Day: April 25, 2021

Sun. April 25, 2021 – nothing but quality content here

Cooler and still nice, I hope. Yesterday was nice. It got to 90F in the sun, but was much more comfortable in the shade. Gentle breezes and low humidity made it very pleasant outside.

Spent the morning hanging out with mom, the afternoon doing my insurance filing, and the late afternoon cleaning out my truck. I took three bins of stuff out of the extended cab. A bunch of it will not be going back in, and some that will will be far better organized. Over the last year or two I got in the habit of just adding stuff to the stack, like I found 5 first aid kits. No spare flashlights though. Several tarps and rolls of big trash bags. Rolls of tape. Water bottles and civilian versions of MREs. 4 fire extinguishers and 4 smaller aerosol extinguisher cans. I lost track of the number of plastic rain coats and ponchos… and I’d stashed some LBE vests there and forgotten about them. 12 vests. 12.

While I had the stuff out, I decided to vacuum too. Might as well give it it’s tri-annual cleaning. I’ll be finishing the job today if the weather stays clear. It’s probably a good idea to go through your vehicle kit at least once a year. Jeez.

Family stuff today too, maybe a dinner out with mom. I haven’t done that in a long time now. Supposed to be time to reenter the world.

Didn’t get a Costco order in, won’t do it on a Sunday either. It’ll have to wait for Monday.

All the rest of you should be stacking it up though…


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