Day: November 9, 2016

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

09:24 – I hope our political class appreciates the meaning of this election. The major political parties are spent forces. Unlike every presidential election in living memory, this one was not about Democrats versus Republicans. This one was about Normals versus Progressives, and the Normals kicked ass even with all of the vote fraud committed by the Progs. People didn’t so much vote Republican as they voted against more-of-the-same Progs. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a slate of Normals to vote for, so we ended up voting for the lesser Prog-y candidates. Every Republican, including Trump, and every Democrat who was elected should understand that. They all need to internalize the reality: that people have had enough.

My advice to Mr. Trump is that the first thing he should do following his coronation in January is make a public statement that he recognizes that he has been elected President, not King, and that his will not be an imperial presidency like those of his recent predecessors. He should immediately issue an Executive Order that voids all previous EOs that have been issued since the founding of the Republic, and pledge to issue no more EOs for the duration of his presidency. Law-making is Constitutionally the role of Congress, and Trump should return things to that state.

Second, Mr. Trump should invite the members of the Supreme Court who voted to support Obamacare to resign, effective immediately and should then appoint new Supreme Court justices who unreservedly support the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Third, Mr. Trump should gut all agencies within the Executive Branch, starting with EPA, DHS, and IRS, and then running roughshod through Justice, and Treasury.

Fourth, Mr. Trump should withdraw all US armed forces stationed abroad and sever diplomatic relations with all muslim theocracies.

Fifth, Mr. Trump should expel all illegal immigrants, inviting them to leave voluntarily to avoid the unpleasantness of being rounded up forcibly and air-dropped on their native countries.

And that should be enough to keep him busy for his first week in office.

Mr. Trump needs to understand and remember that he was not elected because he ran as a Republican. He was not elected because people liked him. He was elected because Normals perceived him as the only alternative to more of being ruled by the progressive/left political class. Not the best alternative, but the only available choice.

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