Friday December 29, 2017

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It was 24 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:45.

While I was visiting with Bob yesterday the PT came in. She does a great job spending a good thirty minutes with him. She has him do a wide variety of arm and leg exercises. I took two squeeze balls down last week. She has him reach for those and then toss them alternately with left and right hands back to her. She is also helping him sit up on the side of the bed. He is very weak but she pushes him to do “one more”.
The lung and throat secretion issues are slowly getting better.
I had a question about Colin during Bob’s absence. For the first couple of weeks he would go out to the garage to look for him when I left and came back home. Now, I imagine, he just figures he went some where and will be back sometime.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Bob always says Colin goes nuts while you are away Barbara, I wondered if the same was true for him.

    It sounds great that he’s sitting up, and interacting with people. Having PT there is a major milestone.

    Here’s hoping for a resolution to the other outstanding issues so that he can concentrate on healing….


  2. dkreck says:

    Happy New Year! Last day and there won’t be any real work.

    Not my problem!

  3. nick flandrey says:

    Today’s trip to the supermarket (with 8yo daughter) was a good one. Hadn’t done any real shopping in a while, between the family trip and the holidays. So, big trip.

    As it turns out, meat on sale! and BOGO on pasta.

    Just got done with breaking down and vac packing the steaks and bacon. Still have the pork chops to do, but the freezers are full and I need to rearrange stuff before more goes in.

    Saved $40 to bring the bill to $300. Not quite as good as $86 but still a good forage….


    (I guess saving money on shopping is racist, since I can only afford to buy in bulk, vac pack, and maintain a freezer thru my white privilege….)

  4. lynn says:

    “Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown drama, will offer $29 battery replacements for a year”

    This is the right thing to do.

  5. JimL says:

    Uh – thanks. I think.

    How can it be racist to establish a farmer’s market to address a problem of food deserts in poor communities? What leap of logic takes you from “something to help you” to “something that’s racist”? What?

    It’s not racism. It’s people doing their darnedest to help others. The fact that white people do white people things does nothing to take away from black (or other minority) people. If someone has a better idea for addressing food deserts, let’s see it! Anything goes!

    Never attribute to malice that which is explained by ignorance or incompetence. That certainly applies here.

    Maybe they ought to shut down those markets and let these people fend for themselves. Or would that be a racist move, to take away from the people that need the help?

    Is there any way to win this? Or even not lose?

  6. lynn says:

    “Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered”

    “Does record breaking winter cold cast doubt on climate predictions of milder winters? Could ANY weather or climate shift cast doubt on the dominance of that wicked little trace molecule? Apparently not, according to leading climate explainers.”

    “So what happens if global temperatures take a real plunge for a sustained period? Don’t worry, the explainers have that one covered as well – James Hansen, former NASA GISS Director, published a paper which suggests global warming will trigger a short ice age in the near future (see the graph at the top of the page).”

    Amazing. Oh wait, these “scientists” are dependent upon government grants. Nuff said.

    Hat tip to:

  7. lynn says:

    “Thousands of major sites are taking silent anti-ad-blocking measures”

    War on the electronic frontier.

  8. JimL says:

    I’m reviewing some security requirements my employer will be asked to implement. They are based on government requirements for unclassified information that is controlled.

    I am shocked at the breadth & depth of the requirements. This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  9. nick flandrey says:

    ” This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

    As our little Hollywood company found out when we ventured into the .gov space, there’s a reason for the $500 hammer. 3 extra employees holding 3 ring binders filled with compliance checklists, mandatory diversity hires dragging down productivity, producing all the required paperwork like O&M manuals, supplying custom tool kits for maintenance and repair, HUGE unspoken requirements related to security that you need the right person (with the background knowledge) to get done, and all the myriad other things… really leads to jacking up the price to cover all that crap. Add in delays in payment, 30 year promises of support, audits by people completely un-involved and un-knowledgeable… and only the bigs can really afford to play.

    Be VERY sure you can run with the big dogs. There’s a reason they set their pricing where they did.


  10. ech says:

    When AGW first came up as an idea, it was said that there could be more snow in winter (higher summer temps mean more water vapor in the air) and more, deeper cold snaps in winter (the mean temp goes up with higher standard deviation in daily temps).

    And many people on both sides are conflating weather with climate.

  11. nick flandrey says:

    Yep, record high temps are always evidence for climate warming, and record cold temps are always ‘weather.’..

    If your cause is just, you don’t need to lie.

    They lie with almost every breath, the emails are clear on that.

    They “adjust” and “smooth”, they extrapolate temps for HUGE regions from just a few measurements. They ignore heat islands and changes in local environments, put extreme faith in measurements taken by bored sailors with unknown instruments, and leave large and critical effects and affectors out of their models “because it’s too hard.” See subsea methane storage forex.

    The biggest indicator to me that the whole thing is a scam is that they want to profit from it, while at the same time hobbling their favorite whipping boy, US industry.

    Two things I know for certain. Climate changes. Warmer is better than cooler for humans.


  12. medium wave says:

    Is there any way to win this? Or even not lose?


    (NRO fired Derbyshire because of this article.)

    Added: In case the connection between farmers’ markets and the link above is unclear: Just as blacks may feel “uncomfortable” in the midst of “concentrated whiteness”, whites may in turn justifiably harbor similar feelings among high concentrations of blacks; see especially Derbyshire’s points 10a-i.

  13. SteveF says:

    But Lynn, you didn’t mention thee absolutely best part of the wattsupwiththat article: The climate scientists want to give up the scientific method because it’s not supporting their “theories”.

    I’d argue that the invention of the scientific method is the one thing which led to the dominance of European civilization over the rest of the world. It’s widely unpopular today, of course. Aside from having led to the dominance of European civilization, the scientific method is woefully undemocratic because not everyone is smart enough or honest enough to use it or even to understand it, and that’s not fair.

  14. MrAtoz says:

    (NRO fired Derbyshire because of this article.)


    The climate scientists want to give up the scientific method because it’s not supporting their “theories”.

    Probably started when “The Bell Curve” was published. Blacks is dummer dan Whites. Raciiiissss! End the scientific method. Obviously flawed ’cause Blaaaacks!

  15. nick flandrey says:

    wasn’t gonna add that comment to the hand wringing articles lately about violence in Baltimore and Chicongo. “Oh, what could possibly be the reason these cities have high violence?”


    Substitute “gang” for “gun” every time it precedes “violence” in a written article.

    I’ve spent some time listening to the local district manager for Louis Farrakan and the Nation of Islam, as he has a radio show on a local station in the afternoon here, and I am often driving around at that time. Despite his theological issues, he’s a pretty straight shooter. He doesn’t just throw blame in one direction and he def insists that blacks are the only ones who can solve their issues. What he ignores, although as an educated and intelligent sounding man he must be aware of it, is the large difference in average intelligence, and the HUGE OCEANIC SIZED GAP in educational achievement between blacks and whites and asians.

    He argues that blacks need to get jobs in coding, high skill trades, and very technical fields as he recognizes that those fields have good prospects. What he ignores is that success in those jobs all require a strong work ethic, and high IQ. The vast majority of inner city US blacks do not possess either. Certainly the angry young men he primarily is concerned about do not.

    He’s worth listening to for opfor intel, and he’s got some well thought out positions, that he arrives at from a totally different direction than you or I might. Def stretches the brain.


    added- should have put ‘Fart-in-a-can’ for OFD’s sake.

  16. paul says:

    This looks, um, fun:

    The drizzle on Sunday might add to the fun. I’m good. Plenty of food and beer on hand. 🙂 I bought several bags of fuel for the pellet stove yesterday. The generator started on the second pull last week and I have a full can of gas.

    Add: Today’s “partly cloudy” was true if 5 minutes of sunshine counts. Just dark today with flecks of mist.

  17. lynn says:

    deeper cold snaps in winter (the mean temp goes up with higher standard deviation in daily temps).

    This does not match any thermodynamic model that I know of. Crossing the phase boundary requires extreme amounts of energy to be added to the process or removed from the process. More water vapor in the air will modulate the temperatures. That is why Houston is “cooler” than Dallas in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    The more water vapor in the air, sure. That is just a function of the vapor pressure curve that rises with temperature.

    I maintain that our climate is mostly affected by that enormous fusion reactor at the center of the Solar System. I think that it is a lot more variable than we think it is but, I have no proof of this.

  18. lynn says:

    They “adjust” and “smooth”, they extrapolate temps for HUGE regions from just a few measurements.

    This personally and professionally offends me. I was a field test engineer for several years and we never compared “smoothed” numbers. We always compared actual to actual numbers. If I had compared “smoothed” numbers in my reports, I would have been fired. And by the end of my eight year tenure there, I was working with system wide data predicting and optimizing our annual system fuel bill of over two billion dollars.

  19. paul says:

    My position is that I’ll start to worry about global warming when Greenland is actually raising wine grapes. Meanwhile, it’s all a scam to take our money.

    That they “adjust and smooth” the numbers to try to show “we all gonna diieee!!” confirms the scam.

  20. SteveF says:

    I’ll believe that Global Warming is REAAALLL and we’re all gonna diiiieeeee when the people in power and who are collecting Global Warming money act like it’s real. That means the US EPA will buy tiny, energy-efficient, “zero emissions” cars for their fleet rather than the biggest SUVs on the market. (For city driving, that is; they might have a need for big-ass SUVs for off-road driving. But the thousands of big-ass SUVs they bought a few years ago were for their around-town needs.) And Algor won’t be doing a million miles a year in a private jet nor heating and lighting a 20,000 sq ft house.

    Until then, it’s a lie and a scam.

    Oh, and the climate scientists need to release their models and computer programs and raw data for public scrutiny. Until then, they’re no scientists, they’re flim-flam artists.

  21. lynn says:

    This looks, um, fun:

    Yup, gonna suck for you. I hope that your water well tank has a house. Or at least some insulation when that north wind is sucking the heat out of everything.

    Our forecast never made it down to the outlying models prediction of 17 F for Monday night. But we are predicted going down to 25 F for a couple of nights which is bearable around these parts.

  22. MrAtoz says:

    added- should have put ‘Fart-in-a-can’ for OFD’s sake.

    He stole that from me!

  23. paul says:

    I’m good. Pipes are wrapped. The water softener is in the pump-house. Uh, because it was the easiest place to plumb it into the system.

    I have the softener in a “mini-room” made with scraps of Celotex and some other brand of foam board insulation… and a 75w lightbulb for heat. 4ft high by 3 or 4 feet on the two sides and with a lid. I really need to insulate the building just for the worry of frozen pipes. Not that they have ever frozen on me…. then again, the heat tape on the pipes quit working last winter.

    I do have fresh glue and plenty of PVC fittings. 🙂

  24. SteveF says:

    He stole that from me!

    And you stole it from Oscar Wilde,
    who stole it from me!

  25. paul says:

    Ok, crazy dog story.

    Missy is big black dog over pit. Looks like a Lab. 105 pounds. Her favorite place to sleep? In my Lazy Boy. Penny is 50 pounds of a whatever gonna be a guard dog pit thing. Her fav place is on the sofa…. curled into a tiny ball.

    I have the pellet stove running tonight. It blows the heat down. Which makes sense but isn’t great for warming yer butt after being outside. The dogs are sprawled on the carpet about eight feet in front of the stove. They never sleep there.

  26. lynn says:

    Is the pellet stove cheaper to run than a propane heater with a several hundred gallon propane tank ?

  27. Greg Norton says:

    Is the pellet stove cheaper than a several hundred gallon propane tank ?

    Where we lived in WA State, the cost didn’t matter. New installations of any wood-burning heat sources were verboten for some obscure (probably insane) reason. As they say, YMMV, especially in CA, WA, OR, IL, NY … just about every blue state.

    And before you tell me that it wouldn’t happen here in Texas, some of the puckered sphincters in Austin have gone after local BBQ places where they think they can get away with it.

    Well, except for Franklin’s. Obama ate there.

  28. paul says:

    I don’t know. I don’t have propane. Pellets are about $5 for a 40 pound bag.

    Getting propane is on the to-do list simply for heating water and a cook-top that will work if the electricity goes out.

    edit: Yeah, I’d have to have the generator running to pump water for a hot shower.

    Compared to the Earth Stove we had, the pellet stove is, well, different. The pellet stove is pretty much on and off. It draws air from outside. The Earth Stove was great. Esp before we replaced the drafty old windows. Every August I’d go to Lampasas and buy a couple of cords of firewood. Then get to stack it. That’s about $220 for a winter’s worth of heat. Now I have to haul wood in, scoop out ashes, haul the ashes off to the hinterlands, and smell the smoke. Never mind the burns on my arms.

    I miss the entire process. But that on and off thing with the pellet stove is really nice as long as the a/c is on.

  29. Miles_Teg says:

    Jerry Coyne is always pushing the AGW line but that doesn’t stop him jetting around the world. He’s been to New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, India and I think a few other places this year. I don’t object to all the carbon he’s causing to be spewed into the atmosphere, but he seems a bit hypocritical.

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