Tuesday, 29 August 2017

08:21 – It was 57.3F (14C) when I took Colin out at 0700, partly cloudy. He went wandering off down the road, ignoring my calls as usual. I finally had to walk down to the field behind the convenience store, where he was sniffing around, and tell him he was a B-A-D dog. As soon as he knew I was serious, he immediately trotted back up to the front porch and waited to be let in. Barbara and I both chastised him for ignoring me.

More work on science kits. Obviously, it’s good that people are ordering a lot of them, but it’s still depressing to work our butts off to build a stack of finished goods inventory and then watch that stack dwindle rapidly.

The mess in coastal Texas continues, with more rain expected. They were calling it a 500-year rain, but I see they’re now calling it a 1000-year rain. I’ve heard from all of my regular readers, either in comments here or in email, and all of them are safe. A couple of them have vehicles flooded and/or some water in their homes, but no personal injuries so far.

This whole event is an emergency manager’s nightmare. A population of 6+ million people crammed into a relatively small area, inadequate road capacity to evacuate even a small percentage of them, and nowhere for evacuees to go even if they could evacuate.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: with regards to muslim terrorism, people keep saying to stay away from crowds. That’s good advice, as far as it goes, but the thing is that huge metro areas are in effect permanent crowds. The corollary, then, is “don’t live in a huge metro area, or anywhere near one.”