Thursday, 19 October 2017

09:14 – It was 37.6F (3C) when I took Colin out at 0630, clear and breezy.

Barbara is starting to get stuff ready for her trip to upstate New York. She’s leaving tomorrow afternoon and returning Sunday a week following. It’s ridiculous, but since she’ll be driving through or staying in more than one anti-gub state, she can’t even stick a pistol in her glove box.

It’ll be work as usual for me while she’s gone.

10:43 – Barbara pulled out the cameras she’s taking with her. I’ve used Pentax SLR’s since 1970, so when we bought our first DSLR it was a Pentax. Her oldest one now takes AA cells. I’d stored it with none in it. When I installed four fresh Costco Kirkland AA alkalines, the camera didn’t even recognize that it had power. So I pulled those and stuck in four Panasonic Eneloops straight from the blister pack. The camera fired right up.

I still had that two-pack of Anker LC-40 flashlights unopened, so I installed three Eneloop AAA cells in each of those and handed them to Barbara. One goes in her purse and the other her suitcase. She gave me back the cheapie Chinese single-AA light she’d had in her purse.

While I was thinking about it, I asked her where the Fenix E01 keychain flashlight was. I’d bought that for her back in November 2014. She said it hadn’t lasted long, and had basically exploded into a bunch of small components. So much for the supposed better build quality of brand-name flashlights.

I’m standardizing on these Anker LC-40s, and also on Eneloop cells. I’ll use up the remaining Kirkland alkalines in things like $3 flashlights, remote controls, and so on, but I don’t plan to buy any more alkalines, ever. The LSD Eneloops actually don’t cost that much more than alkalines, maybe 5 or 10 times as much depending on size. Given that the Eneloops are rated for 2,100 recharges, they don’t take long to pay for themselves.