Wednesday, 7 November 2012

07:23 – The big news story is that Britney Spears apparently has leprosy. In other news, it looks like we’re in for four more years of complete gridlock, which is a good thing, considering the alternative.

09:34 – Hmmm. Barbara’s only comment this morning on the election results was that she wants to move to Canada.

09:59 – We’re down to just one biology kit in stock, so I’ll build another 15 today. That’s verbal shorthand, of course. I won’t actually be building those kits myself. Obama will be building them for me. Bastard.

16:04 – Barbara called from work a little while ago to say that her dad had fallen and she was on her way to meet them at the emergency room. She thinks he’ll be okay, but falls are dangerous at any age, let alone 90. I’ve said this to Barbara before, and I hate to annoy her by repeating myself, but her dad really, really needs to be using a full walker instead of just a cane. He’s no longer strong enough or fast enough to catch himself with just a cane. I’m sure he’ll resist using a walker, but I don’t see any alternative.