Saturday, 3 November 2012

09:39 – I was able to talk Barbara into taking it easy this weekend. Right now, while I do laundry, she’s down cleaning out the basement. Then she’ll clean the upstairs, blow leaves, and then head out to plow and plant the back 40. Then, after lunch, we’ll work on kit stuff.

We’ve started getting a few political calls again, two or three a day, all from the Republicans. I got an automated poll call the other day. I agreed to take it, just for fun. The first question was about my age. I pressed one for 18 or under. Then it asked if I had already voted. I pressed one for yes. Then it asked if I’d voted for Obama, Romney, or another candidate. I pressed one for Obama. I do so enjoy doing my bit to screw up polls.

11:32 – Ben Franklin is probably spinning in his grave. Barbara reminds me that the time changes again at 0200 tomorrow. It really pisses me off. Eight months ago, the government “borrowed” an hour from me. Of course, “borrowing” at gunpoint is usually called armed robbery. Now, months later, they’re finally going to repay it, with with zero interest. That’s right, they stole 3600 seconds from me, and early tomorrow morning they’re going to give back only 3,600 seconds. Bastards. I hope they all die slowly and in agony.