Wednesday, 11 October 2017

08:13 – It was 66.4F (19C) when I took Colin out at 0630, dark and overcast. Barbara is going to the gym this morning and then driving down to Winston this afternoon to have dinner with a friend and then return home this evening.

The guy I mentioned yesterday said he hopes I’m right but fears that there will be widespread violence extending outside the central cities. He lives in the suburbs of a medium-size city that’s had BLM protests before and fears this antifa-initiated thing could be much worse. They have a vacation cabin an hour from town, and he and his wife decided to head up there Friday afternoon and spend the weekend. If nothing much comes of the protests they’ll head back home Monday morning after a relaxing weekend. Otherwise, they’ll stay at the cabin until things calm down. Which sounds to me like a good plan.

I watched a video yesterday about canning sausage. Nothing special there, except the price of the sausage. In 2014, she’d paid $2/pound for pork sausage at Walmart. It’s now $3.60/pound, an 80% increase. I’d noticed similar increases over the last two or three years on LTS food items I’d bought. Not just at Walmart, but at Costco, Sam’s, Amazon, and so on. Not on everything–in fact, some items are actually cheaper now–but on balance prices have gone up noticeably, and continue to do so.