Tuesday, 15 August 2017

08:44 – It was 68.0F (20C) when I took Colin out at 0650, overcast and calm. We had another 0.6″ of rain overnight, which takes us to about 4.4″ (11 cm) over the last three days. Things are damp. More work on science kits this morning. Barbara is volunteering at the Friends bookstore this afternoon. She’s also making a quick run down to Winston tomorrow, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon. She’ll make a Home Depot run while she’s down there to pick up a few items, including another platform ladder to use downstairs and a gallon of VM&P naphtha, which is excellent fuel for Zippo lighters.

Amongst other things, we got 50 pounds each of sugar and rice repackaged yesterday. We repackaged the sugar into 14 of those 1.75-liter Tropicana orange juice bottles, at just a fraction over 3.5 pounds per bottle. The rice went into a dozen 2-liter soft drink bottles, at 4 pounds per bottle. The little bit remaining in the large bag went into our kitchen storage. We could have repackaged the sugar in 2-liter soft drink bottles. Like rice, sugar is free flowing, so the smaller mouth of the bottle isn’t a problem. But the 2-liter bottles don’t fit well on our kitchen shelves, which is where we keep at least 50 pounds of sugar at all times.

We still have a 50-pound bag of white flour to repackage, which is a pain in the ass because it’s so fluffy. That’ll go into 1-gallon Costco water bottles, at about 7 pounds per bottle.

Barbara was texting back and forth with her friend JoAnne yesterday. They’ve decided to get a Border Collie puppy. Barbara warned her that adopting a BC puppy is kind of like adopting a Tasmanian Devil, so JoAnne is aware of what they’ll be taking on.

We finished The Hollow Crown last night. It was terrible. The production values were excellent, and it had good acting. It was just so politically correct that I consider it unwatchable.

The PC rot in video first became really noticeable 20 years ago or so, and has really accelerated in the last ten. So we’re shifting our TV viewing to older stuff. There are hundreds of series to pick from. Many of those we first watched 25 years ago or more, so they’re now effectively new to us. Many others we never got around to watching back then, so they’re completely new to us. With very few exceptions, anything made in the last 10 or 15 years simply isn’t worth watching. If the price of watching old stuff is that it’s in 4:3 SD instead of 16:9 HD, we don’t care. Lipstick on a pig still leaves it a pig.