Day: April 5, 2021

Mon. April 5, 2021 – jeez, empty brain syndrome strikes again…

Cool and clear, or humid and wet, or possibly cool humid and wet. There’s actually a shape on the national forecast map I’ve never seen before, so who knows what today will be like. Not that the weather liars know anyway…

And yesterday was all those things at different times, including actual rain drops falling, and sunny blue sky. Since I’m still trying to get my back back to normal, I took yesterday pretty easy. Did a couple of small things around the house and yard. Did a couple of small things for the auction. With my wife not feeling well after the second moderna shot, I made hamburgers instead of a big lamb meal. That will have to happen in the next few days as I already defrosted the lamb, but it didn’t have to happen Sunday.

I’ve got stuff to do today that will depend on whether my wife is in the office or on the couch. I’m hoping she feels a lot better. One ‘advantage’ of having a big todo list is being able to pick a task appropriate to your available time and resources. . . . … . sure. right. yup. Go with that….

There’s always something more to do, and always something that doesn’t get done. I am currently way out of balance with those two though. Gotta shift some stuff into the ‘done’ pile.

Seems like I’ve been saying that or variations on it for far too long. This last year has been like Groundhog Day. That is starting to change, but I worry I’ve built some bad habits. Time to really work on changing that.

So I’ll wrap up with the same admonition as always, keep stacking. ‘Cuz it’ll be too late when the zombies are chewing on your leg…


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