Wednesday, 28 November 2012

08:10 – The house diagonally across the street from us has been vacant for more than a year. Barbara mentioned last weekend that she’d seen a young couple looking at it with the real estate agent and then returning on their own to shoot some pictures. I ran into the real estate agent yesterday while I was walking Colin. He says the young couple has the house under contract. Of course, nowadays that’s no guarantee, but it looks like there’s a good chance it’ll soon be occupied again.

I just had Colin out in the front yard and saw the woman who lives across the street out in her front yard with her dog. Thinking she’d be pleased, I told her that the house next to hers was under contract to the young couple that Barbara had seen looking at it over the weekend. Her only response was, “I hope they’re not black.” Geez. I never have any idea what to say to comments like that. I almost replied, “No, Barbara said that they’re both nice young white men.” Presumably she dislikes gays as much as she dislikes blacks. So I just told her I didn’t know what color they were and asked her what difference it made.

I swear that the people who write many TV series must have science dictionaries on their desks. When they’re writing a scene that involves science, they must just flip the dictionary open to a random page, stick their finger down, and use that word. How else to explain nonsensical dialog that contains apparently random strings of sciency words? On one episode of Rizzoli and Isles, the pathologist (Isles) was explaining something to the detective (Rizzoli) about a death and said (with a straight face) that something had interfered with telophase. Eh? She never did explain whether she was talking about telophase in meiosis or telophase in mitosis. Why don’t the producers of these series hire a scientist–any scientist–to tell them when their plots and dialog make zero sense?

Barbara is going out to dinner tonight with a friend and then to a Celtic music performance. That means it’s wild women and parties for me. Either that, or I’ll watch Heartland reruns.

11:29 – Angela Merkel says she’s very optimistic that the eurozone crisis will be solved in her lifetime. Merkel is 58. The average life expectancy in Germany is 80. Allow me to translate what she really means: “I’m very confident that the eurozone will not collapse until after I am reelected next autumn.”

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  1. When confronted with useless bags of protoplasm like your one neighbor, I sometimes go with a variant of, “I’m glad you said that. I’ve been making a list of people who won’t be needed once society collapses.” No explicit threats are uttered, but it creeps people out.

  2. Regarding sciency words, very frequently in everyday conversation I hear: “…under a lot of stress and strain…”, as if they were synonymous and interchangeble.

    Fine for a pair on Aunt Minnies in a supermarket checkout line, but such useage will not earn you credit in an engineering mechanics course.

  3. I wouldn’t argue with people like that or utter vague and esoteric threats. I’d just ignore them, and I’d probably tell them that, and tell them not to come to me looking for help.

  4. The neighbor could be part of a rabid white supremacist network that is gearing up for the Apocalypse and was merely testing Robert for his response and it will be HIM who is not needed after society collapses. Just sayin….

    We don’t have very many black people up here in Vermont; there might be three or four, who go to UVM or something. If memory serves, it’s the whitest state in the “Union,” and changes places in that spot from year to year with Wyoming and Maine. We have maybe a couple more Latinos and Asians here and there, but on the whole there are more Native Americans/First Nations folks than any other minorities combined. Ditto over in Maine. And invariably the black people we see here are from African countries, not this one.

    Easily 25% of the people in Vermont, NH and Maine are of French descent, and French is the distant second language up here. They make some pretty good grub; the tourtieres (meat pies), some nice potato dishes, and really great bread, but they also have some very gross stuff in Quebec, like poutine (pommes des frites smothered in some kind of gooey cheese concoction) and their hamburgers can double as frisbees, always way overcooked and dry. I am also mos def not a fan of organ meats, squab, or frogs and snails. And while I’m piling on here, contemporary music in Quebec also sucks rocks. And they dress funny.

  5. That is just sad. I have several black friends who are very good people. A black friend of mine at church taught our Sunday school class for a year a while back and I very much enjoyed his thoughts on the Bible. I also have a black friend who is on parole (for the rest of his life) and has a couple of .357 bullets in his right leg that cannot be removed. He has seen the light and knows the Bible way better than I do.

    We are minority in our neighborhood. The Asian community in Fort Bend County really likes our neighborhood and is gradually taking us over. It is a very interesting culture. They all work very hard and expect others to do the same. And there are zero houses for sale in our neighborhood since last August (300+ homes in the subdivision of 4,601 homes).

  6. Yes, that’s why I think the US should accept the rest of the provinces when they apply for US statehood, but reject Quebec. Give it to France.

  7. I disagree on Quebec. It’s some beautiful country, and located along an important waterway. I think that the US should conquer Quebec in the time-tested manner: take the land and kill, drive out, or enslave the inhabitants.

  8. Quebec really ought to be its own sovereign state but the sizable Anglo minority will not let that happen anytime soon.

    Along the lines of Joel Garreau’s original “Nine Nations of North America,” I would see British Columbia linked up with our own Left Coast states; the Canadian Rockies provinces and their plains states with our counterparts; Ontario with our Vampire State, and northern New England with the Maritimes. And I would grant our original Confederacy their confederacy. Texas will probably become its own sovereign state again. I would give Florider to Cuber. And move the purely titular national capital to the middle of Kansas or Nebraska. Alaska its own state, maybe linking to the Northwest Territories.

    If there is any killing, enslaving and driving out stuff to be done then I propose we do it on Long Island, Manhattan, large swaths of Connecticut and Nova Caesarea, and Kalifornia.

  9. The Bible and organized religion: I note that the Protestant denominations tend to be more Biblically literate than Roman Catholics, but also that the more fundamentalist groups will often cherry-pick verses that fit their own agendas a lot and that many of them also believe in the Bible’s ‘inerrancy.’ It has been a Sisyphean uphill slog in the Catholic Church to push Bible reading on parishioners; they were taught for centuries not to do it; it would be done for them. In recent years there has been an effort by clergy and many well-known writers and evangelists to get more of us to read and analyze the Bible but I have not seen much in the way of results from this yet. Our music also sucks; both situations are a direct result of renegade clergy messing around with Vatican II and deliberately misinterpreting its ideas.

    Luckily we now belong to a conservative Roman Catholic parish that does the Latin Rite services and uses traditional music, much of it from English and German sources and the music director is an internationally known organist and expert on Gregorian Chant. But too many RC churches still look like ski-resort A-Frames; they’re run by Father Lively or Father Bozo; the modern English translations and liturgy suck; the parishioners are typically ‘Buffet Catholics,’ who pick and choose what they will believe and how they will behave; and the music comes directly from the folkie ass-hats of the Glorious Sixties and Seventies on. And on top of all that we’ve had the relentless and vicious and bigoted assault by the mass media and “legal” system, which evidently has non-Catholics and too many genuine Catholics believing that every priest and bishop and cardinal was/is a pedophile or covering for them for the past 2,000 years. A mathematical and physical near-impossibility but there it is.

  10. Maybe you should tell her that it will be two black guys. Might as well play to all her fears.

    Quebec is a massive pain in the ass for Canada but it has held federal encroachment on provincial powers in check. This has been good. The states would have been so lucky to have a state like that.

    If Canada is divisible, then so is Quebec. What will happen is the Cree in Northern Quebec will opt out (goodbye hydro installations) and Montreal will become a city state (province) goodbye economic base. It’s not going to happen.

  11. And on top of all that we’ve had the relentless and vicious and bigoted assault by the mass media and “legal” system, which evidently has non-Catholics and too many genuine Catholics believing that every priest and bishop and cardinal was/is a pedophile or covering for them for the past 2,000 years. A mathematical and physical near-impossibility but there it is.

    Relentless, vicious, and bigoted? It’s been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the RCC hierarchy, to the highest levels, was not only aware of what was going on, but did its best to cover it up. And, as if a cover-up of this outrage was not bad enough, the RCC hierarchy actively assisted these child rapists by relocating them to new parishes where they could continue to rape children, and they didn’t even bother to let the folks in those parishes know that they’d moved known child rapists in amongst the parishes’ children.

    Face it, Dave, the church you belong to is the worst kind of criminal organization. Even the Mafia would have put a stop to it if their members were raping children. That makes the RCC a lot worse than the Mafia in my opinion and that of many others.

  12. The outrage of child rape was a tiny minority of cases out of a billion Roman Catholics and hundreds of thousands of clergy; the vast majority of the clerical sex scandal cases were of consensual or nearly consensual activities between clergy and teenage boys and young men, i.e. homosexual stuff, but that never gets mentioned of course. Only the stick of child rape being used to beat us about the head and shoulders. The gay sex gets a free pass in this culture and then the few actual cases of criminal pedophile events get trumpeted to the four winds endlessly.

    As I’ve said before, I’d hang the few child molesters in an afternoon and expel the rest of the clergy who can’t keep their pants zipped up like they’d sworn to do. And I’d send the guilty clerical parties who enabled or covered up any of this activity to the same.

    For criminal organizations, the Church is pretty laid-back compared to the Mafia, or, in fact, our own government, a truly criminal and terrorist organization.

  13. compared to the Mafia, or, in fact, our own government, a truly criminal and terrorist organization.

    I have never been hassled by the Mafia or had anything stolen from me by the Mafia. Our government on the other had steals from me every day, hassles me when I travel, annoys the snot out of me at tax time and then tells me I should feel good about it.

    I am buying lottery tickets this afternoon for the first time in my life. Yeh, my chances of winning are so small as to be almost infinite. However, if I don’t buy any tickets my chances of winning are indeed infinite.

  14. Exactly, Ray; I feel the same way, even knowing about the particular brutalities committed over the decades by organized crime; usually on their own.

    The State, on the hand, craps on us all the time and plays fast and loose around the world in such a way as to invite global disaster nearly constantly. Jeezum, even the Brits and the Romans had better sense running their empires. We have criminal cretins in charge who’d fuck up a soup sandwich.

  15. Well, we’re in agreement there. The RCC is horrible, but nothing compared to the federal government. But one has the choice of not being a member of the RCC.

  16. I’m with our host on the molestation issue. Whether it occurred outside the US and what percentage the US represents to world RCC membership is irrelevant, IMO. It was not only condoned in the US, but actually systematically supported. It’s a laugh that such relationships between a usually much older priest and a young alter boy could be considered consensual, when one is in a clear position of superiority and influence. What, the Catholic church position is that a cleric must ask the kid if he minds getting poked before doing it? There are a whole lotta former alter boys out there, who say that is not how it happened.

    Two male kids of essentially the same age, who have stumbled into experimenting with—or even committed themselves to—each other (which Kinsey research indicates is now at an all-time high) is a very different thing than a priest who serially takes advantage of his situation over and over in parish after parish, time upon time after being caught in each place, is quite a different thing.

    While I was in Chicago, we contemplated doing a documentary on the situation in Chicagoland, and our research included watching nearly every major documentary that had been done on the issue, and one thing was strikingly clear—this activity was massive and widespread. The cases that made newspaper headlines only only overshadowed other significant numbers of allegations the RCC was able to put a lid on. I left Chicago before the doc was produced, so I have no idea how it turned out—or even if it was made. But in no way did we lack for sources of information on the Church and its actions and motivations behind the scene, or adults who claimed molestation when they were children.

    Your position here is truly untenable. And the whole country realizes that the priests who were convicted, only scratch the surface of what actually occurred but was successfully covered up. Masses of others managed to escape. From what I learned, there are not enough prosecutors in the nation to take on every priest who actually raped a parishioner.

  17. The town I grew up in had a significant Mafia presence. When we were kids, all of us knew which of the other kids’ dads were associated with the Mafia, but no one thought twice about it. Back in those days, the Mafia still honored its self-assumed civic responsibilities, including protecting the little guys. If someone needed help with a problem with vandals or a government bureaucrat or something, he’d talk to someone who’d talk to someone, and the problem would go away.

    I always knew that the Mafia were supposedly bad guys, but they always seemed more like a civic organization. As kids, we didn’t worry any more about a Mafia dad finding out what we were up to than we worried about our own dads finding out what we were up to. I remember one time one of the kids whose dad was connected ended up mixing it up with some other boys whose dads weren’t. The kid threatened the other kids that he’d tell his father and get them stomped. Hoo, boy. After they finished beating him up, he went home and probably gotten beaten up worse when his dad found out what he’d said.

  18. Yes, a bunch of documentaries were rushed into print and the media; let me guess now on what side they came down….without exception, I bet. And that does it, right there, no other evidence need be examined. “…the whole country realizes…”, “masses of others escaped…” etc. The “whole” country might “realize” that, say, affirmative action is WRONG. Or that “global warming climate change” b.s. is WRONG. But the usual suspects produce a bucket of “documentaries” and THAT’S IT! Case closed! Affirmative action is the law of the land and climate change will force carbon taxes down our throats. Case closed!

    “Documentaries” were produced stating that white racist supremacist types were running around all over the South burning down black churches. Case closed!

    Leni Reifenstahl produced “Triumph of the Will” and look how spiffy all them uniforms and boots looked to the German people. Case closed!

    “not enough prosecutors in the nation…” Of course not! These renegade pedophile priests and their bishops are LEGION! Case closed!

  19. When I was a kid, the organized crime in my town was the police department. More than the usual petty stuff and covering up for each other: the cops were running prostitution, porn, gambling, and other things that I forget. One year a large fraction of the department was let go and a few got criminal charges filed. This definitely shaped my view of government as a criminal organization, both in committing criminal acts and in giving at most slaps on the wrist to government employees who commit criminal acts.

  20. Yes, yes, the Mafia were sterling civic contributors. Let me tell you how they whacked their own guys in Boston sometime, back during the Glorious Sixties, week after week. And by the way, they didn’t always avoid splattering “collateral” damage people who got in the way. They’re scum and need to be rooted out and utterly destroyed.

  21. Dave, you wave your arms around a lot and make many unsupported assertions, but where is your evidence? Those who condemn the actions of the RCC have presented tons of evidence, including sworn testimony, documents, and so on, all of which supports the notion that this corruption is both wide and deep and has occurred over at least many, many decades.

    You’re obviously a good, moral person. How can you continue to be a member of an organization that has engaged in these activities? I don’t care if only one priest raped one child. The number of rapists and victims is not the issue, although you continue to focus on that. The issue is that the RCC not only covered up and condoned this behavior, but actively supported it.

  22. I’m not a “member” per se; not a priest, bishop, cardinal, lay administrator, teacher, sexton, nothing. Just a humble old parishioner. Look not on the sins of the Church but on the belief of the faithful. It is a human organization, with sinful, error-prone, broken human beings, some of them in positions of power. Many of us would like to have rooted out the scum in our midst and done away with them; we look to a postponed judgement accordingly. And that includes the people who allowed this to happen. A more severe fate awaits them than anything we might devise here.

  23. Well, so you believe. Those of us who don’t believe in an afterlife would much prefer they be punished here and now, preferably as painfully as possible.

    See, here’s the thing. If I had been a priest or bishop or pope or whatever (unlikely, I know…) as soon as I found out what was going on I’d have made sure everyone else knew about it, too. I’d have called the police first, then the parents of the child who’d been raped, and finally the newspapers. I’d have posted about it on my blog. I’d have told everyone I knew. And I’ll bet you would have done the same. Unless, that is, you were threatened into keeping your mouth shut. And it’s the people who made those threats, which is to say the RCC hierarchy, who need to be punished severely. What kind of organization have they been running, anyway, and why should it survive? So that it can do it again?

  24. as soon as I found out what was going on I’d have made sure everyone else knew about it, too

    And that’s why you’ll never be the head of a large organization. I’m pretty sure that as soon as you did such a thing, or even announced that you were going to, the board of directors or the stockholders or the council of cardinals or the cabinet would arrange your ouster or execution. It’s an application of Pournelle’s Iron Law: Preservation of the organization is the top priority.

  25. [snip] Might as well play to all her fears. [snip]

    I would think the best way to say that is “No, the woman was white” and leave it at that. 🙁

  26. As it turns out, Barbara just made a quick stop at home, where her friend picked her up for Girls Night Out. She said she’d read my page and laughed, knowing Paula. She said that the young couple were both white, so I suppose that’ll make Paula happy.

  27. I am about to have the last Twinkie in my stock for tea-time. I’m told that if you can get to a large grocery that caters solely to Mexican and S. American tastes, there is a brand that copies all the Hostess crap food, and they often have it. But don’t tell anyone else. I know where 2 such stores are in Indy. Will check next time I’m there.

  28. SteveF is right again; Robert and I would have done the right thing and been destroyed one way or the other. I would happily see the culprits, from bottom to whatever level, punished here in this life as well; unhappily, human justice being what it is, the guilty will go free and the innocent will be punished, that’s usually how it works here. In the next life, which I of course believe in, the malefactors will face far worse and for far longer. Meanwhile most of the billion or so decent Roman Catholics and their clergy will go on and most of them will try to do the right thing. Again, it’s the 80/20 rule: 80% regular folks trying to get through the day; 10% angels and saints, and 10% evil spawn of Hell. The spawn will get theirs.

  29. So what IS the right way of dealing with an idiot who says something like “I hope they’re not black?” Seriously, what’s the best way to treat them? Call them an idiot to their face? Ignore it? Scowling but silent look of disapproval?

    Perhaps the most effective way may be passive-aggressive sarcasm. Teach them via the Socratic method. Just ask “Oh? Why is that?” and let them justify themselves. Their racism should come out as they embarrass themselves. They may answer something like “Well, our crime rates may go up.” “Oh, you think they’re going to buy a house here in order to rob you?” or “They’ll lower property rates and we’ll all lose house value.” “Oh, but that’s good they’re BUYING a house, that will help reduce vacancy!” You see, since their racism has no justification, anything they say will help them teach themselves that there is justification. Prejudice is boosted when social pressures encourage and accept it. Isolate someone and the stupidity becomes obvious.

  30. We haven’t run into that sorta thing up here, for obvious reasons. I might see them on the undesirability of blacks moving in and raise them with really hardcore white supremacist stuff, see how they react to that, just for fun.

    “Yeah, bro (or sis? in this case), I hear that. We don’t need no fucking mud people here. Me and the boys will make sure they don’t come back. Ever.”

  31. So what IS the right way of dealing with an idiot who says something like “I hope they’re not black?”

    Burn a cross on their lawn?

  32. In my experience, it’s as difficult to change the thinking of a racist or homophobe as to convert a religious person to rationality. And the problem is the same in all three situations: irrationality is easy; actually thinking things through and then acting accordingly is hard for most people.

  33. Regarding the twinkie die-off, our local fasy food columnist says:

    “For everybody who’s lamenting the loss of Twinkies, even though he or she hasn’t eaten one in 30 years, good news: Local supermarkets already are stocking Tastykake goodies that will make you forget Hostess in one bite.”

    “Tastykake products used to be a Northeast thing (my mother always packed Tastykakes in my lunch bag), but now they’re available up and down the East Coast and Texas. I don’t want to stomp on your memories, but Tastykake Kandy Kakes, Krimpets, Swiss Rolls and Chocolate Cupcakes are 10,000 times more delicious than Twinkies. And don’t worry, they’re just as unhealthful for you.”


  34. Disgusting garbage; no wonder half the country is fat as pigs and cancerous. (as he wolfs down more Rolled Gold stick pretzels and Moxie…)

  35. OFD wrote:

    “The outrage of child rape was a tiny minority of cases out of a billion Roman Catholics and hundreds of thousands of clergy; the vast majority of the clerical sex scandal cases were of consensual or nearly consensual activities between clergy and teenage boys and young men, i.e. homosexual stuff, but that never gets mentioned of course. ”

    Oh crap! While I’ll admit there are some good folks in the RCC, and that not all of them are child rapists there was a huge amount of covering up, delaying tactics and move-the-paedo-somewhere-else going on. They were more concerned with the organisation’s reputation than about helping/preventing victims.

    And don’t get me started on clerical celibacy. That evil practice is responsible for at least some of the rapes. And people knew it. That’s why priests in the Middle Ages had to being a “housekeeper” when starting out in the Basque region, for example.

  36. “…actually thinking things through and then acting accordingly is hard for most people.”

    I thought we didn’t do that. We’re just well programmed robots, aren’t we?

  37. Yes, yes, I GET it that there was a cover-up already! Hang those buggers, too!

    It would still only take me an afternoon for the job. Now if I was to also hang all the homosexual clergy, not only in the Roman Catholic Church but all the other denominations, especially the mainstream urban Protestant ones, I’d be at it for months! But hey, that’s A-OK. To demur is to be a homophobe, of course.

  38. “not enough prosecutors in the nation…” Of course not! These renegade pedophile priests and their bishops are LEGION! Case closed!

    You got that right. Dave, wake up! Just a couple minutes googling shows info—some of it from RC SOURCES—quoting the problem as follows:

    “, an ‘online archive established by lay Catholics,’ reports that over 3,000 ‘civil lawsuits have been filed against the church’ in the United States. Some of these cases involved many claimants and resulted in multi-million dollar settlements.”

    “According to the John Jay report commissioned by the U.S. bishops, allegations of sexual abuse were made in 1950-2002 against 4,392 priests. The number is generally believed to underestimate the problem.”

    A page on the CurrentTV network lists 424 US priests who have been convicted of child molestation just since 2005–many, many, many with punishments of “probation” for 5 years or so. From Diocese all over the US.

    “Since 1995, over one hundred priests from various parts of Australia were convicted of sexual abuse.”

    You are just plain deluded if you think it is only a handful of priests who get undue media attention. These child-bonking priests ARE legion, and they are getting off with punishments that make Jerry Sandusky’s sentence look downright malicious.

  39. Let’s do the math: (even I can handle this)

    5,000 priests (supposedly) against whom “allegations” were made, again supposedly, over fifty years. Why that’s a hundred a year! Out of how many total clergy? 400 or so convicted over seven years. Out of how many? Hey don’t get me wrong: one is too many of these scumbags. Are they ALL guilty? Are they all “child-bonkers?” Are all those allegations true? How are they defining “sexual abuse?” Again, I’d happily hang the guilty parties and those who enabled and excused them. But let’s get the right parties for the right crimes and not make this yet another case of media-hyped lefty hysteria as was done with older child abuse cases brought against people, infamous cases, run into the ground by over-zealous mad-dog publicity-hungry law enforcement and prosecutors. This is one of the worst crimes a human being can commit so let’s make sure we do it right. All I have seen so far is on the one hand stonewalling by the Church hierarchy, and wacky outta-control accusations whipped up by the other side. He said/he said.

    And what I see here and elsewhere is an eager and unseemly rush to judgement based on whatever someone may have read or heard in a clearly biased and bigoted media.

  40. Well, let’s assume that any priest accused by only one person is falsely accused and that any priest accused by more than one person is guilty. Not perfect either way, I know, but if anything that understates the likelihood of the priest being guilty. Let’s further assume that raping priests are like icebergs, so only 10% of those who are guilty have been accused. (Actually, that’s extremely generous; I think it’s more likely that maybe 1% of those guilty have been accused, and that’s only direct raping, not simply knowing and doing nothing.)

    I don’t know how many priests there are in the US. It can’t be many these days. I understand that the RCC has a very hard time getting people to become priests and that the number of new priests is a small fraction of the number of retiring older priests. That’s why so many parishes have shared priests.

    On that basis, it seems to me that a considerably larger fraction of priests are guilty than you seem to believe. But again, it’s not the number of raping priests. It’s the criminal organization that shelters and defends them.

  41. I don’t get the logic. To me, 1 priest abusing a kid is too much. Ten is awful and a scandal; but 100 a year is okay, because there are oh, so many more priests than 100 across the US?

    I know you know there are both priests and nuns in my close family. My dad’s law practice showed that the only real help on ‘agency’ level was Catholic Social Services. I do video in lots of hospitals, and the Catholic-run ones are the ONLY hospitals where the people you meet inside are ALWAYS “up” and interested in serving you. They are the only hospitals I know that reduce fees based on income and need. And around here, they have the best doctors and equipment, and seldom get sued.

    Nobody is rushing to judgment. The facts and numbers are clear. It’s not a matter of he said/she said; the court cases are a matter of public record. The Church has been running a home for sexually-frustrated priests, and covering for them, over and over, for a long, long time. Miles has a point that preventing marriage encourages this behavior, but if celibacy is the rule, then any priest who bonks a parishioner should be bounced—immediately and permanently.

    Celibacy is about as important to a minister’s functions as not eating meat on Fridays. It is long past time to make celibacy go the way of fish on Friday. Being celibate is not even healthy, although eating fish occasionally is.

  42. Which reminds me of something I intended to mention earlier. The malign influence of the RCC has undoubtedly been responsible for gross underreporting of child-raping priests. How many parents have refused to believe their kids because they couldn’t accept that a priest would do that? How many cops have ignored such allegations because they couldn’t believe a priest would do that?

    It reminds me of the old joke about the priest rear-ending (no pun intended) a car at a red light. When the cop shows up, he takes the priest aside and says, “So, Father O’Herlihy, how fast would you estimate that other driver was going when he backed into you?”

    The RCC and in fact most other christian denominations have gotten a free pass for much too long. It’s long past time to stop showing them any favoritism whatsoever.

  43. Favoritism? for the Roman Catholics and their Church in the West? You must be joking. Even less favoritism in the southern hemisphere countries. Where they’re stabbed, shot, burned alive in their churches, etc. Don’t confuse the hierarchy with the people.

  44. A few weeks ago I mentioned an Irish born Australian “Christian” Brother who liked raping and beating the kids under his “care”. This was back in the Fifties. When the kids complained to the cops they were rebuked for telling such lies about a fine upstanding member of the community and sent back for more abuse. The RCC has to shoulder a lot of the blame but the community in general has to bear a lot of responsibility. Why kids weren’t believed when many of them were making complaints is beyond me. He died many years ago and I believe the statue of him at his orphanage/school in Bindoon, WA (,_Western_Australia) has been torn down and the school renamed but they haven’t taken his OBE off him.

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