Saturday, 17 November 2012

08:40 – The stupidity of many unskilled and semi-skilled workers never ceases to amaze me. I suppose it shouldn’t. If they were smart, they probably wouldn’t be unskilled or semi-skilled.

In the latest example of this phenomenon, the morning paper reports that Hostess has been driven out of business by the recalcitrant bakers’ union, destroying more than 18,000 jobs. Even the Teamsters are pissed at the bakers’ union, whose stupid stubbornness also cost a lot of Teamsters their jobs. And some moronic WalMart employees are going on strike because they don’t want to work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Geez, they knew when they took the job that WalMart is open on holidays. Why are they complaining now? I hope WalMart fires every one of them. It’s not like they’ll be hard to replace.

10:33 – As usual for a Saturday, I’m doing laundry. Our washer, a Sears Kenmore Elite (part # 110.24832200, in case I ever need to find that again…) has been having some agitator problems. Two or three weeks ago, I decided to do something about that. Barbara wanted to replace the machine, but it’s only nine years old. So I did an Internet search and found a bunch of hits on replacing the agitator dogs in a Whirlpool/Kenmore washer, including some YouTube videos. I was about to order an agitator repair kit, but I couldn’t find the model number on the machine. For the last couple weekends I’ve been so busy that I just let it slip. This morning, I finally located the model number and ordered an agitator repair kit for $29 including shipping. Much cheaper than paying for a service call, let alone buying a new washer. It should take me five or 10 minutes to do the repair once the kit shows up.