Day: December 6, 2017

Dec 6, Wed, Nick posting–

In the absence of our host, I will open the day.

Continued best wishes to Barbara and Bob. There was a setback but hopefully we will see continued improvement from here. Clearly it will be a longer road than we all hoped.

We remain steadfast supporters, for what that is worth. Know that you are not alone….

It as 29 degrees and windy at 6am when Al took Colin out.

I called the hospital at 6am this morning to check on Bob. There was slight movement on his right side but his blood count had dropped. Frances and I went to the hospital around 9:15. They had given him blood. He responded to pain when the nurse pricked his finger. When I went in and called his name he did open his eyes very briefly. I am back in Sparta and hopefully, if all goes well the rest of today and tonight will stay and Al can go back home.

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