Day: April 10, 2021

Sat. April 10, 2021 – this month is flying by

Warm and damp. Maybe some rain, although I doubt it. We’re supposed to be in a tiny little strip of weather according to the map. That almost never holds true, so I think we’ll luck out. Yesterday was overcast, warm, and muggy all day.

I got up on the roof early and installed my new camera. Got it aimed and focused in only one extra trip up, but forgot to check that the microSD card was working. I’ll have to get to that another time. I am all out of time budget for the camera project. (It is recording on the NVR)

My wife is at GS camp learning how to teach canoeing to the girls, and the kids are home with me.

Today is also the monthly meeting for my non-prepping hobby. I have some parts for one of the guys who bought stuff from me last time, so I’ll probably swing by and just drop them off. Then it’s home to the list.

And at some point, I’ll swing by the rent house and get measurements for what will fit in the fridge spot in the cabinets. I’m pretty sure the Lowe’s near me has one in stock that will fit, but I’d sure like a scratch n dent if I can find one. The tenant says “no hurry, the fridge part still works fine.” Weird, but I’m over wondering what’s wrong since the fridge is probably 20 years old and has a bunch of cosmetic issues too. And if anyone is wondering, yes, new HVAC board, new dishwasher, cheap dryer, new dryer, new fridge, some plumbing work, etc WILL eat most of the profit from your rental. That’s why small landlords tend to be handy, and go for scratch n dent whenever possible, and cut more corners than they should.

Non sequitur, anyone else wear the little locator nibs off your keyboard? The actual letters are still on the keys, which are very shiny (in proportion to how often they get used), but the little nibs are worn away. The spacebar also has a gentle depression in it where my thumb rests… I’ve got a gamer keyboard with cherry switches sitting here, I should probably get that swapped in. This original Dell keyboard is as old as the machine, which shipped with win8.1, so it lasted pretty well. I picked up the new keyboard a couple of weeks ago because I noticed that sometimes the shift keys don’t work, but I hadn’t noticed the nibs being worn off. In the last couple of days I noticed that I keep putting my hands in the wrong place on the home row. Add it to the list, or just do it right the f now?? List. Now there are other things to do.

I’m sure there are things on your list, and time is getting short. After all, the end is nigh- er…

Keep stacking.


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