Saturday January 6, 2018

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It was 3 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 8am.

If everything works out Bob will move to the rehab facility on Monday. He still has the trach and feeding tubes. We were given choices as to where he could go from the hospital. I chose a place in Winston because Frances and Al can help with keeping tabs on him for me. I have past experiences with these facilities from both Bob’s mom and my dad. You do have to be vigilant even with ones that have a good reputation.

He was better yesterday though still coughing a lot of gunk in his lungs. He very much wants to get out of the hospital and is ready to go to rehab. I hate we have to wait until Monday to move him. Al is going by to see him today for me.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Good good news. And shows the importance of having friends. Thank you Frances and Al.


  2. Dave says:

    Glad to hear he’s going to get out of the hospital Monday. That is certainly a step in the right direction.

  3. Dave says:

    My wife and I got back from a trip to Florida yesterday. The current temperature is -2 F (or -19 C) and I’m wondering why we came back.

  4. nick flandrey says:

    Well, a balmy 42F and sunny here in Houston. We had some warmer temps yesterday too.

    I’m watching winter happen in the north east, and I am amazed by the slushy flooding. THAT I didn’t expect. If it weren’t for all that global warmening, I’d expect to see wooley mammoths reborn….


  5. SteveF says:

    Just be glad we’ve made all that global warming. Imagine how cold it would be without.

    As for RBT, -thumbs up-

  6. nick flandrey says:

    From a prepping and travel standpoint, I always wear natural fiber outerlayer, and long pants with good footwear when I fly. I rarely tell anyone it’s because cotton is more fire resistant than manmade… cuz when will you ever, right??

    “Passengers scream in terror as the plane next to them catches fire after crashing into them on the tarmac

    The collision occurred at 6pm on Friday night at Toronto’s Pearson Airport
    A WestJet flight with 168 passengers on board was struck by an empty plane
    Terrified passengers on the first jet were filmed screaming as the second plane caught fire
    They watched from the windows before being evacuated in emergency slides
    The Sunwing jet was being moved by third party on-the-ground handling staff
    No one was injured in the incident and airport authorities are investigating

    Read more:

    A potential evacuation is also why I keep my wallet, phone, and flashlight in my pockets while on the plane. You can’t take your bag when it’s time to slide.


  7. MrAtoz says:

    Another glorius day for tRump as he declares himself a “genius” after libturds claim he is a moron. Libturdians everywhere are crying. Up next, “The Resistance” claiming impeach tRump because he’s *too* smart. lol! 2018 may be the libturd head explosion I’ve been waiting for.

  8. nick flandrey says:

    His accomplishments support at least a very high iq. Clearly issues when you feel it necessary to tell people that yourself, but.

    I’m amazed that people think every one of these guys is a drooling moron once they get into office. Do they really believe that hordes of otherwise intelligent and self motivated people enabled them, supported them, covered up for them, counterfeited their successes for them up to that point? And now they would STOP? Why on earth would they?

    Even in obammy’s case, where he was groomed and shaped his whole life, the people doing it are clearly visible. Also, his life and accomplishments were either obscured or non-existent while the Boooshes, Reagan, Trump, et al have long and very public histories filled with the successes and failures that one expects from real people.

    No one noticed T is a moron during all those tv shows? No one noticed while courting his involvement in their building and development projects?

    you gotta be a special kind of stupid to fit those things together.


  9. nick flandrey says:

    Nothing like media bias and manipulation:

    “Hundreds of Pakistani protesters burn US flags after Trump says he is cutting aid to the country because it ‘does not take terrorism seriously enough’

    The White House announced it had cut $255M of aid to the South Asian Country
    Trump took to Twitter to call Pakistan liars and cheaters, provoking mass fury
    Pakistan’s Foreign Minister hit back saying country no longer thinks of US as ally

    Read more:

    He actually called them “liars and cheaters”? [citation needed- as the SJWs at Wikistinks would say]

    NICE expensive banners the goatherders are burning. Wonder where those came from? Note the contrast to the handmade flag featured in only the one inset picture. Wonder how many of those pakis foaming at the mouth are literate in english?

    Anyone else note that this is after Friday mosque time??

    Oh, and they want the money still or they’d just say F off.

    10s of THOUSANDS of visas for mercs and spys? WTF are they hiring and what are they paying, does it include medical? 20 or thirty THOUSAND??? Pull the other one, it has bells on.

    And btw, by all accounts the pakis are NOT doing enough to fight terror (as westerners define it). This has been all over the news in years past. vis- mountainous regions controlled by terrorists, safe houses and training bases throughout pakistan… or Pok i stan as obabbler used to say.

    Anyone got any vid of O talking sh!te about our good friends the pakis?


  10. Ed says:

    Good news!

    And yes, stay on top of those people.

    I still remember a rehab place that tried to stick my mother, after her stroke, into a room with someone who had some sort of communicable disease – the door to the room was absolutely **plastered** with warnings about entry of ungowned and unmasked personnel. My father put a quick stop to that.

    This was more than twenty years ago when you’d think $3000/mo would buy you decent care…

    Mildly overcast here in the California high desert, temps in the 60’s. I’m trying to paint and trim indoors, so the diffuse light is a real pain. But we desperately need more rain in the south part of the state, so no real complaint.

  11. DadCooks says:

    I like tRump for all his faults. I firmly believe he is a very high functioning autistic, with a high IQ, OCD, and a bit of ADD. My opinion is based on the true old school diagnoses before all these became the thing to be.

    Over on Barbara’s Journal she is baking chocolate chip cookies today and getting her Sunday cleaning done ahead of time.

    Continuing prayers for Barbara, Bob, and OFD.

  12. Bruce Friend says:

    Good to hear that Bob is wanting to get out. That means his spirits are up and he is ready to move on and upward. I know this has been tiring for Barbara and I have been keeping her in my thoughts as well as Bob. Progress is made of many small steps!

  13. lynn says:

    you gotta be a special kind of stupid to fit those things together.

    It goes hand in hand with the progs continual attacks on corporate America. The progs want us to move to Communism today. We were on the road to Communism and Trump is ripping the road up which is enraging them.

    BTW, somebody mentioned yesterday that Trump is our wealthiest President ever. I saw a claim recently that George Washington’s net worth was 10% of the entire value of the colonies. If that is true then GW was by and far our wealthiest President.

    Nope, not according to this article. Just a present day worth of $525 million.

  14. lynn says:

    We are 67 F here in Sugar Land in the Great State of Texas. Suppose to be 73 F tomorrow. And then we drop back down in the 50s and 60s next week.

  15. MrAtoz says:

    Baba Streisand (and other ‘turds) is whining on Twitter tRump didn’t attend the Kennedy Center Honors (another celibturd BJ fest).

    James Woods has the response:

    Barbra, you surely are aware that virtually every person in the arts has defiled the name and image of this President with unprecented glee and unspeakable malice. Why on earth WOULD he attend?

  16. Greg Norton says:

    I like tRump for all his faults. I firmly believe he is a very high functioning autistic, with a high IQ, OCD, and a bit of ADD.

    You’ve just described most of the tech workforce in the US.

    The only thing you left out is the tendency towards kinks, ranging from relatively innocuous to the Seattle “Tech Bros” level debauchery. Trump documented his repeatedly on Howard Stern’s show.

  17. lynn says:

    I like tRump for all his faults. I firmly believe he is a very high functioning autistic, with a high IQ, OCD, and a bit of ADD.

    You’ve just described most of the tech workforce in the US.

    Trump self identifies as “white trash”. Just not poor white trash. He grew up in Queens, not Manhattan.

  18. nick flandrey says:

    Could be sloppy story writing or layers and layers of editors, but there are already changes in the narrative in this article about the vegas shootings.

    Timeline changes, who did what when, assertions as fact what can’t be actually known, but at least they admitted to the video and pix… no reason why we can’t see some of it, since the crime is wrapped up and the criminal is dead, right?


  19. Nick Flandrey says:

    If you’ve sent me email, I finally replied 🙂


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