Day: April 26, 2021

Mon. April 26, 2021 – another week closer to whatever is coming

Sunny and clear, probably, and warm. Three days without precip according to the national high level map. Yesterday was nice, even hot in the sun, but cool in the shade. Just on the edge of too much humidity.

I took a break from grandma and the kids and finished cleaning and reloading my Ranger. Since I had everything out, I figured I’d vacuum and sort. I put the more ‘survival’ stuff in a tub, and re-org’d the rest. At some point I want to build some plywood organizers but that will have to wait. I got everything back in that I wanted to, so far. Then another project jumped up and down demanding attention too.

My extended cab Ranger has “suicide” doors. A few years ago they failed, like all of them do. The cables that go from the handle to the latch have a plastic end and that end gets soft and crumbly. Once that happens, you can’t get the doors open without a pliers. I bought some milled aluminum replacements from a guy on ebay who has a little mini-business making and selling them. But, the instructions said it took 2 hours and I just never got around to it.

So yesterday I finally did. I was able to work around a step that involved drilling out rivets and save a bunch of time and effort. I spent about two hours on the first door and 45 minutes on the second. It would have been even less time, but I broke a part and misaligned another, and that took 15 minutes to work around. I’ve finally got that project off my list, and I’ve got 4 working doors on my truck again. I also found a bunch of stuff that should go on ebay.

Once again, circumstances dictated that I do projects that I otherwise just wouldn’t do yet. And with the time and hassle of getting the truck repaired, I will lose some other time I’d have been working the list. I tells ya, it’s always somethin’.

Today I have to get mom to the airport, make my repair appointment, arrange some sort of rental, as I can’t be without a car for a week, AND do all the normal things. Tuesday is a child’s birthday, and we’re having a sleepover for one, with dinner and treats, and cake, so I’ve got that to organize too. It’s a great life if you don’t weaken, right?

The wide world continues to be violent, unpredictable, and full of hazards. So keep stacking.


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