Friday, 4 August 2017

08:57 – It was 61.1F (16C) when I took Colin out at 0630, clear and calm. The little dog was nowhere to be seen, although Colin did a lot of sniffing and peeing.

We got a bunch of kit subassemblies built yesterday. Barbara is volunteering from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, so I’ll probably just make up more chemicals while she’s gone. She had a big pile of mulch delivered yesterday. The truck dumped it where she specified, in the driveway. I’m guessing she’ll spend some time this afternoon getting it moved where she wants it.

Grace’s aunt and uncle close on Bonnie’s former house today, so my guess is Grace will probably start moving in later today or over the weekend. I’m sure Barbara and I will drop by at some point to help her with the move. I’m sure we’ll exchange phone numbers and probably house keys, as neighbors do.

I ran out of coffee this morning, so I needed to open a new can. In the past, Barbara had bought Costco Kirkland house-brand coffee in 2.5-pound (1.14-kilo) retort bags, which are about as good as cans for LTS. Lately, she’s been buying it in 3-pound #10 cans, which is what I opened this morning.

I’d pulled out a can opener, but as it turned out that wasn’t needed. When I popped the plastic lid off the can, I saw that it was sealed with aluminum foil with a pull tab. Easier to deal with, and as good as a standard metal can as far as LTS storage goes.

Until I was in my mid-20’s, I drank Pepsi by preference. Then, for some reason, I started drinking Coke, which I’ve been drinking for about 40 years now. But I find annoying the pricing games soft-drink companies and supermarkets play with their fizzy flavored water, so I decided to opt out of their games. A couple of months ago, the best price locally on 2-liter Cokes was something like $1.50 each, while 2-liter Pepsi was on sale for $0.89. Screw Coke. I told Barbara to pick me up whichever was on sale for $0.89 or $0.99 per bottle, and that’s what she’s been doing ever since. Either type of bottle is fine for LTS food repackaging.

But I learn something new every day. I’d assumed that Coke and Pepsi bottles were pretty much identical until I was repackaging cornmeal the other day. I put all but one bottle’s worth of the cornmeal in Pepsi bottles, but had to use a Coke bottle for the final 3.5 pounds. They were sitting on the dining room table, near my desk, awaiting oxygen absorbers when I happened to notice that the Coke bottle was noticeably taller than the Pepsi bottles, by maybe 1.25″.

No big deal, obviously, unless you happen to have built LTS shelves with spacing intended to fit Pepsi bottles and then find that you need to shelve a bunch of Coke bottles.

09:29 – And I see that Google has completely jumped the shark with YouTube and joined the dark side.

YouTube Takes Controversial Steps To Censor Non-Leftists


Stating that the content is “controversial,” not the censorship itself, YouTube has taken the first few steps to censor dissenting views. But it gets worse. YouTube will also begin to censor your searches and fill the results with propaganda while on its website.

Last night, YouTube took to its “Official Blog” to more or less announce that they would be taking steps to censor content they determined to be “controversial,” even if that content didn’t break any laws or violate the site’s user agreement. The message made a pledge to be part of an effort to “fight terror content online.” But the move was rightly met with widespread skepticism among YouTuber’s as nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to censor conservative speech.

It’s not just “controversial” content creators that will be impacted as anyone who merely searches for keywords that YouTube deems ‘questionable’, for whatever reason, will be promptly redirected to propaganda videos intended to “directly confront and debunk” whatever questionable content that user was looking for. Meaning, you’ll be bombarded with the right kind of propaganda approved by YouTube designed to get you thinking the way YouTube insists upon.

So, in addition to “demonetizing” such content and removing it from search results, YouTube will actively redirect searches for such material to propaganda videos designed to reeducate us Deplorables.

Fuck Google and YouTube.