Day: January 31, 2018

Wed. Jan. 31, 2018 – Big moon, SOTU, meh

I did spend a minute or two looking at the full moon last night. After early poor conditions with haze and clouds, the air cleared and the moon looked pretty good. It didn’t seem especially big, or special but was a good bright full moon.

Grabbed the binos early this morning and got a good look before it sank below our trees. Kids looked but were not impressed. Two eclipses in the same year, the end days MUST be here….

Haven’t reviewed any of the SOTU address yet. Might skip it entirely. I usually like primary sources as the press is very selective in what they hear and report. We’ll see.

In a funny coincidence yesterday I was listening to youtube while I was driving. YT recommended a bunch of Jordan Peterson’s online lectures to me (and a ton of clip shows featuring him.) So I listened. He did one on Marxism and post modernism that was very interesting. He does a lot of digression and story telling and is very engaging. Anyway, he was relating some research on morality, and specifically some research involving RATS. Turns out, they play. Young rats like to wrestle and engage in ‘rough and tumble’ play. The researcher drew several conclusions about rat social structure and behaviour, but the most unlikely bit was that RATS LAUGH. He says they ‘giggle’ when tickled with a pencil eraser. He claims it’s ultrasonic, and you have to slow down a recording to hear it, but I think that MY RATS have learned to make an audible sound when laughing. AND THEY LAUGH AT ME. Wife says that just means it’s time to drop a match and walk away [or move to another house.] I must say that I don’t like thinking about giggling rats when I’m introducing them to Mr Shovel….


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