Sunday, 6 November 2016

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08:46 – With only two days until the election, a lot of people are on-edge. I clearly remember every presidential election for the last 56 years, and with the possible exception of 1968, this one has the most potential for violent civil unrest. No matter which candidate “wins”, there are going to be tens of millions of people who won’t accept the result. If I had to guess, I think there’ll be scattered outbreaks of violence if Trump is declared the winner, but those scattered outbreaks could easily coalesce into nationwide looting and burning in the cities. Kind of like 1968, but much more extreme and wider-spread. If Clinton is declared winner, the likelihood of immediate violence is much lower, but the built-up resentment of us Normals isn’t going away. It’s like bringing a pot to a boil with no means of pressure release. When it blows, it’s going to be epic, and it is going to blow. Maybe not next week, next month, or even next year, but it’s impossible to avoid in the longer term. Normals, who are mostly WASPs, are very slow to anger and slower still to take extreme measures, but that patience has its limits. And those limits are very close to being exceeded, if they haven’t already.

Barbara and I are just going to settle in, watch the news, and see what happens Tuesday evening and the rest of the week. It’s extremely unlikely that there’ll be any real problems up here in the mountains, at least short-term, but events in the cities will tell the tale.

11:41 – For future reference: We had a #10 can of Augason Farms Potato Shreds that was down to only 125 grams (~ 4 servings) left, so I transferred the remaining food to a ziplock bag, tapped the can to clean it, and refilled it with Walmart Great Value macaroni from a 5-pound bag. The can holds 3 pounds, 14 ounces when filled very near the rim. I wanted to see what would happen if I added an oxygen absorber to the can and replaced the original snap-on plastic cap. My guess is that as the oxygen absorber works and creates a partial vacuum in the can the plastic lid will pop and lose its seal, but we’ll see. There’s no indication on the lid what plastic it’s made of, so it may be quite permeable to air.

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  1. Dave Hardy says:

    Same here; settle in, settle down, watch and listen and wait. While organizing and stocking things.

    Lots of disinformation and agitprop out there and it’s intensifying in these last few days.

    Also, I wouldn’t put it past the ruling regime to do absolutely anything to maintain their death grip on the Empire. If that means deliberately tanking the economy or getting into a hot war with the Russians, or both, I believe they’ll do it.

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Well, they’ve already shown that there are no limits to their perfidy.

  3. Dave Hardy says:

    Indeed, but the deafening silence out here is incredible. Very few seem to care. Again, I say they won’t WTFU until the Big Hurt kicks in hard, with empty Wall-Mutt shelves, lights flickering and the sound of gunshots a few blocks away. And watch all the Boobus Vaginus Americanus voters screech like banshees on crystal meth that it’s All Our Fault, i.e., Normals. Except it will be too late for them and good riddance.

    Meanwhile I see that more dribs and drabs are falling from the MSM skies concerning the Wiener/Huma/Cankles Axis with still more in regard to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Larry’s predilection for underage grrls and boyz, part of his decades-long spiral into sick depravity, starting with his own birth, and moving through threesomes with crack whores suffering from HIV and intravenous needle use.

    Whether or not it will matter in these last couple of days is the question; so far they’ve gotten away with murder, literally. And they, along with the Bush Crime Family, make Al Capone and Lucky Luciano look like Girl Scouts selling cookies door to door.

  4. Robert Bruce Thompson says:


  5. H. Combs says:

    One edge the looting / rioting class have now they didn’t have in 1968 is communications. They can quickly spread the word to attack a specific location and just as quickly to avoid another where police are gathering. Think Flash Riots that appear and disappear just as quickly. The ubiquitous personal portable computer (and telephone) can be used for evil as well as good as we see regularly in rioting in the UK & EU. I am literally amazed that the authorities do not have portable cell signal jammers to disrupt the bad guys comms advantage. I am also surprised that they don’t have agreements with mobile carriers to shut down blocks of towers to the same effect. Yes, I know there is a LOT of intel to be gained from monitoring bad actors traffic to identify persons of interest and relationships. However, the bad guys aren’t stupid, and use a variety of media including special apps with encryption to make real-time intelligence very difficult. Given the sophistication and money behind some of these bad guys, I’d expect them to use drones both for situational awareness and as a threat. It will happen. If not now, soon.

  6. ech says:

    As they said on Saturday Night Live last night: “I know how it seems that we are hopelessly divided, but soon we will all come together as a country to begin that long national journey to impeach whoever is elected. Because on Tuesday the fate of our country is finally in the hands of the people who truly matter. The Russian teenagers who will hack into our voting machines.”

    BTW, they were really, really slamming Hillary.

  7. nick flandrey says:

    Saw Trump get hustled off the stage last night. His team clearly hasn’t practiced that often enough.

    Agitator was a clinton fan.

    F- me, fox is filled with a bunch of smarmy smart alec commentators. Cackling like hyenas at what looked like an assassination attempt.

    Meanwhile, they still have time to go after Trump’s family, but he surely knows that.

    If we get thru the election, and H steals it somehow, the wikileaks will come to the fore and wipe out any gov she tries to build or anything she tries to do.

    Harpy on Fox said it best. When a company CEO is faced with legal battles, he resigns or gets the boot so the company can stay focused on business. A Hillarriity presidency would face a constant drumbeat of indictments, scandals, hearings, etc. If not for her (if they made it illegal) then for all her associates.

    The wolves smell her blood. They’ve resented being manhandled by her and her getting away with murder but felt like they couldn’t risk attacking her. She’s weakened and vulnerable, so we’re seeing the cowed wolves discovering that they are in fact wolves and not toothless old dogs. I think it’s gone too far for her presidency to stuff the blood back in the body. Even if she takes power, the attacks will continue and intensify. It’s human nature at work.

  8. H. Combs says:

    Wife and I just sealed and bucketed another 40 lbs of dried beans, 40 lbs of flour, and 20 lbs of rice. After our Aldies run last month we feel pretty good about consumables, even toilet rolls which are now lining the shelves in the garage. I even have a few commercial freeze dried “emergency food” buckets in case we have to bug-out in a hurry. Much easier to throw these in the car than try to haul supplies from under beds and closets all over the house. I don’t expect trouble, but the possibility exists and it’s a good prepping exercise.

  9. nick flandrey says:

    @H.Colms, they have talked about local kill switches, etc. and jammers are illegal no matter who uses them.

    The local first responders are fully dependent on smart phones for management. The guy on a hose might be fine with a radio, but the EM people all carry two cell phones, one for personal, one for city. The city ones have a bunch of special stuff on them to make them more useful. At least that’s the case here in Houston as of a couple years ago.

    In the old days of analog cellular, each phone had a setting to enable priority for emergencies. If that still exists, it’s not out in the wild like the analog switch was.

    You CAN get added to a calling priority list if you have a .gov or EM function and your agency will approve it. That gives you a code to use to get thru pile ups and service restrictions. It mostly affects the landline service.

    Listening to local scanners the agencies are constantly calling each other’s cell phones for anything sensitive.

    So, two edge sword.


  10. H. Combs says:

    I have a bet with my wife that, if elected, Hillary will not last a year in the White House. Either she will resign for “health reasons”, die in office, or become the second Clinton to be impeached (and the Senate will convict this time). My wife gives her two years. Then we have a Kaine presidency …. I think there’s a 50/50 chance we could have 3 presidents in the next 4 years.

  11. H. Combs says:

    @nick: Yes, jammers are illegal, fake cell towers are also illegal but local LEO and the Feds use them all the time. Modern Motorola hand-helds have all those features and more including direct unit-to-unit calling and excellent encryption. Base repeaters and mobile ones could avoid any range issues. It all comes down to really WANTING to hold the communications high ground. (and having the budget to do so).
    PS: I am thinking that it would not be too hard to get cell carriers to build in a code that the towers could identify as an “official” device and then ONLY accept traffic from those devices in an emergency. Of course the code would have to be encrypted and rotated but that’s childs play.
    BTW: I listen to fire / police / emergency services all over the country on my Internet Radio. Interesting to see whats going on in Houston then switch to Memphis or Chicago.

  12. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Actually, bad guys generally are stupid. Incredibly, unbelievably stupid. They can’t help it. It’s genetic. Stupid parents have stupid children unto the nth generation. UC areas are breeding ground for stupidity.

    People have always tended to stratify like with like. Bright people tend to associate with other bright people. Most of the people here other than those who have had significant contact with the underclass would not believe how stupifyingly stupid the UC is. People from our own peer group whom we consider intellectually challenged would be towering pillars of intelligence among the UC.

    Oh, yeah, the police do have cell-phone jammers and pre-arrangement with cellular carriers to shut down cells as needed.

  13. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Also, see Matt Bracken for what might happen to flash mobs if the SHTF.

  14. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    “Wife and I just sealed and bucketed another 40 lbs of dried beans, 40 lbs of flour, and 20 lbs of rice.”

    Good for you.

    My UPS guy is gonna start hating me. I have 70+ pounds of solar starter kit arriving tomorrow, and just put in a Walmart order for 100 pounds of pasta and 80 pounds of pinto beans.

  15. nick flandrey says:

    Low IQ plus poor impulse control, plus a lifetime of desensitization therapy, plus drug altered state… Still kill you just as dead as an evil genius, and probably feel less about it.

    vis- one punch kill this week, thug bragged on social media that he “had to put his hands on someone”


  16. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Oh, I never said they weren’t dangerous, just stupid.

    And if everything does go to shit, they’ll be facing a group that outnumber them greatly, are much smarter than they are, are much better armed, and are at least as ruthless.

    I suspect that many of the UC understand at some level that they’re stupid and can’t compete with their betters, so their only hope is to depend on our continuing charity. But I never had much charity in my heart to start with, and I’ve more than had it with these leeches. At least real leeches don’t pretend to be something else.

  17. Dave Hardy says:

    There ARE stupid peeps out there who mean no harm to anyone and try to get through their lives as best they can and are not dangerous. Unfortunately we mainly see and hear the bad actors, and once things get real sporty out there, I’m guessing a lot of harmless dolts will end up getting whacked and the bad actors usually tend to skate.

    Yeah, Bracken nailed it on the flash mob turned flash riot via cell phones, but that sword cuts both ways, as he also outlined. Show up in three or four suitably modified pickup trucks with paired snipers in the back and Bob’s yer uncle.

  18. Ray Thompson says:

    A Hillarriity presidency would face a constant drumbeat of indictments

    I don’t think so. Anything she is going to slammed with will appear after the election but before the inauguration. Then obuttwad will issue a blanket pardon for all current crimes plus any crimes in the past that are currently unknown. Basically a get out of jail card courtesy of that racist asshole.

    I also think she will appoint obuttwad to the supreme court so that all of her crimes will eventually wind up in the supreme court which will find in her favor.

    If cheetohead gets elected he will go after her with a vengeance but will get much resistance from all the legal departments and especially congress.

    Regardless of the outcome of the election the hildabeast will escape any prosecution or legal action. The slug will continue to survive.

  19. Dave Hardy says:

    “The slug will continue to survive.”

    Not for long. Sooner or later they’ll run out of medical options and also, I don’t believe there is any exorcist available to cast out her demon/s, esp. in light of attending satanic rituals of her own free will. When the demon/s can’t keep going in their human proxies, they depart of THEIR own free will, such as it is.

  20. nick flandrey says:

    ” so it may be quite permeable to air.”

    Lay a piece of mylar across the can before snapping on the lid?


  21. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Thanks. I thought about doing that or using aluminum foil, with the lid or maybe a rubber band, but I wanted to see what’d happen with just the lid.

  22. nick flandrey says:

    Riddle me this,

    When I eat a quarter pound hamburger no one blinks. A quarter pound steak is a small serving. But when I put a quarter pound of bacon on a BLT, I get looks like it’s made from fresh kitten….


  23. Miles_Teg says:

    “People from our own peer group whom we consider intellectually challenged would be towering pillars of intelligence among the UC. ”

    Hey! I resemble that…

  24. brad says:

    I’ve been reading about the early voting – lines of hispanics in many districts overwhelming the early voting stations. Given the number of illegal immigrants, and the lack of voter ID requirements, well…that’s going to be another few percent that Trump has to overcome.

    Sadly, the Anonymous promise of some stunning revelation turned out to be hot air.

    Wednesday will be an “interesting” day…

  25. SteveF says:

    Hey! I resemble that…

    Yah, we weren’t going to bring it up, but, well…

  26. Ray Thompson says:

    I see where the FBI has not changed their stance on the hildabeast. Shame that the FBI can be corrupted so easily. I suspect that obuttwad had a conversation with the director of the FBI that significantly influenced the decision by the FBI. Assholes, all of them.

  27. DadCooks says:

    If there was any doubt that Comey is a treasonous commi this removes all doubt:

    This was predicted early last week.

    There is no way the election results can be trusted.

    My family is prepped (our home security drill went well last weekend). All vehicles and gas cans full. Firearms freshly cleaned and was able to buy some extra ammo yesterday (very busy at the shop). Water and rations in all vehicles, if necessary. We have a reliable family bug-out destination in an area with the right kind of people. Hoping we just have to hunker down at home for awhile, our supplies here are in good shape and then some.

    There is going to be more crap in the next couple of days so keep your ears and eyes open.

    Trust no one and watch the watchers.

  28. lynn says:

    Obola is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, “Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote – Promises No Repercussions (VIDEO)”:

  29. MrAtoz says:

    A report says Cankles had her “maid” enter the SCIF and print or pickup classified documents. That’s a crime that sends you to prison. Yawn. I just wanted you…zzzz zzzz zzzz.

  30. Dave Hardy says:

    No country this huge and as technologically advanced nor with so much firepower spread among its citizens has ever in history been run by such recidivist criminal scum, with the exception of the smaller regimes such as the old Soviet Union, the Chicoms, Cambodia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and of course, among all those commie regimes, the one fascist state, Nazi Germany. But all we ever hear about is the Nazis and Hitler. Strange, that.

    So as Mr. DadCooks says, and I concur:

    “Trust no one and watch the watchers.”

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  31. nick flandrey says:

    Mostly, and most of the time, most of us just want to be left alone.

    Some of them can’t abide that, and want to tell others what to do.

    Mostly, we’ve been ignoring it as much as possible.

    While we ignored it, it grew.

    NOW it is big enough we CAN’T ignore it.

    We’re gonna HAVE to do something.

    It won’t be a small something either.

    Soon, the adults will come in and make these scumbags clean their rooms. Or get the fuck out.


  32. nick flandrey says:

    In prepping, I got out to the store for the dirt, and finally got 2 more of my fence “window boxes” built. I get great winter sun on the fence next to my driveway, so it is necessary to find a way to use it. I also got one of the raised beds turned over, added potting soil and composted manure. The raised bed will get carrots again, the window boxes will get turnips, radishes and beets.

    I need to get more wood and build at least 2 more boxes, and ideally 4 more.

    I’ve got one more raised bed to turn completely and the one with the grape arbor to replant with something. Once the pecan tree drops its leaves, that bed gets decent light. Lime tree is just about done. Meyer lemon is just starting to turn yellow. I already mentioned the grapefruit produced 3 racquetball size fruits. The orange tree had ONE fruit, which I need to check and see if the possums got it or if it is turning orange.

    I’ve eaten 4 whole pecans in the last few days. Considering I’ve got 2 producing trees, that is almost criminally light after the squirrels get done.

    Filled up both trucks with gas, picked up a couple fresh things at Costco. I’ll do one more shopping run tomorrow. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the muslim scum attacking the great satan. Too bad they’re in league with the lesser satan. I don’t expect much trouble out of the under class here in Houston. Historically we don’t get much, but times do change.


  33. paul says:

    In the Edinburg area, they pick the oranges while they are green. Perfectly edible. They gas ’em to make them turn orange.

    When I was in HS we lived out on 107 from Edinburg (tho 107 turned right and went to Mission) so where we were, it was Mile 7. Then down a dirt road about 3/4 of a mile on Texan Ave. Other than a 10 acre or so plot on 107 that grew tomatoes, it was all citrus.

    It’s hard to beat a tree ripened orange or grapefruit. As a bonus, there were a couple of tangerine trees around…. that the pickers didn’t pick. 🙂

    Too cold in the winter for citrus trees here. Rats!

  34. Dave Hardy says:

    No citrus trees here, either, for some odd reason. But hey, do y’all got Northern Spy apples down there in the Banana Belt???

    And this just in:

    Shocking, I know. He’s taken big bucks from the Clinton Crime Foundation and his brother does their taxes. No one bats an eye at this shit anymore.

    It’s more and more like having Lucky Luciano or Carlo Gambino or some other palooka running the country and doing whatever the fuck they want. If you’re in with them, you’re good. If not, you’re potential road kill.

  35. MrAtoz says:

    I don’t know what will be worse: Cankles running the country into the ground (during the war she will start) or the incessant cackling of the fems. When Cankles jacks our personal tax, business tax and special taxes, I will make sure to throw a “told you so” in MrsAtoz’s face. In a kind, gentle sort of way. I’m sure there will be plenty of “CankleBucks” for us to tap into in the K-12 schools.

  36. Miles_Teg says:

    SteveF wrote:

    “Yah, we weren’t going to bring it up, but, well…”

    I knew something was wrong with Steve… He must be growing a vagina.

  37. Dave Hardy says:

    “…I will make sure to throw a “told you so” in MrsAtoz’s face. In a kind, gentle sort of way.”

    Ditto here; a nice gentle “told ya so” in various faces up here. It will probably take a while and they will have beaucoups excuses.

    And ditto also on Mrs. OFD’s assignment potential; more lone-wolf terror attacks, more shootings, more riots, more PTSD and emotional turmoil, so she’ll need to train way more instructors to do Mental Health First Aid training for their law enforcement, EMS, social work, education and gummint constituencies. If there’s another fucking war, shit-loads of PTSD combat vets and their families (with secondary PTSD).


    I need to get into this racket. Oh wait–I’m a fucked-up combat vet and ex-substance abuser myself. Never mind!

    Once I hear the bad nooz from the Fed job front this week, I’ll get into a couple of other rackets ricky-tick by New Year’s Day.

  38. SteveF says:

    If you’re in with them, you’re good. If not, you’re potential road kill.

    This, and La Raza’s “For the race, everything, outside the race, nothing”, and all similar exclusion of some groups from decent treatment or protection of the law, piss me off. Not so much the exclusivity, as that’s a natural part of humanity, but the expectation that everyone else will play nice and follow the rules while the “in group” do whatever they want.

    Time’s up, shitheads. In case you haven’t noticed, the “out group” worldwide has gotten tired of you.

  39. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Doesn’t “La Raza” mean “Shoot Me” in Mexican?

  40. SteveF says:

    I thought it meant “I’m a criminal, a simpleton, and a waste of oxygen”. Comes to the same thing, I guess.

  41. pcb_duffer says:

    Early voting is now closed in this state. For the county, total early votes ~ 52%, R ~ 58%, D ~ 52%, Other ~ 37%. I’ll be interested to see what the Tuesday turnout is.

  42. Spook says:

    Well, I’m voting for Al Gore again.
    Can anybody prove otherwise?

  43. paul says:

    Other ~ 37%.

    For real? wow. I may be a beer too far to figure this out, but….

  44. Dave Hardy says:

    Ima gon hit the precinct Tuesday, check out the turnout, bark at the staff (actually thank them for their service and have a secret little laugh to myself), and then come back and tell wifey I voted for Trump a dozen times and no one the wiser.

    Ratio today and tonight in between NFL game stuff has been about five to one, Repub to Dem, for state gov and National Administrator. The Cankles ads always show brief clips of The Donald ranting and raving about something for five seconds and looking and sounding like a total whack job, plus the Very Real Threat of him starting World War IV, which is a laugh.

    This is known as “projection,” i.e., the Left runs this play all the time: they accuse their opponents of stuff that THEY are doing or will do. By FAR the greater chance of another world war, possibly with nukes, lies with Field Marshal Rodham.

    And the state gov race has the fembat Dem candidate mouthing the usual libturd platitudes and receiving the accolades and cheerleading bullshit from Sanders and Barack Hussein Soetero. Looks like a dead heat with the Repub caretaker guy, who has probably spent about $3.75 on tee-vee ads and snail mail flyers so fah. Whereas the Cankles ads are going through tens of millions, not only for her but for the Dem candidates around the country. It’s a nice racket these scumbags have, pretending that the election is for real and our votes actually count.

    My take on it, along with several others, is that with Cankles we’ll have relative calm for a short while, before the next war kicks off, along with rapidly increased domestic repression and gutting of the Bill of Rights. Plus, related, packing of SCOTUS.

    With Trump there will be commie agitator-inspired and fomented rioting and mass unrest, mainly in the big cities, which could rapidly escalate, with those flash mob capers. Add to that more lone-wolf musloid attacks during the Holiday Season and people staying home and either not buying chit at all or buying it online. I’d also be leery of big-city polling sites this Tuesday, as the leadership of ISIS/ISIL has called for attacks on them already.

    Hunkering down here at home mostly this week, with one trip to the local Legion post Thursday to meet with the state vets service officer on my disability filing. Gonna set up a couple of more radios in the living room with the relevant freqs so we have that stuff on during the week, too. Other ducks are lined up insofar as we can do it, considering time and finances currently.

    Laissez les bon temps rouler, mes amis!

  45. lynn says:

    “I Don’t Want a Government Job”

    “My current tax rate is about half of my income when you add up all of the various taxes. I don’t have many deductions. Clinton proposes an estate tax that would take about half of what is left. In effect, Clinton wants my tax rate to be around 75% for every dollar I earn today.”

    “That level of taxation would make me feel like a government employee. The vast majority of my time and energy would go toward making money that politicians would decide how to spend. That doesn’t feel like a rewarding life. If Clinton wins, I would think hard about retiring early and becoming a user of resources instead of a creator of resources. Because I don’t want a government job.”

  46. lynn says:

    Early voting is now closed in this state. For the county, total early votes ~ 52%, R ~ 58%, D ~ 52%, Other ~ 37%. I’ll be interested to see what the Tuesday turnout is.

    Cool math but I sure do not get it.

    Dick Morris is claiming that the Black vote is going drop from 14% of the 2012 vote to 12% of the 2016 vote. If so, that will be a significant change.

    And Morris is now claiming that Trump is going to win in a landslide due to the male vote. But didn’t he say that Romney was going to win ?

  47. Dave Hardy says:

    “If Clinton wins, I would think hard about retiring early and becoming a user of resources instead of a creator of resources. Because I don’t want a government job.””

    Ditto; I’m semi-retired now but may end up having to take a gummint contractor job this month. Doubtful, but could happen.

    As for Dick Morris, I figure the Irish betting parlors have a better record of predictions for this crap; anyone remember the Electoral College??? Yeah. That is still extant and will play a major role. Again. Possibly also SCOTUS again.

    If there is a Trump landslide, I’ll eat my hat.

  48. brad says:

    I hope to hell the Trump campaign has people on the ground, monitoring the voting and vote counting. I assume his people are smart enough to realize how essential that is.

    I have no clue what will happen on Tuesday. And that’s just weird.

    – – – – –

    Off the topic of politics, and on to the topic of “inclusion” in IT: there was a long, rambling, but very appropriate blog entry on Status 451 about IT people just wanting to be left alone, rather than being told how we have to change to be more accomodating to women/minorities/whoever. Here’s a small sample:

    When would-be reformers come along and say “this weird obsession with Captain Kirk is driving women away. It has to go,” they don’t think this is a big deal. …

    The existing geeks and hackers feel differently. For them, these engineering spaces were the only place where they weren’t excluded and marginalized. They spent their whole lives, suffering social, emotional, and physical abuse, and finally found their own safe space. As luck would have it, society values it, too, and the hackers and geeks have done fairly well for themselves.

    Suddenly, a bunch of people are trying to take that away from them. In the name of inclusivity, even! It’s just like high school all over again. The jocks and normals and cool kids are coming to beat us up and take our stuff. Heaven forbid we have one moment of peace.

  49. pcb_duffer says:

    [snip] For real? wow. I may be a beer too far to figure this out, but…. [snip]

    Not how they voted, but who voted. In this county, people registered as something other than R or D comprise about 21.5% of the total registered voters. They haven’t turned out for early voting as much as their major party affiliates.

  50. JimL says:

    The turnout shouldn’t be surprising. The major party candidates are disliked. The people turning out are the people that feel the strongest. Better R turnout IS surprising based on past performance. Poor Independent turnout indicates to me that independents don’t find it worth the trouble to get out there to vote.

    Given the trends lately, and the incredible butt-covering I’m seeing from major news purveyors, I think the D candidate could be in for a rough night on Tuesday.

    At least, that’s what my echo chamber is telling me.

  51. nick flandrey says:

    The devil has recalled one of his own.

    “Janet Reno dies from Parkinson’s aged 78 – two decades after she made history by becoming the first woman Attorney General under Bill Clinton”

    Burn in hell murdering scumbag.


  52. Dave Hardy says:

    “Burn in hell murdering scumbag.”

    She can join Sarah Brady.

    But remember, her boss was one W.J. Clinton. Wanna bet that the patented Cankles cackle was ringing throughout the White House as all those people were incinerated?

    And remember also, they coulda arrested Mr. David Koresh ANYTIME as he took his morning jogs all alone and unarmed, back and forth, sometimes visiting his friend, the sheriff.

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