Saturday December 2, 2017

It was 43 degrees, cloudy, and calm when I had Colin out at 7:45.

I did not go down to see Bob yesterday but I did talk with his nurse. She said he had been talking to them most of the morning and he was asking for me. She let me talk to him briefly on the phone. I told him I was taking the day off and ask him how he was feeling. He answered that it was okay I did not come down and said he was feeling okay.

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  1. Al Carnali says:

    Great news that he’s finally responsive. Things should improve quickly now, but I’ll bet he’s going to be pretty cranky stuck in the hospital. Wishing you well Barbara, Bob’s the sick one but it hasn’t been a walk in the park for you either.

  2. SteveF says:

    You know what would make Barbara’s life better? Kitty pictures. Lots of pictures of cute kitties doing cute things. And thus we make another convert to the One True Purpose of the Internet.

  3. dkreck says:

    Sounds like positive news and the real improvements will start coming rapidly as they get Bob up and moving around. Medical science doesn’t know it all but what they do nowadays is nothing short of miraculous, especially with cardiac care. Hang in there he’ll most likely be home soon.
    Now we’re overdue for an update from OFD.

  4. nick flandrey says:

    That’s great news Barbara! Really great.

    Here’s hoping for more…


  5. DadCooks says:

    Great news about Bob.

    Best wishes, hope, and prayers for all.

  6. nick flandrey says:

    My day started at 5:15 with back pain waking me up.

    Yup, kidney stone. Took some painkillers and went back to bed. Now I’m up, but under the effects of the suppressed pain, and the drugs. Diaphoretic and weak with dizziness when standing. I’ll be NFG until this thing passes.

    Naturally, I’m home alone with the kids today, and have a metric cr@p-ton of stuff I was supposed to be doing.

    Did the annual FFA Santa pictures and livestock show last night. (only kidding a bit, since there isn’t any judging). Pix with the old guy, lots of chicks, bunnies, pigs, and even some cattle were petted. It’s a nice night where the FFA kids (who do their classes and husbandry during their normal school day) get to show off. All of the local community is invited to see the livestock and go on a hayride, etc. The Culinary Arts students provided Frito Pie, Nachos, and a variety of sweets. Lot’s of well adjusted, hard working kids there.

    Our city councilwoman even stopped by (she lives in our neighborhood). I saw lots of parents from our pool, and our school. MEATSPACE.

    Increased police presence from last year including 2 mounted officers, which was both reassuring and disconcerting at the same time.

    On a completely different topic, in the ‘day in the life of a Nick’ vein, I wanted to share.

    People ask, what do you sell? Where do you find the good stuff? Well, I generally sell whatever I think I can make money on. And I find it at thrift stores, pawn shops, yard sales, estate sales, and places like that. But Nick! all I ever see there is broken tools and baby clothes. Well, you have to look. Get out of the car and LOOK. Get in the store and look. In the last few days I’ve been in a dozen of my favorite and not favorite stores, and 3 estate sales. And I basically left empty handed. They just didn’t have anything for me. The point is that you have to LOOK because you never know what you will find.

    A week or 2 ago I stopped at Habitat for Humanity’s reStore shop. I look there every time I’m in the area. This time, I found a Motorola UHF repeater complete with duplexer, in the ham frequencies. That is a VERY strange thing to find anywhere, but at Habitat??? WTF? And it was marked $20. So I bought it. They sell on ebay for 1200-1700USD. Checking it over I found a couple loose wires, fixed them, and then it fired right up. Sold it yesterday for $1300.

    You never know what you will find, but you have to LOOK. Recognizing it, a quick phone ebay search, basic troubleshooting skills, and viola! nice quick payday.

    There is money everywhere, if you know what to look for…


    (my other sales for the week were some more of the big-pile-o-ham-gear from craigslist, and housewares from Goodwill, quite a mixed bag.)

  7. nick flandrey says:

    ” the One True Purpose of the Internet.”

    I thought it was pron?

    Of course Ceiling Cat (pbuk) would tell you it was kitten pictures, but …


  8. Al Carnali says:

    Bummer Nick. What’s up with people on this board. It seems like all of a sudden every one has health issues. Must be the government using the Halliburton illness machine on members of the group.

  9. dkreck says:

    We’re all getting old.

  10. SteveF says:

    My day started at 0300, when That Little Bastard Who Is Probably The Mailman’s Kid woke me up. Don’t think she was even awake, she just came staggering in. And I don’t go back to sleep once awakened. I took care of a whole pile of chores earlier, but I’ve started to make a lot of stupid and potentially dangerous mistakes despite the coffee, so I think I’ll just spend the rest of the day looking at pictures of cute kitties doing cute things.

  11. SteveF says:

    It seems like all of a sudden every one has health issues.

    Everyone except me, maybe. I have plenty of accumulated damage, but it’s all from decades past and it’s not getting worse. (And I’m still on the thin side, which pisses off everyone else in the family, as they aren’t.)

  12. DadCooks says:

    @nick, I suspect you enjoy what you are doing. The thrill of the hunt and the joy of finding a treasure. As with all hunts it takes perseverance. You have the ability to accept delayed gratification.

    These are all traits that we should all apply to our lives and work. Too bad the paradigm today is quick pleasure, that does not last.

  13. brad says:

    I see Switzerland finally has a new ambassador from the US. A political operative of the President, of course, and of course he speaks none of the local languages. That said, he at least has some ties to the country, and some actual qualifications for the post. Unlike Obama’s pick, whose only qualification was that she had raised a lot of money for his campaign.

    One odd thing, though: The guy most recently worked for a public affairs agency (and that’s even where Wikipedia points, if you want to see his resumé). However, the entire website of that agency no longer exists, or has been destroyed, or something.

  14. nick flandrey says:


  15. nick flandrey says:


    I do enjoy it, although the treasure hunt aspect isn’t the strongest for me. I like getting stuff from obscurity to someone who needs or wants it. I like saving stuff from the scrap heap. I like fixing stuff and returning unused stuff to service. I’m no greenie, but I like keeping the stuff working rather than in a landfill.

    I really like that it puts me out there looking for stuff that I personally can use or use for my family. I like being able to “live better for less.” I’ve always liked nice things (defined as well built, well designed, well refined) which usually means expensive, but I’ve never liked paying for them 🙂

    I’ve built up my radio shack (as hams call it) for pennies on the dollar. Long before that, it was my personal tools, then my metal- and woodworking shops. I’ve upgraded our kitchen, and our cookware to the point where the tools are better than I am. I’ve got genuine solid teak furniture on the porch and patio that should last for 40 years with a bit of care.

    Now I’m building out my own personal makerspace. I’ve got sewing machines, a serger, and an embroidery machine; a complete metal and woodworking shop including desktop CNC in lathes and mills (student trainers); an SLS 3d printer; a well equipped electronics repair desk; a vinyl cutter for signs/banners/circuit boards; tools for watch and clock repair; a whole bunch of stuff. I want to be able to make or repair at least a small version of pretty much anything…. I sold a desktop injection molding machine (student trainer) but I’m looking for another, and I haven’t set up for foam cutting or vacu-forming (although I have most of what I need to build the machines.) Almost all of the above was bought surplus, or second hand (or n hand).

    If I was into biology or chemistry, I’d be able to build out a pretty decent lab, all the way up to DNA stuff, gas and liquid chromatography, imaging, culturing, synthesizing, etc. As it is, I’ve got some pretty nice microscopy stuff and a bunch of random chemistry gear. Bio stuff scares me a bit, so I’m probably not going there. Ceramics and glass never interested me, so I’m way light on that, although I’ve got a broken-down kiln and all the accessories.

    I don’t have a good space for blacksmithing so I’ve put collecting that gear on a back burner. It’s in high demand and generally brings prices much higher than I’m willing to pay. Anvils, vises, and forges are crazy high….

    I will note that some of the above (well a lot of it) needs some kind of work to be fully running. Some works fine for the job but could use alignment/guards/spare parts or accessories, some isn’t running but could be with small effort, some just needs the repairs made (with all the parts here, just waiting for time.) It’s rare that you get a complete, pristine machine. There is usually a reason it went for sale, although often the reason is “we bought a newer machine”.

    So while the ‘hunt’ isn’t my biggest internal motivator, there is a LOT of satisfaction when you do get that great score, whether to keep for yourself or to sell on at a NICE profit.


    (and as insight to my mind, I almost kept the repeater for myself, just because I’ll NEVER get a deal like that again, even though I don’t have any need for a repeater!)

  16. paul says:

    I have a vacuum former. Made by Matell. I got it for Christmas waaay back in 1965 or ’66. It still works. Well, it did 10 years ago as far as getting hot and pulling a vacuum when I pump the handle.

    I still have my Matell Powershop. I learned a lot with it. Kind of sad that it’s not worth the postage to sell on eBay.

  17. nick flandrey says:

    Well, actually I’ve got 2 of the Mattel vac formers, and parts of the power shop. The vac formers are worth selling, last time I looked. I’ve got all the plastic sheets and the forms too.


    (didn’t remember those)

  18. lynn says:

    OK, this has got to be the wildest thing that I have seen in a while. Visits to my website over the last month:

    no. reqs pages OS
    1 59060 41364 OS unknown
    2 11562 10547 Known robots
    3 65116 6206 Windows
    27833 3129 Windows 7
    24273 2115 Windows NT
    1915 323 Windows XP
    9293 313 Unknown Windows
    632 149 Windows 8
    869 108 Windows Vista
    152 49 Windows Server 2003
    20 18 Windows 2000
    128 1 Windows 98
    1 1 Windows 3.1
    4 16561 2844 Unix
    16067 2448 Linux
    492 394 Other Unix
    2 2 OpenBSD
    5 8284 1485 Macintosh

    Somebody is still running Windows 3.1 ? Are you kidding me ?

    And yes, I note that the list is missing Windows 10. Looks like my web traffic analysis tool needs to be updated.

  19. nick flandrey says:

    Prepper fail!

    and some good notes for preppers:

    He was digging hideouts for 50 years. And his apocalypse never came. That’s why I insist that my preps not be irreversible, and not interfere with daily life.

    One forest fire and 50 years of prepping was GONE. Sometimes your bug out is NOT gonna be usable.

    They tracked him by some stuff that was left behind in one of the hides. DON”T DO THAT!

    They might get him on the federal charge of making destructive devices if the reporting on the attempt to modify the grenades is true. You do not need to risk federal prison with automatic weapons and explosive devices while ROL exists. Even if it all goes free fire zone, better be sure ROL isn’t coming back and you really are living the apocalypse.

    Don’t put your eggs in one basket.


  20. Miles_Teg says:

    I still have W98 installed on a very old machine. Haven’t booted it for years. No way would I connect it to the Internet.

  21. Miles_Teg says:

    The Mormons had a *serious* bunker out there somewhere. Well above the water table, hardened against nuclear blasts (unless the warhead landed right on top) and chock full of CDC Cybers (may peace and blessings be upon them) running NOS/VE (ditto) and IM/DM (ditto) database for their family and baptism-for-the dead records. I would have loved an extended guided tour.

  22. Ray Thompson says:

    I would have loved an extended guided tour

    I think you would have had to converted to Mormonism, been baptized in the church, made all your studies and teachers to get your temple permit, made several visits through the temple wearing funny green robes, given 10% of everything you owned, never been divorced, never said a four letter word, stockpiled your own one year supply of food, and probably danced the hokey pokey once or twice.

  23. Dave says:

    I still have W98 installed on a very old machine. Haven’t booted it for years. No way would I connect it to the Internet.

    That is far more dated than my oldest machine. I have a Windows XP machine which I have used two or three times. I have or had one client whose software would not run on anything newer. Sometime next year I’ll wipe the machine when I get around to it.

  24. nick flandrey says:

    I have a winXP machine to run my vinyl cutter. That’s the newest os the drivers support. I have a winME lappy on the desk with the arduino IDE installed on it, but it hasn’t been powered on in more than a year. I shut off my win98 tower last year or the year before.

    I’ve still got a pile of panasonic toughbooks that need XP, or AndyLinux- the ham focused distro.

    My wife maintains an x286 lappy with real DOS for talking to certain building management systems, nothing else works as there must be some bit-bashing hardware and clock dependent things going on.

    LOTS of radio guys keep old lappys with DOS for running Motorola radio programming tools. They are very picky about hardware and DOS version. If you think you want to use public service radios as a ham, Kenwood makes solid radios and their programming software is straightforward and available. The Moto guys are VERY cage-y with theirs.

    Lots of older hardware still runs well with lightweight versions of linux but apps are another story. Even I’m coming around to new hardware, and I’m the king of old shite…


  25. nick flandrey says:

    My Costco digital flyer is featuring a $16.500.00 diamond necklace and a $16k private jet fractional ownership program. Meanwhile, Wal*Mart has a card on the shelf urging people to put a TOASTER on layaway for Christmas.

    Talk about a polarized economy.


    (btw, if you have to put a toaster on layaway, you really need to reconsider your life choices.)

  26. MrAtoz says:

    I read the “National Concealed Carry” proposal is moving forward. What a chance to return the true meaning of freedom in the FUSA. The Redumblicans could get this passed and tRump would surely sign it. Then that libturd Federal Judge would put an injuction on it for any ridiculous claim against it. The a true check on SCOTUS. Would they rule it Constitutional. Cross your fingers is the best I would give it.

  27. SteveF says:

    Overreaching judges should be killed. Not shot — that would just give ammunition, so to speak, to the hoplophobic retards and the statist pieces of shit. No, the judges should be beaten to death with golf clubs. Golf is a stupid “sport”, and calls to ban golf clubs won’t do any harm to anything that matters.

  28. nick flandrey says:

    Marriage licenses, drivers licenses, medical licenses (w/ additional testing), etc are all recognized by every state… no reason I can see to legally NOT recognize the CHL or LTC.


    ‘course that doesn’t mean they don’t do it anyway.

  29. nick flandrey says:

    @OFD, time for your health and welfare checkin…….


  30. nick flandrey says:

    Speaking of which, by noon-ish yesterday my kidney stone symptoms had abated, leaving me feeling beaten with sticks and ache-y. I was feeling the after effects of the painkillers most of the day and wasn’t really up for anything more than sitting in my office.

    Today I felt fine, but the kidney ache has started back up. Feels like a backache with some nausea. I guess I didn’t actually pass it during my drug mediated phase like I’d hoped. Or I’ve got another on the loose.


    69F patchy overcast, and misty almost drizzle at the moment. Still got lots I should be doing this weekend, what’s left of it. I’m gonna try to forego the drugs for a while and see if I can get anything done.


  31. nick flandrey says:

    Well, that didn’t last long. I guess this day is gonna be a goner too.


  32. MrAtoz says:

    From the you have to be  kidding department:

    High court affirms mom’s conviction for swearing at son, without deciding First Amendment issue

    Swear at your kid and go to jail.

  33. Ray Thompson says:

    Well, that didn’t last long. I guess this day is gonna be a goner too.

    Have you considered Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy to get rid of the stones? Smashes them into small pieces that pass much easier and generally without any discomfort or you even noticing. Spousal unit had it done about a month ago, going back again because they missed one stone. Why the hell do I have to pay again because they missed the first time is beyond me when I already paid once.

  34. nick flandrey says:

    Yep, it was recommended, just haven’t had time to make an appt.

    Second half of the vicodin just did the trick. Took the edge off the pain, but the side effects just hit too. kinda hard to type…

    Think I’ll have a lie down…


  35. Miles_Teg says:

    My kidney stone/s were an amalgam of several types. They have me on Allopurinol (500mg per day) to break up the stones and get them passed. Not nice but it fixed the problem without surgery.

  36. RickH says:

    @Miles_Teg: perhaps you were thinking about the vaults built into solid granite up Big Cottonwood canyon (east of SLC), where we stored genealogical microfilm (birth/death/marriage/census records from around the world). They had tours in the late 60’s, recall going there. Think that they stopped the tours in the 70’s.

    New records constantly being added. Members can volunteer for a ‘mission’ that involves taking pictures of old records. (Not all missionaries are the young men/women proselyting; there are many ‘service’ missionaries.)

    Now, all the microfilm is being digitized (via a well-automated process), and ‘indexed’ by volunteers who transcribe the old records into computers via a very easy to use web-based process. Makes it much easier to search.

    And, you don’t have to be an LDS member to search those records. Anyone can search those records via the web site.

  37. Miles_Teg says:

    I would have read/heard about the vaults in the late 80s, after NOS/VE came out but before CDC went out of business.

    We (the Australian Taxation Office) were a CDC Cyber (may peace and blessings be upon them) shop running an old OS called NOS/BE (ditto). Management wouldn’t allow us to upgrade to NOS/VE – they were hell bent on moving to MVS running on IBM compatible shit. I loved my job then and hated our upper management.

  38. SteveF says:

    I loved my job then and hated our upper management.

    Not an unusual attitude.

  39. Miles_Teg says:

    One of the pro-IBM bosses was nicknamed TDI (“Tall, Dark and Ignorant.”) His major claim to fame was having played a round of golf with Bill Gates. (We bought around 20,000 seats of various MicroSlop products.)

    A colleague saw him at the bus stop, from across the road. In the gutter, where TDI couldn’t see it, there was an enormous rat. The colleague pointed in TDI’s direction and said “There’s a great big rat there.”

    Not a career enhancing move… 🙂

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