Saturday, 10 November 2012

08:41 – Barbara’s dad was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. He’s at home and seems to be doing fine. And he’s using his new walker.

As usual for a Saturday, I’m doing laundry. Barbara is getting ready to head outside and do some yard work. This afternoon, we’ll work on kit stuff. The seasonal slow-down in kit sales makes it tempting to ease off a bit, but with Christmas and the start of the winter semester just around the corner kit sales are likely to pick up again late this month and into December so we need to build some inventory.

We also need to make time for a Costco run in the next couple or three weeks. We don’t actually need that much for current consumption, but I want to stock up on food. With food prices increasing every month, it just makes sense to buy now instead of waiting for prices to increase.

11:47 – This is interesting. Netflix has started throttling me again. That hasn’t happened for several years. All of that time, a disc I returned one day would be received by Netflix the following day (other than Sundays) and they’d send my next disc that same day. Since we changed to the one-disc-at-a-time plan, we’ve reliably gotten two discs a week, every week. A disc arrives on Monday, we send it back Tuesday, Netflix logs it as received and sends out the new disc Wednesday, we receive the disc Thursday, send it back Friday, Netflix receives it Saturday and ships us a new disc, which arrives Monday. Lather, rinse, and repeat. But for the last two discs, Netflix has delayed acknowledging receipt for an extra day, turning the normal three-day cycle into a four-day cycle. I wonder what’s going on.