Friday, 30 November 2012

08:49 – What is this crap with adults beating infants and small children? There was another one in the paper this morning, this one from Mt. Airy. Fortunately, the kid survived, this time. The mother, 24, and her boyfriend, 20, (not the child’s father) were charged with felony child abuse. I just don’t understand this. Normal people protect children, any child, let alone their own. A normal woman will fight and willingly die to protect her child. What kind of mutant pseudo-human creature injures or kills its own child? The mother and her boyfriend are in jail and will probably go to prison, but that’s just not enough. It seems to me that a more fitting punishment would be to surround them with people with clubs and have them beaten to death. I have a baseball bat right here, and I’d be happy to lend a hand.

I should finish the first draft of the manual for the new simplified CK01B chemistry kit today. Then I’ll make at least one quick clean-up pass through it. We actually have a small batch of the kits themselves in stock. The one backordered item we need to build 100 more is supposed to be shipping to us today. I’d planned to start shipping these kits as of 1 December, and it looks like we’ll just about make that deadline.