent is vacuum bottle cooking, where you bring the pot to a boil and transfer the hot food to a pre-warmed vacuum bottle and allow it to keep cooking over a period of several hours without using any more fuel.

I plan to do some testing with that soon, using a wide-mouth 2 liter Thermos bottle. We’ll start with something simple like cooking noodles or pasta. But before I do that, I plan to test heat retention by preheating the bottle, emptying it and refilling it with boiling water, and recording the temperature initially and then after it’s sat for 6, 8, 10, and 12 hours. Thermos claims it keeps the contents hot or cold for 24 hours. We’ll see.

And I see that Amazon has fixed their Silk browser. Incredibly, an earlier “upgrade” removed the “Find in Page” function, which made Silk almost unusable for serious browsing. The latest update puts the Find function back where it belongs.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Backpackers use a similar method to vacuum bottle cooking. The pot containing the hot food is transferred to a cozy made of Reflectix, or a freezer bag of food is placed in an envelope made of Reflectix, to continue cooking. This works well for a number of foods. For example, pasta can be brought to a boil for two minutes and placed in the cozy for about ten minutes to continue cooking. Dehydrated or freezer dried foods do well with this system as well. Reflectix can be bought by the metre at a hardware store, or a windshield sunscreen can be used.

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I’ve never done that, but I’ve often used Thermos bottle cooking when I was vehicle camping. It works great with everything I tried.

    I’m going to try to convince Barbara to start using this method routinely. We eat a lot of meals that are based on pasta or rice, which she always boils in a pot or in the microwave rice cooker. One day when she says we’re going to have a pasta or rice dinner, I’m just going to start it cooking in the morning and present it to her already cooked when she’s ready to make dinner.

  3. OFD says:

    Our shadow governments, a summary thereof, which kinda makes a joke out of elections and voting here, does it not? But then again, there are none so blind…

    It is Armistice Day, to commemorate the end of the ‘war to end all wars,’ a truly nasty affair that devastated Europe and a whole generation of young men. We’ve learned so much since then.

  4. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Why would anyone want either of those shadow governments to survive?

    As I’ve been saying for years, long before John Ross wrote Unintended Consequences, we need to have a hunting season on politicians, bureaucrats, and other scum that runs from 12/31 through 12/30 every year. If conservationists object, we could keep a few breeding pairs in zoos.

  5. ech says:

    Bob: Have you thought about experimenting with a solar reflector oven like this?

    These seem overpriced, but there are many DIY versions on the web. Yes, it needs the sun – not good in Seattle – but it could be an adjunct to other systems.

  6. OFD says:

    “Why would anyone want either of those shadow governments to survive?”

    1.) They themselves are obviously absolutely desperate to survive and willing to live like underground rats in a maze to do so.

    2.) Most Murkan derps ditto, ’cause the government will save them when the SHTF and come with food and water and restored services and protect them from terrorists and criminals.

    3.) And then there’s our maybe three percent out here who would be ecstatic if those shadow governments failed/disappeared. My guess is that eventually the emergency bunkers and underground cities and suchlike will probably fail, one way or another.

  7. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    “Have you thought about experimenting with a solar reflector oven like this?”

    Yep. Covered in the book. In fact, I’m writing that chapter right now.

  8. DadCooks says:

    If you have lots of money and like to eat mealworms, this might just be for you:

    On The Google there is no end to sites talking about using insects for human consumption. Most of the sites are long on verbiage and short on details, so what’s new.

    So those cockroaches in your pantry, turn them into stir fry.

  9. Miles_Teg says:

    “If conservationists object, we could keep a few breeding pairs in zoos.”

    No need, mutations will quickly produce new ones.

  10. nick says:

    Ants are bitter.

    According to a friend, the strangest thing about eating 3 inch long grasshoppers is the way the legs move when you bite into them.

    About the only thing I didn’t knowingly eat in China was bugs. I was relieved when my co-worker’s native cuisine delicacy was out of stock. Roasted cicada pupa.

    (they could have been some other pupa, I remember the menu picture looking a bit like this.)


    file under “why we prep”– so we don’t have to eat bugs.

  11. OFD says:

    During the monsoon season in SEA, the rice bugs would be falling outta the sky and bouncing around in their millions; Thais called them “mang-dai.” A delicacy; males went for our equivalent of a dime; females a quarter. Eaten raw or mashed into skillets with garlic. Disgusting. I lived off base in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and ate on the local landscape but drew the line at bugs and reptiles.

  12. Dave says:

    I ate a fried grasshopper when I was in sixth grade. I found it to be crunchy, but not paticularly flavorful.

  13. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Geez, you guys probably all eat shrimp, which is just a bug.

  14. nick says:

    And crawdads.


  15. nick says:

    But you pull out the meat and eat that. No meat in cicadas or grasshoppers.

  16. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    And lobsters and crabs. They’re all bugs, or at least arthropoda. Common usage defines bugs as land-dwellers, that’s the only real difference.

  17. nick says:

    They are NOT LIKE US.

    “Emilia, 17, who sleeps rough in a park in Mexico City, ran away after she was raped by her father at 13 and became pregnant

    “a seedy hotbed of sexual deviance…

    “We’ve had men coming into our tents and choosing whomever they want,’ says 15 year-old Donny,”

    “Guatemala has one of the world’s highest teen pregnancy rates as more than 5,100 girls under 14 had babies in 2014

    Rape and sexual abuse is common with 30 per cent of babies born to teenagers fathered by the girls’ own fathers

    “Nearly all teenage births, 90 per cent, involve a relative, an uncle or cousin ”

    “‘We’ve heard fathers say ‘She’s my daughter and my property so I will do what I want with her’,’ revealed Montenegro.”

    Many pregnant girls don’t understand sex and often crime not recognised because men see girls as their property”

    And we are importing these fuckers wholesale. THIS is just one of the things we have to deal with in the border states. Illegal immigration has REAL COSTS.


  18. nick says:

    And in a case of … well something– pot calling kettle black, stunning lack of awareness, I’m special and your not….

    “Writer slams ‘disrespectful’ decision to cast white actor as Martin Luther King in her play and says it is ‘yet another erasure of the black body’ ”

    “The play’s director Michael Oatman, who is black, said in a statement that he wanted to ‘explore the issue of racial ownership and authenticity’.

    He said: ‘I wanted to see how the words rang differently or indeed the same, coming from two different actors, with two different racial backgrounds.’ ”

    Read more:

    Non-traditional casting, or purposefully casting across racial lines, is VERY common when it’s whites being replaced by colors. This is especially true when well known works in the western canon are staged now. Too many ‘old white men’.

    Yet OH the wailing when it goes the other way…..


  19. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    One might almost hope that TSHTF so that long-standing scores could be settled.


  20. MrAtoz says:

    And Drudge has a front page link to some A-Lister Hollyweird star who is HIV positive. No name, but apparently Hollyweird is freaking out since he’s slept with a bunch of elite libturds.

  21. OFD says:

    Arthropodae: I’ll eat crabs and lobsters but not snails, crawdads or bugs. I’m a picky ol’ bastid that way. Maybe I won’t be so picky when SHTF.

    “Illegal immigration has REAL COSTS.”

    And those costs will not be borne by those who implemented it. Until much later. We’re happily importing the equivalent of Stone Age and Dark Ages savages from totally different cultures and expect no problems, evidently. We’ll get a foretaste while we watch the mayhem in Germany and the rest of Europe now, even with our gigantic moats on both sides.

    “Yet OH the wailing when it goes the other way…..”

    Sure. They want it ALL. Take de Vere’s plays, for instance: Othello is a Moorish prince so he’s traditionally been cast as a black guy. Or you could have Dustin Hoffman playing Shylock. Sir Ian doing Richard III. No problems. But then they started with the nonsense of any race or sex or ethnicity BUT evil whites play those parts, so a black lesbian as Lear and some Japanese guys in motorcycle helmets doing a production of MacBeth.

    But even I think it’s stupid trying to have a white dude play MLK. This could be interesting, however:

    “He said: ‘I wanted to see how the words rang differently or indeed the same, coming from two different actors, with two different racial backgrounds.’ ”

    King’s English cadences derive, of course, like Melville’s and Whitman’s, from the KJV and de Vere. So how would his actual words come across from a white guy’s mouth?

    But then we get the usual PC claptrap:

    “…a statement that he wanted to ‘explore the issue of racial ownership and authenticity’.”

    Yeah, OK. Same old, same old. More PC code bullshit. He’s learned his lessons well.

  22. OFD says:

    “… so that long-standing scores could be settled.”

    That day of reckoning will come eventually. It’s been coming for a long time now; LOTS of people out here are VERY angry and bitter, not least hundreds of thousands of veterans. Who, incidentally, have training and experience. I tend to think they will not be allies of the shadow governments, however. And how many active duty members of those governments will unquestioningly obey orders when TSHTF?

    “…some A-Lister Hollyweird star who is HIV positive. No name, but apparently Hollyweird is freaking out since he’s slept with a bunch of elite libturds.”

    They’re not like us.

  23. Lynn says:

    One might almost hope that TSHTF so that long-standing scores could be settled.


    Konkoly spends the last quarter of his “The Perseid Collapse” book detailing how people in Boston are getting even after the EMP event with others and military forces. I thought to be a little far fetched myself that it was extremely dangerous to cross the Charles river due to people shooting anything on sight.

  24. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Ultimately, soldiers fight to protect their families and their homes. Anyone who thinks US soldiers would obey orders originating with the federal government when the S has already HTF is living in a dream world. They’ll fight to protect themselves and their families first. If they’re stationed on the other side of the country from their families, they’ll protect local military families instead, expecting other soldiers to do the same for them. Some of them are Oath Keepers, and will resist attempts to overthrow the Constitution by whatever means they have available. Many who are not formally Oath Keepers will do the same. NG and other auxiliary troops will ignore the call entirely. Those already on bases will abandon their posts en masse to get home to protect their families and communities.

    Will they fire on civilians just because they’re ordered to? A few probably, but fewer and fewer as time passes. They’re more likely to fire on their officers if those officers are ordering them to kill civilians. We don’t have any Cossacks here. American society is much too homogeneous. North Carolinian troops aren’t going to fire on Vermont civilians any more than Vermont troops would fire on North Carolina civilians. If the feds are counting on troops to back them up with whatever force they deem necessary, I think they’re in for a nasty shock if TSHF.

  25. Lynn says:

    American society is much too homogeneous.

    Huh? Have you been to any major cities lately? Texas is fairly close to losing it’s white majority. I think that California has and the same for New Mexico and Arizona.

    Unless I am misunderstanding you which is totally plausible.

  26. OFD says:

    RBT’s point is that Murkan “patriotic” culture overrides the major urban “gorgeous mosaics” and within the military that is even more prevalent. I tend to think he’s correct that MOST active-duty and Guard troops will not fire on civvies even if they’re in other distant states. I also think, however, that large numbers of black and Hispanic troops will bail in order to get back their own families and gangs, but the subsequent activity will be largely contained in the cities and their suburbs.

    The other point is that Vermont and North Carolina troops have a lot more in common with each other, even allowing for the Yank-Rebel thing, than they do with their own flag officers and the coastal urban elites.

  27. nick says:

    We have the nascent brownshirts already. Watching the Missou debacle, it occurred to me, BL(don’t especially)M is evolving into command and control for the new brownshirts. It started when they ran the ?google? guy out of his job over his political contributions. It’s currently running whites out of positions of power and responsibility with the threat of (and actuality of) racial violence.

    The NG may not put cities to the torch, but in a year or less, maybe somewhat more, BL(d)M or whatever they morph into will be more than willing to light the fire. Allies like the New Black Panther party (who marched armed in TX) or other radical elements will be happy to destroy the hand that feeds them. Look to Rhodesia for examples.

    There are other groups and elements waiting in the wings. La Raza and the ReConquista movement. Atzlan. With former soldiers and auxiliaries from MS 13 and the other drug gangs, there could be a several million strong terror force raised overnight. They ALREADY have the network of money, support, safehouses and smuggling routes established. They just need to be weaponized, and like every successful insurgent group, they have outside support and aid. Hence the URGENT need for amnesty, right?

    And last, you are forgetting the vast civil service departments that are becoming weaponized as we speak. The federal police force grows every day. Obamma said we need a civilian force equal to the military. Loyal to the same objectives and world view he has was unstated, but he’s certainly not interested in empowering new jackboots to restore Constitutional liberty or forcibly return to a Republic.

    Some unholy combination of these forces could be moving against us quickly, and is certainly in the opening stages of the conflict, even if we don’t yet recognize it.


  28. nick says:

    And don’t forget the destabilizing effect of all the muzzie horde that has been infiltrating.

    A few mo-ham-i-dan terror attacks and the bleating sheep will welcome the armed patrols.


  29. nick says:

    American society has been fractured and divided into tiny little factions. I’m talking about the white, culturally western majority. Every word from the TV or media is designed to fracture the pieces smaller and smaller.

    In the mean time, there has been an actual invasion of ‘others’ who don’t speak the language or share the values. Cali now has over 50% of residents who don’t speak english at home. TX is 30-40%. Minneapolis looks and sounds like Mogadishu. Detroit is the worst parts of the middle east. Florida is meth addicted crackers and cubans mixed with all the other detritus of south and central america.

    The other big cities of the FUSA are suffering under the effects of the destruction of the black family, and the soul eroding effect of dependency.

    It’s ugly out there.


  30. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Speaking of Rhodesia, I was there very briefly when things were going to hell but the white government was still in charge. I remember an event that occurred while I was there. Black terrorists armed with AK-47’s stopped a bus. An elderly woman near the door stood up, pulled a .25 ACP pistol out of her purse, and started shooting at them. The terrorists fled in terror.

  31. Lynn says:

    BL(don’t especially)M is evolving into command and control for the new brownshirts.

    Bureau of Land Management? Sorry, not getting the connection.

  32. nick says:

    Black Lives Matter.

    or don’t if they are still in the womb, for example, or victims of black thugs, for another.


  33. nick says:

    So am I missing something, or is this just typical illiterate, innumerate, psuedo-science nonsense reporting?

    “Clinton boarded a Learjet model 60 private jet in Lebanon, New Hampshire after 2 days of campaigning – a plane that emits 2 TONS of carbon per hour

    Read more:

    For that to be true, wouldn’t the plane have to start out weighing a dozen tons, and get lighter by 2 tons (or 4000 pounds) every hour? Basically throwing an anvil overboard every minute?


    since a gallon of fuel is 6#, and that weight reduction would be 66#/minute, the lear would have to burn 10 gal/ minute. Lear says it burns 3 gal/ min, or ~20#. So where is the other 40#/min of carbon coming from?

  34. Dave says:

    Apparently Black Lives Matter only when snuffed out by a white person or a person of any color wearing a police uniform.

  35. Dave says:

    For that to be true, wouldn’t the plane have to start out weighing a dozen tons, and get lighter by 2 tons (or 4000 pounds) every hour? Basically throwing an anvil overboard every minute?

    It burns about 1400 pounds of fuel per hour.

  36. nick says:

    “It burns about 1400 pounds of fuel per hour.” Which even if it was converted into pure carbon comes up 2600 pounds short of their claim in the article.

    Or am I missing some conversion factor?

    # of C emitted= (small fraction of fuel weight)*(mythical environmental effects fudge factor)*(hypocritically of person flying)


  37. Lynn says:

    The environmentalist wackos are measuring the amount of CO2 produced by the process, not the amount of C produced. Those O2s coming in from the atmosphere contribute significantly to the weight of the CO2.

    Also, a small amount of the fuel is hydrogen which combusts with atmospheric oxygen to form H2O (water) .

  38. Lynn says:

    Black Lives Matter.

    Sorry, I am particularly dense today. Writing C++ requires me to think sideways.

  39. Dave says:


    I am certain the person who said carbon wouldn’t know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide. I would not be surprised if they didn’t know the difference between charcoal and dry ice. If jet fuel is 78% carbon, and all that carbon is turned into carbon dioxide, then that would be about two tons of carbon dioxide per hour.

  40. OFD says:

    Live threats, probably armed, quite possibly trained and experienced over the next decades:

    1.) Inner-city black gangstas and the BLM affiliates, with much overlap.

    2.) Nuevo Aztlan types along with the Hispanic gangstas and narcotrafficantes.

    3.) Hordes of young male muzzies like we are seeing on the vids from Europe, unknown numbers of jihadi fanatics but the rest just go along anyway.

    4.) A hodgepodge of white underclass, supremacists, bikers, disaffected cops and troops, etc.

    Currently “weaponized” means they’ve got AR- and AK-class rifles, magazines and ammo, but does not necessarily mean they’re trained and/or experienced. Any group or faction that can step it up a notch or two will have an advantage, i.e., grenades, rocket launchers/RPGs, machine guns, and explosives. A lot of that kind of stuff will start floating around as armories get broken into or emptied by departing troops.

    Unfortunately, many of us here, if not most of us, are a bit long in the tooth, and not in the best shape, to put it mildly, for humping rucks, rifles and ammo across hostile landscapes under varying climate and weather conditions.

    Thus, we gotta do the best we can for our families/homes, neighborhoods and towns, in that order, while maybe working harder on our own PT, and getting up to speed on intel, commo, and useful skills.

  41. Lynn says:

    Unfortunately, many of us here, if not most of us, are a bit long in the tooth, and not in the best shape, to put it mildly, for humping rucks, rifles and ammo across hostile landscapes under varying climate and weather conditions.

    Be glad that you still have your teeth.

  42. nick says:

    “then that would be about two tons of carbon dioxide per hour.”

    Ah, ok, the extra mass is coming from the atmosphere, and they aren’t measuring carbon in the exhaust, but the total of the resulting gasses.

    Well, the biome will certainly appreciate the gift of CO2, so what are they whining about?



  43. Lynn says:

    “Attorneys: Katy-area teacher fired for refusing to address girl, 6, as transgender boy”

    “Using fake names, Taylor said that the child left school Friday as “Sally” and returned on Monday going by “Johnny.””

    “”They had a real issue on their hands,” Taylor said of the school staff.”

    “Taylor maintained the child’s gender identity wasn’t set in stone. He said the child continued to use the girls’ bathroom. The 6-year-old also played football with the boys and, when hit hard, cried and said, “I’m really not a little boy.””

    I believe that the parents in this situation are abusive. And crazy.

  44. Ray Thompson says:

    So where is the other 40#/min of carbon coming from?

    Clinton’s ass?

  45. OFD says:

    “I believe that the parents in this situation are abusive. And crazy.”

    “Well, the biome will certainly appreciate the gift of CO2, so what are they whining about? Idiots.”


    “Clinton’s ass?”

    Wrong end, buddy. And it’s toxic as all git-out, too.

  46. nick says:

    “Clinton’s ass?”

    if she could get carbon up there, she’d be drowning in diamonds.


  47. Ray Thompson says:

    Wrong end, buddy.

    How does one tell?

  48. Rick H says:

    Interesting discussions. I was thinking that …


    Claims 600 lumens on 3 AAA batteries (included). And a discount on that page.

    …er, what was I going to say?

  49. DadCooks says:

    Rush Limbaugh presented evidence on his show today that all the alleged racist actions at Mizzou were fabrications, never happened. There is a lot more to this story, just like there was with Ferguson.

  50. Lynn says:

    “We’ve Been Hoaxed Again, Folks”

    “Jonathan Butler is in his eighth year at Mizzou.”

    “He’s a graduate student.”

    “He “played high-school football at Omaha Central High, where he won a state championship, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mizzou, the newspaper reports. He is working toward a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy,” hoaxes. “He is a member of a prominent Omaha family. The newspaper says that Butler’s father is Eric L. Butler, executive vice president for sales and marketing for the Union Pacific Railroad. His 2014 compensation was $8.4 million…””

    I would not mind making $8.4 million per year.

  51. OFD says:

    “How does one tell?”

    Intel reports from a guy in Australia who checked both ends up-close-and-personal.

    Saw the special election results for this burg just now: roughly 800 derps voted out of about 4,000 registered voters. The new garage for the highway department failed, significantly, so that will stay where it is, leaching whatever fluids and other substances right smack into the bay/lake and making those poor buggers work out of a substandard site with decaying buildings and vehicles. The new salt shed, which those guys woulda built themselves, also failed, but by a narrow margin. So more salt for the bay. And the junk ordinance passed very nicely. So those are the priorities: visual impact for touristas trumps more degradation of Lake Champlain. While the Feds mandate an 83% reduction in the farms’ phosphorus runoff. Small farmers comply; the big industrial farms with migrant labor and cows that never get out don’t.

    Only about another 300 voters showed up after I did yesterday at mid-afternoon. I’ll be curious now to see the turnout for the national charade, and that will probably confirm my belief that the vast majority are stupid beyond belief and/or completely ignorant and/or just don’t give a fuck about what’s been happening to the town, county, state and country. They’d rather get all hot and bothered about Cankles, Trumpster, Sanders or some other lying, thieving bozo aspiring to be the next war criminal.

  52. OFD says:

    “…all the alleged racist actions at Mizzou were fabrications, never happened.”

    Of course. Big surprise. But hey, it COULDA happened! And mentioning they’re fabrications means Rush and all privileged white fummamuckers are rayciss. There was a similar recent incident up here in Vermont; some BLM SJW type claimed scurrilous KKK literature was left at her door twice and then there was a big kerfluffle over it down there. Most of this is nearly always bullshit, but the “authorities” and media rumpswabs treat it like gospel; to wit, the Tawana Brawley case, the Duke lacrosse team case, and the list just goes on and on; remember that serial arsonist burning down all the black churches in the South??

    What’s funny is that some media clown will win a big prize for their amazing expose and then we find out later it was all lies and fabrications but nothing ever happens to them. They move on to some other agitprop operation.

  53. DadCooks says:

    @Lynn – thank you very much for providing the citation to prove my comment. Sometimes I cannot find the forest for the trees (unfortunately getting more frequent).

    Now I going to listen to Mark Levin and see if he says anything (starting his show with Patriotic songs in honor of Veteran’s Day).

    BTW, Happy Veteran’s Day to @OFD and the rest of you who are Brothers In Arms. Fair winds and following seas.

  54. OFD says:

    Same to you, Mr. DadCooks; and welcome home from wherever you hadda go.

    We have no shortage of winds here, though, and the sea is just out the north and south ends of the lake, right off the state pier about a hundred yards from our front door, formerly Port Washington and the only house on the street then.

  55. ech says:

    In fact, I’m writing that chapter right now.

    Great minds think alike…… or something.

  56. nick says:

    Just finished dinner. I’ll stretch and say there were prepper aspects.

    Lamb shoulder roast, with garlic and fresh rosemary from the garden. (sheep are a good post collapse animal. They feed themselves and have wool.)

    Turnips, sliced and boiled (not from the garden, although I will plant some in the fall garden, and they grew last year.) Turnips grew well here, taste good, and store a long time.

    Steamed brussels sprouts, also with butter and salt, also not from the garden. I got some buds, but they never grew into heads, and then the stalks died. I’ll try again next year, then give it up and plant something else. Probably collards.

    Home baked apple pie for desert with fresh whipped cream. Pilsbury premade crusts, jar o filler from the store. Store had 2 jars for $5 special, so I thought I’d give it a try, since the oven was hot anyway. I’m gonna add a few more jars to the pile. Pie is a great way to use fruit you otherwise might not eat (bruised, on ground). And canning pie filling is a good way to store it. The crusts will have to be made from scratch. I guess I’ll try that at some point.

    BTW, the cardboard flats from Costco hold 35 normal size cans easily and they are about the same height as the cans. There are some short flats that are the same height as my cans of cream, and mushrooms, and some other smaller stuff. So, I’m going ahead with my plan to organize my cans by tray/cardboard flat. For every tray, I’ll have a month of side dishes. Easy to see the inventory build that way. Pull out the tray to stock from the back, pull out the tray to see what’s in it. Hopefully that will prevent cans ending up at the back of the shelf and never used… and it should limit the cascade if the shelves are bumped 🙂

    See, anything can be a prep!


  57. OFD says:

    “Great minds think alike…… or something.”

    And fools seldom differ.

    Thanks for the reminder, Mr. nick; gotta make a Costco run up here whenever wife gets paid again.

  58. DadCooks says:

    @Terry – interesting links. I’ll have to look into this “wonder bag” thing some more.

    Nissan makes pretty good products, too bad they are so damn expensive.

  59. nick says:

    One thing that is often overlooked in the comparison between Sams Club, =walmart, and Costco, is the superior quality of the packaging at costco. Almost everything is in heavier cardboard or it has thicker plastic than comparable items elsewhere.

    And the free boxes make excellent organizers for the garage or shop. I’ve got a stack of the apple boxes, heavy cardboard with open fronts, all taped together, as a set of organizing bins for cables. I use the trays to organize my hurricane window cover supplies, rope and tarps (fill one tray, stack another, they interlock). I have another set of the heavy apple, and not so heavy lettuce boxes with holiday decor and lights in them. They are sturdy, and interlock when stacked. The white open front boxes the nuts come in make great bins on a shelf.

    Lots of the food we buy there has containers that can be reused too. I have egg noodles, rice, beans, etc in the square, clear plastic jugs/jars/whatever that the smoked almonds and mixed nuts come in. They reseal tightly, have large openings, and stack well on the pantry shelf. I use the plastic peanut butter jars for parts and fastener storage in the garage, much nicer than glass jars.

    Some of the other foods give me nice sized boxes, that I cut the tops off of, to use as drawer dividers. I use some shoe box sized ones to organize my pouch foods, and sauce mixes.

    The gallon plastic juice bottles are real nice for water storage too. Very heavy weight.

    Part of prepping on a budget is using free stuff wisely. (and it’s green, if that matters to you.)


  60. nick says:


    I suppose you could use a cooler too. They are cheap at yardsales… I’ve got several!

    And post SHTF, when you don’t have any more ice, it gives a use for the cooler.

    I bet the Yeti holds some heat!


  61. nick says:

    anyone cooking over a fueled stove should have a wind shield, and possibly some of the heat trapping accessories that backpackers and climbers use with their stoves.


  62. SteveF says:

    Great minds think alike…… or something.

    My usual formulation is, great minds think alike, but I’m a knucklehead so perhaps you should be worried.

    But it’s all a lie anyway. Simpletons think alike, as befits herd beasts. Great minds think in many directions.

    EDIT: OFD beat me to it, pretty much. Curse the time it took me to read the day’s commentary!

  63. OFD says:

    “OFD beat me to it, pretty much. Curse the time it took me to read the day’s commentary!”

    So sorry, Grasshopper; my wife and I bat this back and forth all the time; we’ll both think of something good at the same time and then we recite our lines. And at least you read the day’s stuff; some others here clearly don’t, but I shall name no names.

    Mrs. OFD is safely back from lovely Kalifornia and staying at Great-Grandma’s house tonight; too tired to drive up here after yet another delayed flight. She hooked up with the United club thang a while back and now just hangs out in them at various airports during layovers; they have food, beverages, wireless, comfortable furniture and tables, congenial fellow suffering passengers, etc.

    Tomorrow I’ll slide by the usual weekly group meeting at the VA facility down in Burlap and see what we all have to say concerning today (Armistice Day) and our reactions, usually bitter and angry, lol. “Oh look, they all love us now! Festivities on the city common, parades, flowers, little kids crowding around to look at our ribbons! Wow, ain’t this great, finally?”

    And our reaction generally runs along the line of “Too little, too late, you fuckers.”

    But we’ll see; this isn’t very helpful anymore, having the bitter and antagonistic “tude” against the “civilians,” which, by the way, some of us evidently refer to them still.

    And now for several weeks of massive Honey-Do List activity.

  64. ech says:

    I don’t think US troops would fire on unarmed citizens in most cases. The way that the Warsaw Pact states got some police units (essentially light infantry – armed with SMGs) that would do it was clever. Recruit from the locally despised minority group, then emphasize during training that the rest of the country looks down on them, keep them in segregated units, pay and feed well. You end up with troops that hate civilians. Here, our armed forces are too well mixed, with troops from all over, all races and ethnic groups.

    Even during the protests in the 60s, Kent State was the only time troops fired on a protest. And those were barely trained Guard troops. Sure, the Chicago cops waled on the DNC protesters, but as Larry Niven observed: “It’s not smart to stand next to someone throwing baggies full of $h1t on cops.”

  65. DadCooks says:

    /snip/Recruit from the locally despised minority group…

    @ech – and I see the same thing happening here. We are just a moment away before all that hardware that the Obola Regime Agencies have been procuring gets into the hands of groups like Black Lives Matter (or whatever that racist group morphs into). Missouri is just a testing ground.

  66. OFD says:

    Good way to kick off Civil War II. Send regime agencies and BLM “troops” to various parts of the country and start shooting civvies.

  67. Matthew Farr says:

    How did you watch the BBC Historical Far series? Was it PPV on Amazon? Or did you buy DVDs?

  68. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Kickass Torrents

  69. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    It’s not available streaming anywhere and the only DVD’s available are Region 2.

  70. nick says:

    except youtube, where I’m currently watching the green valley eps.

    Somehow I missed them the first go round.

    All of the eps in the different series are available (missing one from Edwardian Farm for some reason) but are of varying quality. I’m watching on the living room tv, thru my xbox. Roku and Tivo have both dropped their youtube apps, for some reason. Hmm, wonder why?

    The explanation of the origin of “upper crust” was nice 🙂

    And again, I’m struck by the time it takes to do everything, by the amount of physical space all the technology takes (the copper of hot water, always on the boil) cow sheds, pig pens, pond for livestock, 15 different apple varieties for different uses, hedgerows built over a lifetime, and by the use of “free” materials from the land. Straw for thatch, hazel for everything, dirt, dung, and straw (with hazel) for walls….. A farm of the period was a generational affair.


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