Saturday December 16, 2017

It was 23 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 7:45.

With Bob in regular ICU now the nurses have more patients and are very busy making it harder to get a phone update. I finally talked with a nurse late yesterday afternoon. Everything is pretty much the same.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Good morning Barbara, hang in there, there’s a long road ahead, but you guys will make it.


  2. Al Carnali says:

    Greetings to all and continued thoughts go out to all with health problems and the ones caring for them.

    Cold morning in Massachusetts. 18 degrees when I woke up but now it’s up to a blistering 29. Not a big fan of winter.

  3. DadCooks says:

    Good morning Barbara.

    Don’t let the ICU Nurses ignore you. They are probably working 12-hour shifts but that is no excuse for them not keeping you informed. As I have mentioned before, around here family members have 24/7 access to ICU patients. Only if something is “happening” are family members asked to leave or wait. BTW, good chocolate can usually grease the skids with ICU nurses (well all nurses for that matter). A floral arrangement can also help.

    Prayers and best wishes continue for Bob, Barbara, and OFD.

  4. Greg Norton says:

    BTW, good chocolate can usually grease the skids with ICU nurses (well all nurses for that matter). A floral arrangement can also help.

    Starbucks gift cards next weekend for the nurses on duty, especially if the company has a store in or near the hospital.

  5. JimL says:

    Whiskey. Bourbon. Scotch. ICU nurses need to relax at the end of the shift, too.

  6. lynn says:

    I have just eaten several of the most wonderful Christmas cookie at a party. Two Ritz crackers with creamy peanut butter between them. And then totally submerged in chocolate to about a 1/4 inch thick and dried on a cookie sheet. Awesome !

  7. lynn says:

    I mailed a get well soon card to OFD today. Hopefully, he will get well soon. It had kittens on it so I am fairly sure that he will like that.

  8. medium wave says:

    I’ll see your kittens and raise you a puppy!

    We’ll keep sending him sicky-sweet sentiments to the point that he’ll be forced to recover just to make us stop! 😀

  9. paul says:

    This looks interesting:

    They are in Austin.

    It’s a free firewall based on FreeBSD. You don’t need a long beard like a UNIX Guru to use it, it has a web interface. You can use a spare PC with a couple of NICs or even buy their “cheap box” for $150 and it’s ready to go.

    I’ll confess to being stupid right now to get /that/ out of the way. Is this going to be better than using a D-Link router? I suspect it will be better. Can I run a host file filter on it? No clue.

    I bought a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite a couple of years ago. $100 from Amazon, I’m lost in *nix land but you can install Easylist (I think it was) on it and filter the ads from everything on your LAN at the router. Seemed simpler than installing AdBlock Plus on every PC or messing with every PC’s HOST file…. and well, on my phone and the Kindles, you can’t touch that.

    I had it up and running as a plain router for a few weeks and it seemed faster than my old router. Then BOOM! a nearby thunderstorm zapped it. Or not, nothing else was zapped. Past Amazon’s return period, anyway.

  10. paul says:

    We’ll keep sending him sicky-sweet sentiments to the point that he’ll be forced to recover just to make us stop!

    This is an Evil Plan I can support.

  11. nick flandrey says:

    I sent him a Christmas card with get well wishes…. no kitty pix tho.

    Had Amish buffet for dinner, and Christmas cookies. Mini pecan pies, only about an inch and a quarter across. My favorite once the goo soaks into the crust.

    I can’t log in to the admin side of here. My password is not what I thought and the reset password doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve used the lost pass function but nothing ever shows up in my inbox. Hope my mad admin skilz are not required. Does wordpress have some weird password character requirement?

    Quite warm felling and actually hot in the sun today. Kids swam but not me. I’m headed for an early bed. Got a sore throat and headache, and am very sleepy with food.

    I have a stub scheduled for tomorrow, but had one for today too. Barbara must have edited it into a real post. Hurrrah!


  12. Ed says:

    @lynn: Kittens? He’s more a Princess kind of guy I understand…

  13. nick flandrey says:

    @paul, for what it’s worth, Ubiquiti has been VERY good about replacing stuff under warranty that got zapped. If the online guidance for recovery doesn’t work, file for replacement.

    It takes a month or two, but then one shows up.


  14. SteveF says:

    We could send OFD cards with Nanci Pelosi lingerie pictures on the fronts. That would get him up and moving. Moving in our direction with his strangling gloves on, but that counts as moving.

  15. paul says:

    Can we upload said cards to your printer? I’m kind of fond of my printer…. I’d hate to burn it up printing pictures of her or worse, –> Her.

  16. Miles_Teg says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand lives near him, perhaps she could pop over and give him some therapy.

  17. SteveF says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand is attractive only by political standards. She’s also a flake, a liar, and a grievance whore.

  18. Jenny says:

    Email me if you’d like a password reset
    Jenny at my url

    I can also initiate the daily post. I’d refrained because I’m so many hours west of everyone else.

    Barbara received my greeting card and gas card. Local post office sells a gas card good at any station that functions as a Visa debit. Cool idea.

    Weekend of Christmas concerts for our 5 year old. Last night was her school program. She’s at a conservative Lutheran school and the kids effectively conducted a church service with hand chimes, singing, and recitations. Kindergarten through 8th grade. Gorgeously performed.

    Today was piano recital. Some very hard working students with skilled and hardworking kids. Regrettably my daughter takes singing with more dedication than piano. Her last measure of Jingle Bells hurt. A lot.

    Tomorrow is the children music recital at our ‘we aren’t exactly baptists’ church we attend to offset the hellfire and damnation that sometimes peeks out at school.

    A lot for a child to do. I’m proud of her.

  19. Jenny says:

    And as a side note. A nice gentleman complimented my eyes at the concert last night. It was a lovely thing. Oddly enough I didn’t consider it sexual assault or anything other than a friendly compliment.

    Some people are too damn sensitive.

  20. Rick Hellewell says:

    @nick – I reset your password, although the forgot password thingy should work. Check your email.

  21. lynn says:

    “The sun is blank, NASA data shows it to be dimming”

    “The rise and fall of the sun’s luminosity is a natural part of the solar cycle. A change of 0.1% may not sound like much, but the sun deposits a lot of energy on the Earth, approximately 1,361 watts per square meter. Summed over the globe, a 0.1% variation in this quantity exceeds all of our planet’s other energy sources (such as natural radioactivity in Earth’s core) combined. A 2013 report issued by the National Research Council (NRC), “The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate,” spells out some of the ways the cyclic change in TSI can affect the chemistry of Earth’s upper atmosphere and possibly alter regional weather patterns, especially in the Pacific.”

    Uh oh, most scifi predicts this to happen way, way, way in the future. Mostly Vinge and Simak.

    Do we have a good measure of the Sun’s diameter to see if it is expanding ?

    Hat tip to:

  22. SteveF says:

    Oddly enough I didn’t consider it sexual assault or anything other than a friendly compliment.

    Not to worry. You have at least 38 years to change your mind about that.

  23. Nick Flandrey says:

    Thanks RickH for the assist. I’m back in. And that folks is why we aren’t sole proprietors…..

    I’ll set up a couple more daily stubs later today so Barbara doesn’t have to worry about posting if she’s busy.

    Thanks Jenny too!

    now I’m off to see big cats in a park. One of the kids is a freak for cheetahs so hope there is at least one….


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