Tuesday, 15 August 2017

08:44 – It was 68.0F (20C) when I took Colin out at 0650, overcast and calm. We had another 0.6″ of rain overnight, which takes us to about 4.4″ (11 cm) over the last three days. Things are damp. More work on science kits this morning. Barbara is volunteering at the Friends bookstore this afternoon. She’s also making a quick run down to Winston tomorrow, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon. She’ll make a Home Depot run while she’s down there to pick up a few items, including another platform ladder to use downstairs and a gallon of VM&P naphtha, which is excellent fuel for Zippo lighters.

Amongst other things, we got 50 pounds each of sugar and rice repackaged yesterday. We repackaged the sugar into 14 of those 1.75-liter Tropicana orange juice bottles, at just a fraction over 3.5 pounds per bottle. The rice went into a dozen 2-liter soft drink bottles, at 4 pounds per bottle. The little bit remaining in the large bag went into our kitchen storage. We could have repackaged the sugar in 2-liter soft drink bottles. Like rice, sugar is free flowing, so the smaller mouth of the bottle isn’t a problem. But the 2-liter bottles don’t fit well on our kitchen shelves, which is where we keep at least 50 pounds of sugar at all times.

We still have a 50-pound bag of white flour to repackage, which is a pain in the ass because it’s so fluffy. That’ll go into 1-gallon Costco water bottles, at about 7 pounds per bottle.

Barbara was texting back and forth with her friend JoAnne yesterday. They’ve decided to get a Border Collie puppy. Barbara warned her that adopting a BC puppy is kind of like adopting a Tasmanian Devil, so JoAnne is aware of what they’ll be taking on.

We finished The Hollow Crown last night. It was terrible. The production values were excellent, and it had good acting. It was just so politically correct that I consider it unwatchable.

The PC rot in video first became really noticeable 20 years ago or so, and has really accelerated in the last ten. So we’re shifting our TV viewing to older stuff. There are hundreds of series to pick from. Many of those we first watched 25 years ago or more, so they’re now effectively new to us. Many others we never got around to watching back then, so they’re completely new to us. With very few exceptions, anything made in the last 10 or 15 years simply isn’t worth watching. If the price of watching old stuff is that it’s in 4:3 SD instead of 16:9 HD, we don’t care. Lipstick on a pig still leaves it a pig.

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  1. That sounds about right for tee-vee and video viewing; in the world of books, C.S. Lewis used to stay that we’re far better off reading two or three old books for every new book. And that’s even more true now, nearly 90 years later.

    Sunny w/blue skies again; I’m on mostly cleanup details today.

    And the new marina for the bay here just got its final green light and the guys running the show expect to open by May of next year. Should be interesting; I don’t see where they’re gonna get the boat traffic. And one of the principals did a stretch in the Fed pen for dope smuggling out of Canada some years ago, too.

  2. Oh, yeah. I canceled our Netflix DVD subscription yesterday because the free 30-day trial runs out the 17th. With the two discs that arrived today and will go back tomorrow, I figured they wouldn’t be shipping me any more discs anyway. We ended up getting 17 discs over the 30-day trial. At $12.99/month plus tax, that comes to about $0.80/disc or roughly $0.40/hour. That’s a lot cheaper than renting episodes on Amazon, but a lot more than a monthly charge for streaming.

    But the real problem is that Netflix’s DVD inventory has aged out. I have a list of the DVD’s we rented from NF over a decade or so, ending about five years ago, and many/most of those are no longer available. They obviously bought X number of copies of them originally, and breakage/loss and other attrition means they no longer have those discs available to rent.

    But the Internet is forever, or almost forever when it comes to old and obscure series. For example, Barbara asked me if I could find a 2004 UK series called The Village. It was never released on Region 2 DVD’s, so Netflix didn’t have it. I searched pretty thoroughly for a streaming version of it, and I couldn’t find anywhere that offered it. BT to the rescue. There are two seasons, twelve episodes total. I got all of season one with no problem, in one file, and four of the six episodes in series two. S02E03 and S02E06 had trackers, but zero seeders. So I just left them up. Eventually, I started getting both, at about 1 Kb/s. It took several days, but now I have both of those, completing the two series. Of course, I never seed, because that would be “making available”. I’m a natural-born leech.

  3. I have an idea for Barbara’s friend who’s getting a BC: Get two or three. Two are easy strong enough to tow a bycycle with an adult man who isn’t pedling. They get exercise, she gets as much transportation as she wants at the price of dog food.

  4. Why repackage sugar? It lasts forever as originally packaged, doesn’t it?

  5. “Why repackage sugar? It lasts forever as originally packaged, doesn’t it?”

    A 50-pound paper sack of sugar is not intended for LTS. The sugar itself is extremely stable, but insects can get into it.

  6. First day subbing today for the school year. Gym class. Gym teacher likes me for a sub so I am his first choice. Interesting events. Had a slight odor of gas in one corner of the gym by the overhead heater. Informed the principal as I am not high enough on the food chain for any decisions. He called someone who said to have everyone leave the gym and classes would be in a classroom. No assignments so I basically am babysitting waiting to spot a cell phone that I can seize.

    Got a message a 8:25, school starts at 8:30 Had to hustle. I can be there in 15 minutes so not too bad. I take my bicycle as it is only 2 minutes longer than driving. Easier to park and no gas expenses. Unit stays in the vice principal’s office otherwise I would probably never see it again. Or if I did it would be in pieces.

    Thus begins a new school year.

  7. Yesterday I picked up more metal shelves for storage. They are 2ftx3ft, which is perfect for two flip top crates, or 2 of the costco cardboard flats next to each other. I think I’ve got enough to build 10 sets of 5-7 shelves so I’ll be craigslisting some of them.

    Also took ~300 pounds to the scrapper. 188 pounds of transformers, the rest in clean aluminum scrap. Not the payday I was hoping for, but that’s another 300 lbs out of the driveway. ‘Course, I’ve now got way more than 300 lbs of metal shelving there, at least temporarily.

    The extra shelves will allow me to set them closer together for my food storage area. I was setting them so a flip top crate would fit, which meant stacking 2 flats of cans on each shelf (for a total of 4). As I’ve worked with that system this past year, it became apparent that one layer of flats per shelf would be better, that way they act exactly like drawers and it’s much easier to restock the back of the flat. Makes a FIFO system much more consistent.

    Did a lot of truck loading in the sun yesterday, and despite precautions I’m feeling about half a bubble off today. And I’ve got to unload the shelves.


  8. I’m a natural-born leech


    The extra shelves will allow me …

    No more PSU’s on the top shelve, Mr. Nick.

  9. Oh yeah, my big prepping thing, if it even counts, is picking up two new and sturdy Kobalt folding sawhorses yesterday at Lowe’s. We’ll see how they do and I’ll post something here on them.

    Difficult to manage pain-free time/energy for prepping projects I’ve had underway here for some time while also being the point man for cleanup ops and taxes. Kinda hoping I can’t start the grad skool until January now. No word from anybody anyway, par for the course.

  10. Barbara was texting back and forth with her friend JoAnne yesterday. They’ve decided to get a Border Collie puppy. Barbara warned her that adopting a BC puppy is kind of like adopting a Tasmanian Devil, so JoAnne is aware of what they’ll be taking on.

    It can’t be worse than a Lab. I had one tear the plastic siding off my house in Carrollton and eat it. He also ate a rose bush down to a nub in the ground. He would lay there on the ground and chew the nub until it was flush with the ground..

  11. “It can’t be worse than a Lab. I had one tear the plastic siding off my house in Carrollton and eat it.”

    Oh, yes it can. A BC puppy is a weapon of mass destruction. When I compare them to Tasmanian Devils, I wasn’t talking about the real ones, but about the cartoon one.

    Kerry once ate his way through a solid wood door. Chomped until the hole was big enough for him to get out through. He was shitting wood splinters for a week.

  12. I talked to Barbara at one point about putting up a Confederate battle flag but she didn’t want to offend anyone. More particularly, we have some nice black neighbors and the last thing I’d want to do is hurt their feelings. Although I suspect they wouldn’t recoil in horror at the sight of such a flag. People forget that many black boys fought alongside white boys in the CSA, and they did so voluntarily. They didn’t like the damned Yankees any more than others around here did.

    Well, actually, not so much around here. Like West Viriginia, NW North Carolina was Union country. Stoneman came through here with his cavalry, and didn’t bother anyone because of course no one bothered him.

  13. “@DurhamSheriff just closed Main St to protect this freedom of assembly.”

    yep, lynch mobs. See the signs? “Make racists afraid again.” Wonder what the coverage would be like if it said “Make Jews afraid again.” Or “Make N!ggrs Afraid Again”. And the signs were helpfully supplied by our old friends the “Workers World Party.”

    Pros. Organized. With handy merchandising….


  14. Well, we still got us one Confederate flag a few streets away, that seems to make at least one Selectman nervous, and I alternate our regular Murkan flag with the Betsy Ross one, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Green Mountain Boys, and the Plattsburgh Militia.

    I note that in the pics and vids of these various capers, half the assholes on-site have expensive-looking cameras and movie cams. Also a good percentage are fugly morbidly obese pigs.

    Where are the Southern defense guys for this stuff? No interest for it after the mess in VA the other day? And some clever and enterprising souls ought to get the intel for the origins of all those signs and the funding organization/s and take the appropriate actions at the sources. Workers World Party HQ?


    Local offices all over the place. Take a cruise by one; note people out and about; license tags, etc. What sort of natural disasters might befall such a structure? Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes?

    Not every defensive activity has to be on the street with a mob of assholes.

  15. Actually, there was an article in the Winston paper this morning, with a picture of a statue of a Confederate soldier that stands in front of the Old Courthouse. Nothing has happened to it yet, but people are talking about pulling it down.

    I wonder why everyone seems to think that Confederate statues represent racist white guys. They’re mostly bronze, and could just as easily represent a black Confederate soldier as a white one.

  16. So when are we going to be pulling down the statues of KKK member Robert C Byrd? When are we going to be renaming the many bridges and buildings and hospital wings and parks and every other damned thing the buttmuncher could fund with my money and then name after himself?

  17. Can I fly the Gadsden Flag as former US Navy? I’m SURE it will offend someone.

  18. Somebody better start standing up against this shit. 

    Durham County Courthouse in SC today;  commies pulled down a Confederate soldier statue.  Cops did nothing during the event but the chief said they’ve ID’d the cocksuckers and they’re not getting away with it.  Whatever that means.  Said he also didn’t want a violent confrontation.

    I say, why not?  Bring the boyz and grrls in blue and start arresting these shitbags.  And if it turns into a melee, bring in other towns and the staties. 

    The commies are winning this shit left and right;  hats off to the commie cadre leader who thought it up and decided to ramp it up bigtime nationwide.  He or she knows exactly what they’re doing and we’re standing here with our junk out and thumbs up where the sun don’t shine.

  19. There is a difference between the Gadsden Flag and the First Navy Jack:

    The Gadsden Flag belongs to the Continental Marines.

    I fly the First Navy Jack frequently.

    Not making much news, but the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized this morning.

    I expect the Jefferson Memorial will soon be the victim of major vandalism.

  20. BT to the rescue. ???

    To those of us who lived in the UK, BT means British Telecom and they rarely come to the rescue.

  21. “I expect the Jefferson Memorial will soon be the victim of major vandalism.”

    If the LE people at the town, city, county, state and Fed level won’t do anything about this stuff, I guess we’ll have our answer.

  22. The photo of the graffiti looks like it says “fuck islam” to me, not fuck law. One makes sense too, while the other doesn’t.

    While I agree with the sentiment, the action is reprehensible, even if you see old Abe as the tyrant.


  23. Well we all know this but just to confirm


    But California’s San Diego County earns the enchilada grande. Its 138 percent registration translates into 810,966 ghost voters. Los Angeles County’s 112 percent rate equals 707,475 over-registrations. Beyond the official data that it received, Judicial Watch reports that LA County employees “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144 percent of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

    No wonder republicans can’t win in California.

  24. Also took ~300 pounds to the scrapper.

    Did you get paid in two dollar bills?

  25. People forget that many black boys fought alongside white boys in the CSA, and they did so voluntarily.

    A few thousand at most, and many more under threat of being shot. They were not significant in the combat forces. One all-black unit, in Louisiana, changed sides as soon as the Union army appeared. Many slaves were used in building fortifications, roads, etc. and sometimes were forced to fight.

  26. Having more registered voters than eligible voters is a problem, but can be explained away as outdated voter lists and such.

    The real problem is when there were more votes cast in Nov 2016 than there are eligible voters. And that happened in a bunch of California precincts over about ten counties.

    re stupid pigs watching while stupid thugs vandalize public property* and going beyond simple selective enforcement of the law into actually setting up an unfavored group to be attacked by a favored group, what exactly are we paying taxes for? I notice an ever-increasing number of stupid pigs along the roads, writing traffic tickets for anything they can possibly rationalize. That’s fine, if that’s the way state and local governments choose to raise revenue, but I don’t think we should have to pay taxes to support the stupid pigs if they’re not going to enforce non-traffic laws.

    * I’m dubious of that concept, but it’s enshrined in law, and one would think that “peace officers” sworn to uphold the law would pay it at least lip service.

  27. People forget that many black boys fought alongside white boys in the CSA, and they did so voluntarily.

    A few thousand at most

    Yah, there’s an awful lot of romanticization of the South’s soldiers, civilians, and actions around the time of the Second Revolution. Where “romanticization” is pronounced “bullshit”.

  28. “A few thousand at most”

    You don’t consider that “many”? I do.

  29. Yah, there’s an awful lot of romanticization of the South’s soldiers, civilians, and actions around the time of the Second Revolution. Where “romanticization” is pronounced “bullshit”.

    Yeah. On both sides.

  30. @ech, I did go to the $2 bill place a couple of times. Don’t recall getting any $2 bills. Property values in the Heights have risen so high they’ve had to close down and move to a new facility out on 290 north. Haven’t been there. I go to a local guy, because it’s convenient for me. And he takes pretty much everything I’m selling. Astro on Shepard doesn’t take batteries, wants the ends cut off any wire, and gets really picky about stuff having contamination. My local guy takes it all, just varies the price.


    I’d like to find someone paying decent money for circuit boards. 7c / lb isn’t what I’d call a good price.


  31. Ain’t Jefferson on the two-dollar-bill and the nickel? Slaver.

    Washington on the buck.

    I guess Hamilton, Lincoln and Grant are OK.

    Did my gx10-grandpa Ben have slaves?

    Snowflakes triggered by Pence? I’m triggered every time I see or hear these useless mouths. Erase them? Good idea.

  32. Snowflakes triggered by Pence?

    This is what the pussification of the education has done to people. Starting in pre-K and moving up through the education system to university where the final strap is fastened and the person becomes a brainless fool. Mostly at taxpayer expense. And will remain sucking the hind teat of society demanding they be given what others have earned while themselves producing nothing of value, getting offended if they don’t get their way, erasing history that does not agree with their view. Soon to be on complete disability because they have been offended and can no longer work.

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