Day: September 5, 2022

Mon. Sept. 5, 2022 – Labor Day in the US

Hot and humid.  Well, maybe just humid for a while.  It got downright chilly last night.   A front moved by, with horizontal lightning and spatters of rain, in the evening and temps got down to 74F.   That felt pretty chilly with the high humidity.  Today might be hot, or could be moderate.

Septic guy is supposed to be here today to start.  Don’t know what that means, exactly, but maybe the wife and kids are headed home early.   Maybe not…   I’m here for the next few days at least.   Tank arrives Wed.  Could be he installs the drip field and the lines down to it.   That will be a lot of work and isn’t dependent on any other thing being in place.

Yesterday my wife painted all day and I worked on plumbing and electrical.   Found time to do a couple small things too.   DIDN’T get up in the attic to run the gas line.   I guess I’ll do that today.  One of the first things that will happen when the digging starts is turning off the LP gas, and pulling up the existing line to the house.   I’ll be cooking on coleman until I get the new gas in place.

It’s a weird feeling to be getting stuff done.  Good, but somewhat odd.   It seemed like the stuff was all in the future, but now the future is here.  Maybe it’s because if the future can arrive for my construction jobs, the future can arrive for the bad things too.  Dunno, but it does feel weird.

I’m stacking up the work!   Stack something yourself.


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