Monday, 23 October 2017

10:22 – It was 57.2F (14C) when I took Colin out at 0645, with strong gusty winds and rain pouring down.

I took the last of the antibiotics 12 hours ago. No bouce-back so far, so they may have eliminated the infection. I’m still not eating much and, more worrisome, still not drinking much. Yesterday, I drank a total of about one liter. Normally, I drink three or four liters without even thinking about it. So today I’m forcing it. I’ve drunk half a liter of hot tea so far, and have a second half-liter sitting on my desk now. I’m going to try to drink at least two liters today, and three would be better.

Interesting email overnight from a long-time reader who’s a serious prepper. He and his wife are about the same stage Barbara and I are: steady-state prepping. Adding stuff to replace consumption, and perhaps a bit more to extend the amount of time they’re good for and to have extra stuff for friends and neighbors.

They made a big Costco run Saturday, and spent yesterday repackaging stuff in foil-laminate Mylar bags. They added 400 pounds of bulk staples, 24 liters of oil, a dozen or so cases of canned meats and vegetables, and various miscellany. Call it another full person-year of food.

As they sat there filling bags with oats or whatever, he found himself actually hoping that the shit WOULD hit the fan sometime soon, that the big cities would burn to the ground, incinerating the piles of bodies of progs and SJW’s and BLM’ers. And politicians.

Of course, he realized that those piles of bodies wouldn’t be made up exclusively of miserable excuses for human beings. There’d be a lot of collateral damage, including plenty of Normals and other innocents who just want to lead their lives.

He doesn’t want to see friends and allies die, or even neutrals. Just the scumbag lefties. But, as I pointed out, the only way to that end is for Normals to engage in retail destruction before TSHTF. Wholesale destruction isn’t selective.