Day: April 23, 2021

Fri. April 23, 2021 – Blank page, so much potential, but…

Cool again, an supposedly rain with nasty stuff mixed in. Yesterday was nice, most of the day was clear, with some occasional overcast. Not to hot, but a little sweaty. Very light rain started around 11pm.

I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked because I felt just a bit weird all day. My back was kind of on edge, with my neck doing strange feeling things, and I felt a bit dizzy at times. Not a day for a lot of driving, or hard lifting. (I mention it mainly so I have a record of it, not because I am looking for anything, part of this is a daily journal for me too. I was surprised when looking at old posts that it’s been 2 months since I thought about doing an article on buckets for example. Time flies lately.)

I did get some stuff moved out of the house and into storage. Some food got stored and organized, and some pantry stuff got restocked. Some small cleanup happened. A couple of auction items were picked up. I’ve got some tools and radio stuff still waiting for pickup today. House looks a bit better but there is still a lot of stuff here. I’m meeting with one of my local auctioneers today, and hopefully I can talk him into taking another big delivery. The auctioneer I was supposed to drop off the last of my next auction with yesterday begged off, she wasn’t feeling good after her second moderna shot. I hope she’s doing better today, I’d like to get the 450 pokemon cards I’m selling into her next toy and collectible auction.

Out in the wider world, I’m hoping that we get a little pause, a little chance to draw breath and rearrange our worldview before the next step down the slope. Heck, it would be nice to not take the next step down, but I don’t think that is likely at all.

I’d really like some more ‘normal’ time to get stuff in order. Lots of projects to do, lots of preps to stack, lots of stuff to sell, all dependent on things holding together for a while longer.

We’ve got a little time, use it wisely. Plenty of things that need stacking.


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