Thursday, 10 August 2017

09:07 – It was 60.6F (16C) when I took Colin out at 0645, overcast and breezy.

More work on kit stuff all day today. We had seven orders from different customers yesterday, so things are starting to ramp up. Our busiest time is generally mid-August through mid-September, when we’ll be fully occupied just building kits from stockpiled sub-assemblies and getting those kits shipped.

Bella, the little Malamute, is safe. Barbara took her to the vet, where she cowered behind Barbara’s leg while in the waiting room. The vet said she looked to be in good shape, but they’ll worm her, do a fecal check for heartworm, get her up to date on all her inoculations, and so on. They’ll also spay her. They’d let Barbara pay only the $30 examination fee; they’ll take care of all the other costs themselves. She didn’t appear to be spayed, so it’s a good thing she’s not wandering loose any more. We’re lucky we didn’t end up with her carrying a litter of Malamute/BC puppies.

Barbara’s friend Joanne stopped by about 1100 yesterday morning, after Barbara had gotten back from the vet. Joanne’s family lost a dog a few months ago due to old age, and hadn’t gotten another. We told Joanne about Bella, and she may well stop over to meet her at the shelter and consider adopting her. While Barbara and Joanne were talking on the front porch, I called the vet. I wanted to let them know that under no circumstances did we want the dog put down, and if they couldn’t place her we’d find someone ourselves or, as a last resort, take her ourselves. So they noted that in her file, and they’re going to call me if it comes to that.

I also asked the receptionist at the vet’s office who to make out a check to for the animal shelter they run. The senior vet in the practice is spending $100/day out of his own pocket to support the shelter, and I’d guess that some or all of the support staff are probably working unpaid hours to help the animals.