Tuesday, 24 October 2017

09:59 – It was 44.5F (7C) when I took Colin out at 0645, breezy and damp. We ended up getting 4.3″ (10.9 cm) of rain. Barbara called about 1730 yesterday to tell me that Alleghany County was under a tornado warning (not watch). That’s extraordinarily unusual up here. The county gets probably one F1 tornado every 20 or 30 years.

I had a follow-up doctor appointment yesterday afternoon. Dr. Ambler listened to my chest as I took deep breaths and said I sounded much better than I had. All my vitals were fine: BP 130/70, pulse-ox 97, and so on. I told him I was concerned not just about the insomnia but because I just wasn’t able to eat or drink normally. I was worried that I was getting dehydrated, so he did a skin pinch test and said I wasn’t even slightly dehydrated.

Colin has been driving me nuts, just walking around whining. But usually he’ll settle at bedtime. Not last night. I took him out for the last time around 2200, and went back to bed. For the next four hours, he wandered around the house, whining. I finally got up at about 0200 and took him outside, where I stood on the porch until he finally did a 5-second pee. When we got back inside, he settled for 10 or 15 minutes, and then started whining again. At about 0300, I finally gave up, got dressed, and took him outside again. We were out there for 15 minutes, while he did two complete circuits of the property line, sniffing all the way. He was out of my sight long enough that he may actually have done what he was supposedly out there to do. He finally came trotting up toward the front porch and we went into the house. He didn’t whine the rest of the night, or if he did I was too unconscious to hear him.