Friday, 20 October 2017

09:26 – It was 45.1F (7C) when I took Colin out at 0645, partly cloudy and breezy.

Barbara leaves about 1400 today. She’s cleaning house this morning since she’ll be gone for 10 days and knows I won’t do much (any) cleaning while she’s gone. Then she has last-minute packing to do before she heads out.

The antibiotics seem to be working, albeit more gradually than I expected. In the past, a suitable antibiotic has generally stopped the infection symptoms dead in one day, perhaps two. This time, I saw some benefit after 24 hours in terms of decreased symptom severity and frequency, but it’s been more a gradual tapering off over the last four days than what I expected. I take the last azithromycin tablet at 1500 today. I have sufficient of the cefpodoxime for two doses per day through the weekend. If the symptoms come roaring back on Sunday evening, I may start myself on doxycycline or possibly Augmentin.