Day: September 4, 2022

Sun. Aug. 4, 2022 – nothin’ but a step for a stepper…

Hot and humid later, but just humid to start the day.   We had intermittent and light rain throughout the day yesterday.   I’m thinking we might have more of the same today.

I got a bunch of stuff started, and nothing really finished.   That said, lots of progress was made.   I’m missing a couple of pex connectors, and 75ft of romex so those projects are now on hold until I get back with the parts.   I will shift to gas lines today, and maybe some other stuff.   There is always other stuff.

Kids and wife got out on the kayaks and paddle boards.   Gotta remember the whole point of doing all this work…  I floated on a tube and watched the bats cleaning up the dusk sky.

Find something that needs doin’ and do it.  Find something that needs stacking and stack it.   Take your joy where you find it.



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