Sunday, 18 November 2012

09:29 – I’m amazed that Israel has responded with such restraint to islamic terrorists launching hundreds of missiles a day into Israeli territory. Israel has responded with just a couple hundred surgical airstrikes that give high priority to minimizing “civilian” casualties. If islamic terrorists in Gaza were launching 300 missiles a day at me, I’d be inclined to cover the entire Gaza Strip with cluster bombs and burning napalm, and the hell with “civilian” casualties.

There’s no doubt that the goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel and wipe out its population. They’ve said as much. Why should Israel show any restraint? The obvious answer is that Netanyahu is afraid of American public opinion turning against him, and more particularly of Obama withdrawing diplomatic and logistical support.

Barbara is cleaning house today. I need to get the library cleared out, as well as some stuff I have stacked in the den. We’ll be moving Saturnalia decorations upstairs today, and she needs those areas clear.