Saturday, 26 August 2017

09:10 – It was 59.1F (15C) when I took Colin out at 0620, partly cloudy. Barbara is working in the garden this morning, after which we’ll do more science kit stuff.

We stopped at the Southern States hardware and farm supply store yesterday to pick up a couple items. Jerry Francis, the former owner of our house works there. We asked him what he could tell us about our well. Not much, as it turns out. The well was there when he and Ethel bought the property and built the house, as was the well pump. He had no idea when the well was drilled or how old the pump is.

He mentioned that it’s a 110V pump, which we already knew from looking at the breaker panel, and that he was pretty sure the water table was pretty high, maybe 50 or 60 feet below the surface. That would account for the 120VAC pump rather than a far more common 240VAC pump. If the water table is in fact that high, we could probably even get away with installing a 36VDC Solar Jack Sun Pump replacement pump.

My thoughts this morning are with my many readers in coastal Texas. I hope you all get through this hurricane with your families and homes unscathed.