Day: September 24, 2022

Sat. Sept. 24, 2022 – gettin’ outta dodge…

Hot later.  Nice now.  Too bad it only lasts until about 10am.   ‘Course the humidity is there all day.   The hot part of the day is getting shorter though.  By yesterday evening it felt cool again.  Still over 80F, but cool compared to 104F in the sun.

Did a couple of pickups.  Lot of driving, but I got a steel cabinet (double door office supplies type cabinet) for less than $20.  It’s in good shape, no rust or dents, and hasn’t been painted.  I like to think I learn from my mistakes, so I’m going to use cabinets and not open shelves to store food at the BOL, when I can.  The plastic tubs have been working great to keep the cans and boxes and pouches clean and un-eaten, but they make it harder to see what I’ve got, and harder to just grab something.   My storage conditions suck.   Cool, dry, and dark they ain’t.  Hopefully at the BOL, I can get enough cabinets for the garage to keep everything out of sight, and rat pee free.

Speaking of the BOL, wife and kids took the dog and headed up last night.   I’ve got a couple of pickups today, so I stayed home until later.  I’ll head up as soon as I can.   I may try to get a couple more plumbing parts before I leave.  I’m thinking that I will have to run both my new pex and the old copper at the same time for a while.   The easiest way to do that is T into the hot water heater, both the cold line, and the hot.  They are the newest, are accessible, and are both the same 3/4″ size.  I won’t have to cut and splice anything either to get supply into the pex if I do that.  Every time I touch the existing copper, I cringe, just hoping it doesn’t break loose or spring a leak.

I’m sure I’ll be breaking some more concrete too.  Joy.

But hey, I’m building out our BOL.  That counts for a lot.  And it gives me a whole new place to stack all the things.

Stack some of your own.



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