Day: April 3, 2021

Sat. April 3, 2021 – we’ll see how the day goes

Supposed to be clear and nice out. I hope I can get some outdoor work done, but I don’t want to risk any setback with my back troubles. Might have to just not do anything. Not good for the list.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I mostly missed it. My wife and youngest child took advantage of the cool night and camped in the back yard with a fire in the pit. They had a great time. Oldest child went right to bed and crashed out. She’s eleven but knocking on puberty’s door and it wears her out. I am SO not looking forward to moody teen years.

I didn’t make it out to my client’s house. I was just hurting too bad. Grid down will purely suck if it hurts that bad. Analgesics and antibiotics, stack them high.

Some updates.

The toilet works. No one has had to plunge it in the weeks since install. What a HUGE difference. Speaking of, 3/4″ difference in throne height is a HUGE difference, if you’re used to it… I’m going to have to find a thicker seat to make up the height. Falling that last 1/2″ is – disconcerting.

Didn’t get anything into the garden yet. Grapevine is greening up. Peach tree has leaves. Something ate every single marble sized fruit off my potted grapefruit and lime trees. The blueberries are flowering and filling in. No green on the grapefruit, orange, or Meyer lemon that froze, but I’m still hopeful. There is some evidence of life under the bark on the bigger branches. Apple tree is leafing out. The wife’s tomato plants are flowering.

NVR computer is running, but since updating the linux install, the NVR software crashes about every other day, with a core dump. Seg faults and other issues. I think it may be something to do with ffmpg as it was one of the packages updated, and I have streams that now tear and turn into colored lines, and that never happened before. F me. I’m about ready to just spend the money on hardware and repurpose the pc for my wife or kids.

Haven’t replaced the Expedition yet either.

We’ll see what things on The List I feel up to today. I’m sure there is something I can do. And there are lots of things that need doing.

Keep plugging away, and keep stacking.


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