Day: September 20, 2022

Tues. Sept. 20, 2022 – Month is flying by… feels crazy fast.

Hot and heavy humidity.   Yesterday was OPPRESSIVE.  We even got some rain in the late afternoon, which helped a bit, but did not entirely clear the air.  I broke a sweat just resetting the live trap in the garage.  The little possum hasn’t showed back up, but there is a much bigger one lurking.   He’s not afraid of being seen either.  I baited the trap with wet cat food this time.

Spent the morning and early afternoon doing pickups.   Hit a couple of thrift stores and scored some good stuff for resale and for home.  Brand new horseshoe game for only $10 was nice.    Big long box of baseball cards might be really nice… or a bust, but the hunt is fun.  The Pokemon cards I found are all too new to be worth much, $1-4 generally.  Still, they are basically free when paying by the pound.  I doubt I’ll ever find a binder with 450 cards in it again, but I always look.  I’ve got several bins to sort and go through today.  Two of my auction houses agreed to take stuff in a week, so I can start planning for that.

No word from the foundation guys about their final site visit before work commences.   Hope I can make whatever date they come up with work.

Went to my local HEB store for a quick trip and it was decimated.   IDK if it was just the time of day, or in combination with shortages, or if things have gotten worse in a week, but OMG.   Every aisle had big gaps, with either one or two lonely items left, or NOTHING.   The sugar section of the baking aisle was bare.  Bread aisle was down to a few random loaves.   Eggs, just a few cartons, all with one or more broken shells.  Peanut oil was 3 bottles, so I got two…

On the plus side, 80/20 ground chuck was on sale, $3.59/lb, and chicken legs were at 99c again.   Only one turkey in the whole cooler though.  Sodas were stocked, but the snack aisle had open shelves.  Very hit or miss, with several things I was looking for just not there.

Buy it when you see it.

And stack it high.



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